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What did you see in the cinema this week?


I caught Daddy’s Home with my niece and nephew, my love for Will Ferrell fully restored with Get Hard, which I watched on a plane and loved like I’d love a puppy.

I also got the Hateful 8 a week or so back when on a brief trip and I have to say that the second half saves the first half, but the first half really is incredibly slow. Tarantino is my favourite director. I love even the stuff you don’t, every frame just being a constant inspiration to me. It’s also maybe Sam Jackson’s best ever character and best ever performance. Holly Hunter comes very close to stealing this movie and she really is both utterly brilliant and terrifying, but it’s Sam I think who blew me away most. The guy’s just the best and I think he’s become my favourite actor since he told me how excited he was reading Silver Surfer #1 back in the day. He’s one of us as well as being in around half of my all-time top ten movies.

You guys get out over the weekend?



I caught the Hateful Eight this weekend. Very excellent although I think it’s very much like Reservoir Dogs, the Western Edition in both setting and pacing and the inclusion of Michael Madsen just makes it even more familiar. It’s a very, very slow burn and makes the payoff even more delicious. . The beauty of this film lies in the chemistry between Jennifer Jason Leigh and Kurt Russell, and between Samuel L Jackson and Walton Goggins (that’s actually his name!) - and of course the 70mm format. Tarantino’s soundtrack choices are on point as usual.

As part of my own vibe, I watched Sharky’s Machine with Burt Reynolds (4/5) and Anomalisa (5/5), this weekend. You should check them out if you’re in the mood for something different.


Didn’t manage to see anything last week, apart from Force Awakens, but the week before, I saw a Belgian film that’s been doing quite well over here. It’s called “The Brand New Testament”, and the premise is that God is a complete tosser who lives and Brussels and just spends all day thinking about new ways to make our lives miserable. So his daughter sabotages his computer (which gives him his omnipotence) and escapes into the world. But before that, she sends everyone of us our dates of death, so we won’t waste our lives anymore.

The film’s story is then mainly about her apostles, basically a series of short stories of how those people dealt with knowing their death date. The movie also features Catherine Deneuve in a committed sodomist relationship with a gorilla, teenage transvestism, amputee sex and a floating, singing ghost fish.

It’s very Belgian. Well worth watching, though.


I’d like to see Hateful 8 but it’s much too long for me to slip away to see.

I’m happy to see SLJ get such good reviews. For a while in the mid-00s I think he was typecast too often as the too-cool-for-school badass, with stuff like Nick Fury and Snakes on a Plane. Between Django, Kingsman, and now this I think he’s got his mojo back.


I loved Hateful 8 but agree that its a slow burn and feels more like Reservoir Dogs.

I think you mean Jennifer Jason Leigh not Holly Hunter… She stole the show!


I saw The Peanuts movie. I genuinely liked it. It didn’t play up to adults or talk down to kids. It was quite melancholy actually.

Plus Snoopy was brilliant.

You had me at floating, singing ghost fish. Not sure if it will make it over here, but I will check that out.


I finally saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Wednesday. I waited to go see it with my siblings and our spouses. We all had a really great time. The film was nigh perfect and we finished it off with pizza at my favorite spot, Quatros.

I’m hoping to go see Hateful Eight this weekend in one of the 70mm showings near Cleveland.


So embarrassed. I always get those two mixed up :frowning:



JL and HH or TFA and H8? :wink:


I like Holly Hunter fine, but ever since Cronenberg’s Existenz, I’ve had an erotic fixation on Leigh.

Disturbing? Possibly, but you know what is far more disturbing? There’s a guy who made a youtube clip about the boots she wears in that movie:



It’s very stylishly shot and handled, and some scenes are maybe too stylish for it’s own sake…but it’s very well done. Honestly, the final shots are brilliant.
Might be a late addition to my favorites of 2015.


THE REVENANT is pretty good. A little too long, though.

ANOMALISA is an awful movie, but it’s animation is quite impressive though in service to a pointless and offputting story.


Is it as bad as Being John Malcovich?
I like most Kaufman movies…but I cannot stand that one.
It is just terrible.


It’s a bit worse than any other Kaufman movie, but it might appeal to serious Kaufman fanatics. Actually, I’m not sure it will. I really think it would’ve worked better as a much shorter movie.


I mean, I’m still gonna check it out.
As said, I really do like most of his movies. My favorite being Synechdoche, New York.
There’s just nothing I like about Being John Malcovich, it’s abysmal.

So it’s a bit worse than pretty decent…sounds okay enough.


I got a chance to finally see Interstellar (hey i’ve got little ones and don’t get out much!) but i really enjoyed it more than i thought i would. So that’s my new movie for the week. :slight_smile:


Just saw Anomalisa.

I was slightly disappointed, but it was still very well done, very human. I expected something a little more profound, I guess, from my previous experience with Kauffman. Still solid, and exceptionally human.


That sounds pretty good.
I think human Kauffman is better than profound Kauffman.
Even when he tries to be both, which is frequent, it’s always the human element that stick with you.
Not so much the other, in my case at least


I suppose I like the Kauffman intersection (I want that to be a movie). The human element is so crucial for me to stay connected, but the profound element gives me the sense of awe that I crave when I consume literature/history/art.

At times his method of decompression can lose me, without those moments of punctuated awe.


I can understand that.
Again, I have to go back to something like Synechdoche, which it my favorite of his…and the profound element released some great atmosphere.
It pulls you in with these ideas and the slight ways it plays with form and context.

But PSH’s struggle with his repeated failures in personal and professional life gives the backbone.