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What comic stories would make good movies?


Live-action or animated.

I’ve read some saying “Terror in a Tiny Town” would make a good Fantastic Four movie:

I think “Who is the Black Panther?” Is Reggie Hudlin’s treatment for a BP movie.

And one Batman story I always wanted to see done:

Your thoughts?


Garth Ennis war comics would make solid movies, I think.

Also, these gems:


Ex Machina is one that I think could really work. But might require a bit of updating.


Wouldn’t Ex Machina benefit from being like a mini-series rather than a movie?


Parts of this with maybe real Kryptonians at the end and save Lex for later. :wink:


Five posts. Can you belive it. It took five posts to get this far.


Great topic JR


Maybe, yeah. It depends which way they want to take it. I like the overall shape of the story for a single movie - a big, grand, weird, cosmic political tragedy - but you could easily make it a series too, and have more room to explore the secondary characters and the political issues.


I’ve always thought a Light Brigade movie would be pretty cool. Soldiers in WW2 versus Zombies and Angels.


Brubaker’s recent VELVET series would be a great film. I would love to see his FATALE on screen, but it might be too epic for a single film.


I would love to see Fatale as an HBO series.


I always thought Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men felt really cinematic and would adjust pretty easily to film, given that there were prior films to establish certain characters and relationships.


Very Good Topic.

Let´s see

Almost all the work by Brubaker and Philips is begging for some kind of adaptation.
I, personally, would love to see “Sleeper” as a mini series, something with the vibe of “The Americans”, and just as awesome.

Now, with the Movies.
1- The Inhumans by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee.
(I belive that, if marvel wants to do an Inhuman Movie, HERE is where they should look… but now, with Agents of Shield taking advantage of the Inhuman lore, i don´t belive it will be possible).
2- We 3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly.
(A Modern tale about Humanity, with animals tearing themselves apart)
3- The Dark Knigth Returns by Frank Miller.
(The ultimate Batman Movie, the only problem is… it Should be The Last)
4- Dr. Strange. The Oath by Brian Vaughan and Marcos Martin / Private Eye, same team.
(You can´t loose with a Vaughan Story, and these too are stellar).
5- The Authority by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch, Mark Millar and Frank Quietly.
(We will have to choose an Arc, but The Authority is the comic that told JLA how superteams should be in the new millenium).

I´ll let you know as more pop into my mind:
(I´d love for something by Peter David to be on this lis).


You could condense the first three arcs of Ultimate Fantastic Four into one amazing movie. You know, like Trank’s…but with actual story and plot.

Also, tangential. but Stray Bullets would be great as small anthologies ala Fargo.


Each Criminal arc would make a great mid-budget film. Minimal changes needed - it’s all there.


Brubaker again.

It really surprises me how little of his work it´s on tv (Just that one episode of Westworld as i belive).


I’ve always thought that Vaughn’s Y: The Last Man was begging to be a series or high concept movie. Though, part of me thinks that the post-apoc genre is on the way down right now, so it might have missed it’s boat.


Really surprised with the waking dead success that we’ve not seen Invincible get adapted yet.

We3 cause we could all use s good cry. Let Disney have at it. Really put us through the wringer.

Rather than a movie I think most comics would be better adapted as Anime.


There seems to be lots of comics making porn movies. I think there’s like a studio dedicated to making porno out of superhero properties.

Erm… That’s what I’ve heard. I couldn’t say either way…


I don’t know if you heard this news last month, but it sounds promising: