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What are your favorite sites on the internet?


In my personal life I am much the same. I use a handful of forums and messageboards (of which this one is by far the most prominent) and browse news sites like the BBC and Guardian on a daily basis. And I use a few favourite retailers for buying comics, books, games etc. Other than that, not many other regular favourites.

I am on Facebook and Twitter but very rarely use them - only if I need to contact someone and have no other way of doing so.

For work it’s very different - I have to do a lot of trawling through online resources on a daily basis, with a huge number of sources that require regular checking, and lots of research done online.

Part of that involves reading stuff on Twitter, although I don’t tweet stuff out myself. The side of it I see is mostly the self-promotion/PR side, which can be a bit relentless and tedious - although I know that people use it in a forum-style public discussion kind of way (which sounds more rewarding).


I shut off notifications for this thread and nearly forgot to post in it myself.

I use Twitter a lot, in ways similar to Mike. It’s a platform for discussion, and a news aggregator from people I trust. I also have 3 accounts, 1 main one and 2 in which I can get really detailed and dorky with a specific crowd without boring the main one. In all of them, I have a ton of political words muted—it’s often poison for politics. I am also on Facebook and check it more than I should, but rarely post.

In addition to this forum I’m also on a Boston Celtics one, which serves not only for discussion (particularly during games), but also news. I use this site for news quite a lot too—I never go to any film or comics sites.

I mostly use the internet for music discovery and streaming. I’m not very interested in Spotify or the like, but I use Relisten for their massive archives of Grateful Dead and Phish bootlegs and I enjoy DJ mixes on Soundcloud and some online magazines, particularly Fact magazine (I also like their editorial content).

I also use Bandcamp very often. Both in terms of its interface, user friendliness, depth of content, and artist-friendly model, I think it is the best site on the internet by a wide margin.


Be honest. You’re on Soundcloud for the rappers. :wink:


For the news
For the sci-fi ish

For gif, anime and music


Millarworld is probably the only site I check regularly. Netflix and amazon for streaming. On my phone, I still use facebook. Other than that, the sites I most regularly look at are probably German and international newspaper sites.


Whoops, that is

I forgt youtube by the way, I spend quite a bit of time there.


The BBC and the Guardian are the only sites other than this one I “browse” every(ish) day. I visit youtube whenever one of my subscribed people puts up content, and so that’s probably pretty close to every day. Ditto with soundcloud and bandcamp.

Other sites I like are (the original and still best Deep Purple fan site) and various other music sites, but I don’t visit regularly any more. I used to do a semi-regular tour around several bands’ sites looking for news, but now all that sort of stuff gets fed to me on Facebook and Twitter. The Internet has become much more “passive” than it was when I started using it, much more about broadcasting stuff to you instead of making you look for it.


Relevant to the discussion in this thread and a neat little “history of the internet” article


Up until some day ago, I was on goodreads. Until I decided to shut down the profile. For some reason I didn’t see myself anymore there, where nearly everyone seem to take their reading of the books as daily job.


Yeah, there is something of a competitive edge to GoodReads, it seems sometimes. I used to use a Facebook extension that tracked all the books I’d read and I quite enjoyed updating it and keeping a log of everything, until the thing shut down with no notice and junked everyone’s data. It rather soured me on bothering to keep a record after that (though I do have a GoodReads profile that I’ve looked at about twice in 9 years).


Ouch. That hurt, I take.

One issue abandoning GR is that I now I am off tracking my books (especially those I intend to read).