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What are your favourite fictional swear words?



Cuss is brilliantly used in Fantastic Mr Fox. It’s a shame it was an addition and not something Dahl had used in the book.


Not a swear word as such, but I do like to call people “gold-brickin’ yahoos” when I get the chance.

Try it… it’s surprisingly fulfilling.


I was going to mention Grud on a greenie in the thread post, I love it too, it’s the best use of Grud.




Could we consider “Crom” a Cimmerian version of taking-the-Lord’s-name-in-vain?


Of course. I like to think we can include as many blasphemes as possible :grinning:


There’s some excellent swears in here that I’d forgotten all about.


“Dirty diapers!” Fantastic Max


This about covers it for me.

I couldn’t find a good scan of any of the Marvel 2099 swears, but Shock has got to be my favorite.


Holy crud!! I can’t rememeber from where, though.


Quoteth Tourette’s Guy…



Sentence enhancers!


I still cant believe this made the air.

And of course its only made worse by my twisted deprived mind


Loved the Sleaze Brothers, haven’t heard anyone mention it for years!


My mother hated swearing, my Dad however was like a drunken sailor competing with a truck driver! My mom had a lot of nonsense words she would break out when stressed, she still does.
“Snodhamner in a pickle patch!”
My all-time favorite “FRABBLE-SNOB!”


I quite like da’st in Giffen and Abnett and Lanning’s cosmic Marvel books. Transformers does well with fake swear words too. Slag in Beast Wars was fun and then later scrap, which works as both something that sounds close to a real swear word, but also something that seems like it would be a curse for a robot.


I like Tunk.


“Whiskers!” - Thundercats 2011
"Aw, sewer apples!" - TMNT 2012


Not sure if I understand “whiskers” as a curse word. Then again they are aliens. I would have went with “kitten mittens”