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What do you think???


This is my Vampire for the comic book called The Unsettled! What do you think?


Downright unsettling! And such problems with personal grooming!


I know right! lol


Just try to get them paws back up the sleeves!


they certainly won’t fit that’s for sure!


In your opinion what would you charge for a poster size of this? I’m doing a small local show and will be selling off copies of the art work in poster size and 11x17. We have t shirts also.


Finally, we have scary vampires again.


I know right? He is a small part to a larger picture of the story. Here is the cover of the first issue


Love it. You got a lot of talent! Can you post more of your work?


I can’t take credit for this wonderful art work Anthony Spay did the cover for me I am just the writer and creator og the world of the unsettled but I will post more art.


Feet or Hooves ???




was gonna say hooves but the realised the reason why is because its a classic design. The feet are actually more disturbing and make the character scarrier.


Feet ! Either way artwork is great.


What are we asking about? The artwork or the image? If artwork it look good but if we’re talking about the image I have some questions. Is he in the daylight? So your vamps can be in the sun? Is he in the sky? It looks like he’s standing on the ground that’s not there. I would tilt his right foot down a little so it breaks up the ‘Captain Morgan’ vibe you got going
Give him elephant type feet. It’d be different and intimidating. You don’t want to get Spartan kicked by one of those bad boys


my vamps can’t be in daylight it was a sketch done by an artist in the Philippines for my comic book just something to show


The feet are disturbing for sure lol the hooves give him that old monster movie look classic design is right