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What Are Your Favorite Comics of 2015?


I found myself answering this question after seeing so many comic sites make their own lists. Whether it be a comic that came out years ago, or just last week, what were your favorite comics of 2015?

My List:

Deadly Class
East of West
Last Man
Black Science
They’re Not Like Us
Bloodshot Reborn


Secret War
Omega Men
Secret Six
Aaron’s Thor

EDIT: Narrowed to 5 I’d say Omega Men, Secret Six, Thor, Lazarus, Fatale (which may not have been this year)


This is pretty tough actually. In no particular order cause that’s just too hard.

Tokyo Ghost
The Private Eye
Ms. Marvel
Daredevil/Echo: Parts of a Hole
Jupiter’s Circle
Secret Wars
Fight Club 2


LOVE the new Harley Quinn series.
Ditto DC Bombshells.
Vision is just…it’s so…um…just read it if you get the chance ok?
The Goddamned was a late arrival to this list but holy original sin Batman(!), is it ever a lovely dirty ugly surprise.
Monstress also has been getting me all warm and fuzzy.
Huck has also got my attention.
And to round out the list: Dr Strange is starting to pick up steam for me.


Secret Wars & Marvel’s Star Wars, so far.


Hey, how is Monstress?


My top five for the year

1 Providence

2 Crossed Plus 100 (First 6 issues only)

3 Southern Bastards

4 Airboy

5 Revival

Notable others;

2000Ad, Rachel Rising, Autumnlands, Deadly Class, Trees, Postal, Nailbiter, Birthright, Outcast, Justice League (Johns), Stumptown, Thor, Annihilator, Nameless, Twilight Children, Prez, Injection, The Woods, Lazarus, Low

Too early to put on a best of list, but I suspect some could be next year:

Vision, The Godammned, Black Magick, DK III, Clean Room, Jacked, New Romancer, Survivors Club, Huck


Crossed +100
The Vision
The Fade Out
Southern Bastards


The Vision
All-Star Section Eight
Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses

Top 5 right there.


The Fade Out
Invisible Republic

Honorable Mention: Savage Dragon (been reading this since issue #1 in 1992, and it still entertains me; also, I love the fact that it moves in real time, so the young Dragon that we met way back when is now 23 year older, about to become a grandfather, and his 20-year-old son has replaced him as the lead in the book.

PS: I love East of West, but too few issues were released this year and the publishing pace pushed the book out of my top five.


this is going to be a bit difficult because I am a Marvel Fan and they did a restart halfway through the year. I am really liking the new Xmen books. I personally feel that the death of Scott freed up the writers to start writing good stories again. Here goes my list of continuing series for the full year

Spiderwoman(hopeless/rodriguez with the new costume)

my minseries
book of death(from valiant)


This thread is telling me I really need to check out Lazarus and Airboy.

As a trade waiter it’s hard to take part in a best of the year, but I did think They’re Not Like Us was excellent. I also really liked Wytches. Not actually sure what else I read this year was published in 2015.


Top 5:

  1. Descender
  2. East of West
  3. Secret Wars
  4. Thor
  5. Saga

While these are all great series, Descender is head and shoulders above the rest (and this coming from a guy who LOVES East of West) I highly recommend it to anyone who isn’t reading it.

  1. Airboy

There’s been a lot of good comics this year, but nothing touches Airboy for me.


Sumptuous visuals.
Intricate story.
Chinese mythology based.
Badass fight sequences.
A really intriguing protagonist.
Two issues in and I’m hooked.
It’s fresh and compelling, IMHO.
Give it a shot. :smile:


I will. Thanks, man.


East of West - Nick Dragotta & Jonathan Hickman
Trees - Warren Ellis & Jason Howard
Lazarus - Greg Rucka & Michael Lark
Nameless - Chris Burnham & Grant Morrison
Providence - Alan Moore & Jacen Burrows
Copra - Michel Fiffe
Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses - David Lapham
Southern Bastards - Jason Latour & Jason Aaron
The Fade Out - Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips
Prophet - Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Ron Wimberly, et. al
Casanova: Acedia - Matt Fraction & Fabio Moon
Hawkeye - David Aja, Matt Fraction, Annie Wu, et. al
Injection - Declan Shalvey & Warren Ellis
Annihilator - Frazer Irving & Grant Morrison
The Multiversity - Grant Morrison, Ivan Reis, Jim Lee, et. al
Descender - Dustin Nguyen & Jeff Lemire
Ms. Marvel - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, & Takeshi Miyazawa
Martian Manhunter - Rob Williams, Eddy Barrows, & Diogenes Neves
The Autumnlands - Benjamin Dewey & Kurt Busiek
Virgil - Steve Orlando & J.D. Faith
Fragments of Horror - Junji Ito


So many good books this year, hard to narrow it down to even just a few!

I’ll say:

1 - No Mercy
2 - Paper Girls
3 - Thor
4 - Saga
5 - Rat Queens
6 - Airboy
7 - Tokyo Ghost
8 - Monstress
9 - Mythic
10 - We Stand On Guard


Gotham Academy
The Wicked + The Divine


Chrononauts is my favorite book of the last few years.

My other top nine boos:

Star Wars
Darth Vader
Secret Wars Zombies
Ant Man