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What are you watching thread?


You know it’ll turn your eyes square, but you just can’t stop yourself. Tell us what you’re watching on the TV!

Seen any good movies lately?
Seen any good movies lately?

Totally missed Gotham last night, luckily it’s on demand. The funny/odd part about cable tv listings is not seeing more than a couple hours in advance. I’d complain, but then I’d be sent to the Hell of Television Listings Typists.

Imagine typing those little descriptions all day. For, like, no dollars an hour. I think I would be able to go two, maybe three hours before going maniacal in some dramatic manner.


The first episode of Powers is up on Youtube, if anyone is bothered:

I’m not going to subscribe to PSN, so I’ll skip it for now.


It’s definitely a mixed bag. It’s got some interesting ideas and some nice bits of dialogue but it’s also cheap looking and awkward.

I saw It Follows last night and it’s one of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while. There’s no real jump scares and I couldn’t call it scary so much as creepy. It manages to build quite a bit of tension simply out of people approaching in the background. It’s not perfect by any means but it’s an impressive first effort. I thought it was far better than The Babadook, which seems to be getting more press.


I watched the first season of The 100 and enjoyed it. Eliza Taylor is really good as the lead, playing it more Katniss than the usual damsel in distress.


I liked S1, but S2 is even better. I’m a few episodes behind, and I’m really looking forward to catching up on it.


Powers was a god-awful mess. I think Susan Heyward, who plays Pilgrim, was the only one who took this seriously and genuinely tried to act. Copley wasn’t Christian Bale-Lite. He was cheap Taiwanese knockoff Christian Bale. The girl who plays Calista did look like her comic book counterpart, though.

Overall, this was a failure of epic proportions.


It really turned out to be a lot more interesting than it could have been. It could have gone the way of Lost or even more Lord of the Flies - and I’m glad it didn’t! There seem to be some unnecessary twists and turns that just muddle things. I’m quite ready for them to snuff Weather Mountain and move on to the Big City. Not the glow-y Enchanted City of Oz some people are searching for, but a real Big City with hardened shelters and such. This could be a good postapocalyptic tale, but they gotta keep moving!


er… Wow. I feel bad for Bendy. He worked so long and hard to get this going! Then again - haven’t more than a few good shows started off slowly or badly? Where is Constantine right now? Again in Re-Imagination Hell? Starting a new show on a new platform - well, it’s a task. Condolences to Bendis, and may fast work behind the scenes turn mess to success!


I watched Only Lovers Left Alive tonight. I don’t know why I thought I wouldn’t like it but I loved it.

I guess I thought it was just going to be Tom HIddleson, who I don’t really like, lying around for 2 hours.


What’s especially damning is that Bendis helped develop the show. It’s not like he and Oeming took the money and ran. He helped create it! The effects look really cheap. I think Walker got the worst of it though. He is nothing like the character in the comics.

I would love to see the pilot developed by FX (that they deemed a failure) as a point of comparison.


You know your in trouble when a show opens with A.C Slater from Saved By The Bell spouting some horrendous exposition at you… It’s got a very cheap late 90’s early 2000’s feel to it…and I’ve got no problem with swearing, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. All the dialogue was just so awkward and forced.


Just watched the first episode of Better Call Saul and enjoyed it a lot. Odenkirk is a lot more accomplished as a lead than I expected, and I like the setup. Looking forward to watching more.


am liking Saul. Paul advised I watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and it’s a highly amusing diversion.

also just got done with a rewatch of Season 1 of Gundam 00


The final of The Great British Sewing Bee is on tonight!


Just finished watching the final season of Parks & Rec. Aside from episode 11 (the search for the new mayor) it didn’t do much for me. I thought it was laboured and unfunny - I couldn’t even be bothered to finish the Johnny Karate episode. Episode 11 somehow captured the anarchic flavour of the show at its best though, so at least it wasn’t all bad.


Yeah I’m actually surprised at how viable the concept is… I wasn’t sold AT ALL when they announced it, but they managed to do something quite good with it… It does mirror the WW “fall from grace” theme (or at least that’s the direction it seems to be going in) but it does it differently, in a more calmer fashion… It’s definetly not as gripping and manic as BB though, and some parts of some episodes feel like they drag a bit too much. Still, it’s a good series and one I do recommend. Later episodes really benefit from Baldie’s (forgot his name) involvment too.

Edit: Speaking of Better Call Saul: I don’t know why, but everytime the screen title comes on I immediatly think of Hotline Miami (the game) and I expect to hear the music of the game… Which makes me think that it’d be AWESOME if BB’s creators did a Hotline Miami TV adaptation. I don’t know if you guys have ever played it, but it’s a retro ultra violent game with a rather weird storyline (there’s not much of one, but the world is rather interesting). Think miami-vice meets Banshee meets Silence of the lambs or something like that, and that’s close to what it is like

Anyways… Rewatched Star Trek (reboot) yesterday… It still is a great movie. They really nailed it with that soft reboot. Haven’t heard any news about ST3, but I do hope it’s in the pipe-line because so far I’ve really enjoyed this new Star Trek iteration, despite not being a fan AT ALL of older Treks (or Star Wars for that matter, which is weird since I’m a sci-fi buff, but I digress).


The Americans: This show keeps getting better and better. Noah Emmerich did a great job as director. I especially liked the scene with the bug reveal.

Fantastic show!


Powers seems to be a let down from what I read from here. That’s a pity. Yet to watch it. Will definitely watch it with low expectation now.
Better Call Saul is good…yeah…wasn’t expecting it is this good!!!


Finally watched all of Agent Carter. Also, closing in on this season of Banshee.

And currently watching the last week’s Daily Shows.