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What connects Empress to the Trump era?

My palNacho Vigalondo just pointed out it’s the perfect sci-fi allegory for Melania trying to escape from Trump with the kids after realising what she’s gotten into it.

That’s such a brilliant observation I had to post it!



Also, the same with the news about a possible Second Scottish Referendum…You jammy lot get a second chance to get away from us after…Brexit.

Don’t suppose you wanna adopt me, Mark?
I could be Scottish…

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I heard Morax’s hair isn’t real either.


If Scotland goes Indy I’ll have everyone I love squeezed into a Jor-El style rocket aimed straight for England.

Our share of the deficit plus crashing oil price plus scrambling to join Euro plus ECB austerity measures to get us all on track = Mad Max.

Only 45% of people wanted Indy last time, but I reckon it’ll actually be less now that predicted oil revenues are 99% less than stated. Also, we do four times our biz with that single market we call England than we do with Europe in total.

When faced with the reality of this post Brexit sensible heads will prevail I’m sure.



I really don’t see Melania kicking El Cheeto’s ass, though.

Even though I would pay everything I own to see that!

So long as the Saudis are pumping out oil to screw the Russians and the US from setting up competition oil’s going to be dumperster fire prices unless Trump gets his Middle East war.

i’d still rather be Scottish…and my offer to be adopted still stands! :wink:

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