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What are your favorite sites on the internet?


Just curious about internet browsing habits these days. What are your 5 or 6 favorite sites to visit, including social media? How many sites would you say you visit every day?

Let’s exclude this site for obvious reasons.




I should have known that answer would appear within a minute of the thread going up,


Gotta maintain priorities Robert.


To simplify things we’ll say what sites do you go to the most on your main browser not your secret one.


You should remove commerce and functional websites. I barely browse online, my answer would be Amazon, EBay, Wikipedia and Yahoo mail. That’s about it.

I’ll Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ESPN and Reddit all using apps on my phone.




Ahahahaha, just kidding. Only once was there.

Hm… Facebook, gamershell, amazon, Wikipedia… That’s about it.


I tried to imply that by saying favorite. I don’t mean sites you go to when you want to check the weather or see what time a restaurant opens. But if you enjoy going to Amazon then sure, count it.


I visit a Buddhist webforum,, and an atheist forum Other than that wikipedia.


I generally only visit Millarworld and the sports sections of Scottish newspapers.

I’ve cut my browsing down completely over time and I read a lot of magazines which is where I get my music, tv, movie info from.

Otherwise I’m pretty much informed by Millarworld which is a scary thought.

And pornhub.


Social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter), but LinkedIn only for work, and most of that comes through other channels.

Deadline, Variety and Hollywood Reporter for industry news.

Art of VFX, FxGuide, VFXWorld, CGsociety, VFXBlog and Cinefex for my particular industry.

Occasionally Bloody Disgusting and Dread Central for horror film news, but that tends to come from posts on Twitter.


Bleacher Report, The Underground (MMA news). Most news I get from military and various government aggregators emailed to my work account.


My big ones are the following.

Net Car Showis mostly for computer backgrounds but they get them from automotive press releases. So they tend to have the most up to date automotive news as well.

Uncrate is kind of a men’s buyer’s guide kind of site. They tend to have a lot of cool cars, watches and booze.

I use Newsarama for my comics news. It’s not perfect but better than a lot of the other sites out there.

I visit Petrolicious mainly for their Tuesday car videos.

Only a couple of the webcomics I follow are still active mostly JL8 and xkcd.

There’s a handful I used to follow but a lot of them haven’t updated in a long time like The Abominable Charles Christopher, Lady Saber, Our Valued Customers, Space Mullet and Travis Charest’s Spacegirl.

I also like Youtube for videos, mostly of the car, music and educational variety.



For all things wrestling and MMA related. Membership site but the podcasts and newsletters are essential if you’re into that sort of thing.


A lot of my Internet is filtered/accessed through Twitter these days, which is my main Internet site overall (I’m up to three separate accounts now…)

Looking at tabs open on my browsers - about half of them are sites I use frequently to signpost people towards to do with work, about a quarter are work papers and articles I’m actively looking at, ones my Gmail, and a few are sites I’ve looked something up for recently.

I also have a handful of “Cheer Up Mike” gifs, the majority of which are currently of Paul Newman :slight_smile:

Internet and app wise: Netflix, Comixology, Marvel Unlimited.

I access news sites mainly through Twitter to be honest, and follow a selection of news sites to try to keep some sort of balance.

Social media wise, other than Twitter, I’m active on Instagram and Facebook, plus a few, um, location-based introduction apps.

It’s interesting how internet use has evolved.


The continuing home of Paul O’Brien’s dogged effort to review every X-book is a worthy blog. Now comes with a podcast! And, randomly, a weekly commentary on the UK pop charts!


Oh wow there’s a blast from the past.


I actually don’t think I’ve ever ‘browsed the net’ much. It’s always been a few sites I have bookmarked.

Facebook for keeping in contact with friends, Twitter is mainly ‘read only’ for me and following people that interest me. The Guardian for news and then links from Twitter and here for variety on that. Comics,TV or movie news I get from here or maybe Twitter, no need to visit the rather poor sites nowadays as JR will surely share the clickbait.