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What are your favourite fictional swear words?


My mum used to say “Oh Sugarlumps!” whenever she needed to swear in front of us when we were kids.


Some one had to be the kiss ass…still though, tunk was hilarious


I’m surprised it hadn’t been mentioned before.

I was gutted it wasn’t in the movie. One of the best gags, bar none.


One of my favourite bits of real world swearing is in the movie:


My kid uses “Tunk you” and “Tunk head” to the point of limit testing. :wink:


A Christian math teacher back in the day used “rhodondendron” as a swear word. He was quite weird.


In the 90s I tried to adopt Shatterstar’s “Fekt”. It… didn’t take.



Anything used in “The Good Place”.

They always crack me up.


Flonq and Stab his eyes were my other Cable/x-force favourites