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What comics were out the month you were born?

This is a fun project. Pick a month and a year and see what books were out when you were born (or whenever you want). You can filter by publisher too.

Post your favourite birth-book here! (Make sure to choose the “on sale in” rather than “cover dated” option.)

This is probably mine - a nice Frank Miller Daredevil:


Lets see what they have for October '82…



I can’t believe this sort of comic was still being produced in 1977. I love it.


So many great options, but this sticks in my mind as one of the greatest X-Men stories:

And I’ve just learned from that site that Alex Toth drew it! How cool is that?

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Pretty iconic issue:!marvel/amazingspiderman/amazingspiderman122.jpg

In case it can’t be seen:


A lot of these images are getting a 403 error and not linking for me (I can only see Bruce’s). I found my cover at another site and linked to it there.

I can see yours, mine and Bruce’s but not Nice Mike or David’s. Strange since they are coming from the same source.

I was born in 1985, and it seems a lot of cool shit was happening then… maybe the most important book sold in my birth month was Crisis on Infinite Earths #12, but this one:

I actually own, and it’s still pretty cool

nifty site!


The Action Comics and Superman entries both look great. However, I would pick Superman if I saw both books on the stands next to each other. I think I’m safe since Curt Swan did art on both.


I saved it to my phone then uploaded it to the board. That’ll be why folks are able to see it.

I see the first issue of Marvels Blade Runner (which I didn’t know existed) was also released during my birth month.

I could see mine when I first posted it but now I can’t :confused:

It was probably in your cache and now isn’t or something like that. I’ve done that with images here before.

Good point. I’ve done Bruce’s save locally and upload trick, so hopefully showing up for everybody now.

I’ve looked and can’t find anything that stands out at all. I don’t think I’ve read any comics from my birth month.

You’re obviously much younger than I realised :wink:


Yep, July 1994 doesn’t seem like a good month for comics.

You aren’t wrong, I called it up and there is nothing of note at all.

While the 90s has lots of terrible comics there were some very good ones but it must have been skip month on those :smile:


Same here, cheers guys!

this is probably the most well known book out in the month of my birth. if you can’t see it. it is FF 23 w/ Doctor Doom


What are you talking about? July 1994 gave you this!