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What are your favourite fictional swear words?


I like grud a lot and frack/frakk, but I do like a good fictional word in general.

What are other Millarworlder’s favourites?


“Frell” from Farscape


When Mon-El said “Grife” in Supergirl a few weeks ago, it was the happiest moment of my year so far :slight_smile:


Fuck, shit, cunt… the usual.


Frak and godsdammit from Battlestar.





I like the Cantonese/Mandarin swearing in Firefly.


Not literature or pop culture, but “Bob Saget!” from Tourette’s is a beastly alterna-cusser.


I do like Drokk from Judge Dredd / 2000AD but I think I prefer this (which is more of an exclamation than a curse):




I distinctly remember thinking “Sliding Albion” was a good curse substitute.


Also, “slag” from various Transformers-related media.


In my Strikeforce story (gratuitous self-promotion: ) the all-purpose swear word in the 24th century is CHEW.

The story behind it is, I wanted a word like “drokk” or “smeg”, and asked for a random suggestion. Someone said “Tuesday” (I suspect he’d just had a bad day) “sometimes shortened so it it sounds like chew”. “Tuesday” sounded weird to me, but I really liked “Chew” so I ran with it.


One of my favorite comics as a kid was the Sleeze Brothers, and they used SCUD. It’s a great word - nice hard C in there, can be used for many different emotions, can mean lots of different things. Great swear word.



Yeah, but in the aforementioned Transformers-related media, it was more of an all-purpose swear word.


They also had Icehole, which was a pretty inventive way to get around the censor.


E chu ta!