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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


That’s it, Dirk Gently night TONIGHT!!!


I did it for A-Level, it’s an amazing book. It takes the tiny shreds of what we know about the character of the ‘mad woman’ and fleshes them all out.

I don’t think as men we need to get uptight about alternate readings, most old novels do just wash over this kind of stuff. It’s an interesting thing to ask what Penelope was up to rather than just waiting around wistfully.


But she wasn’t just waiting around wistfully. She had to beat suitors off with a pointy stick. She had ten years of that! And it’s not even that I have a romantic view of the relationship; by some accounts it ended after he got back anyway. And it’s fine to have alternate takes on stories. I love that! But this one specifically soured me on Atwood. Maybe not all her books are paranoid screeds. But I happened to read one too many.


I think that happened with me and Anne Rice. Heard she went neo-Christian and was all Born Again for a while. What happened with that?


The Toys That Made Us - We watched the first four episodes available tonight. This was a fun little documentary series. It felt a bit like the VH1 I Love the 80’s stuff but I enjoyed the content. He-Man was my jam when I was a kid. So that episode was especially fun. I still wish we would have gotten a good live action film.


She said she couldn’t be involved with a religion that disliked gay people. Her words, not mine.


He-Man as a whole was before my time, and that reboot series from the 00’s was after my time, but I always had a soft spot for that movie. Langella was brilliant despite me not knowing anything about He-Man.


I think she eventually realized vampires made her more money, and went back to that. Hard to believe now that Lestat was the original Edward Cullen. Or that Edward Cullen was the original Christian Grey. Or that I know that much about any of them…


Me too. There’s still time. :wink:


No. No He Man movie. You know it’d be awful.

A Netflix TV show however…:grinning:

I loved the 2000’s reboot cartoon. It was consistently fantastic.


Masters of the Universe isn’t a great movie but I will fight anyone who says Langella isn’t phenomenal as Skeletor.

I saw an interview with him where he was asked if the film was the low point of his career. He basically said his son loved the cartoon and when he was sent the script he accepted right away, his son was happy and so he never regretted it. Apparently he was deeply involved in the character, making suggestions about the costume and portrayal.


Yes. That would be gold.

He-Man is one of the reasons I love Reborn so much.

Never saw much of the reboot as I didn’t watch a lot of TV at the time.


Langella was awful as Skeletor but I do admire his passion.

When do we fight? It might be a while before I’m in your neck of the woods again.

Morbius was a designer for the film which really should have yielded better results.


I feel the need to leave this here…



A lot of the design work was inspired by Kirby as well. The behind the scenes stuff of that movie is just crazy. Hasbro hadall kinds of notes like He-Man couldn’t hurt people and Cannon films refused to pay their half of the budget.


I don’t no know anything about Skeletor, so I can’t comment if he was an accurate portrayal. But he was a great villain.


Fun fact, Gary Goddard basically wrote the Masters of the Universe movie as a stealth New Gods story


Wait. It’s been 30 minutes. Where are you?


Oh I must have beaten you so bad you can’t remember.



Spectral - I’ve had pretty good luck with Netflix original material being enjoyable. So when I came across this a while back, I put it in our watch list. It wasn’t too bad. It was a small, action oriented sci-fi film that reminded me of those direct to video films we used to rent on VHS. It wasn’t anything life changing but it was worth a watch on a frozen in Friday night.

I really think Netflix is ushering in a new golden age of home entertainment that we haven’t seen since the glory days of the video store. No wonder there’s so much 80’s nostalgia material out there.