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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Christel and I watch the second episode of Fox’s LA to Vegas. It’s dumb and silly but a lot of fun. Dylan McDermitt and Peter Stormare are hilarious. It’s not profound or deep but very enjoyable. The cast does have a good chemistry.

If you have a half-hour to kill and want some mindless fun, give LA to Vegas a shot.


I mean if you want mindless fun, today’s the 24th anniversary of the premiere of The High Life and it’s all on YouTube.


I liked it as a slice of life show. Dev’s parents are the best part of Season One. Season Two kind of does each episode as a different style film. The best one in that is the one where it’s multiple people whose lives randomly intersect.


You read my mind


Run Lola Run?


I feel similarly about the male lead in the show “Love”, Paul Rust. It’s one thing for the awkward looking nerdy dude to get the hot girl (or any girl), but in “Love” the character is also a complete asshole. I don’t believe for a second that he could land any girl, let alone Gillian Jacobs. No matter how “damaged” the character is supposed to be.

But I guess both of those come from the limitation of the actors (and the pitfalls of casting yourself in the lead role of the show you’ve created). Aziz is a funny dude and great at being the kind of obnoxious supporting character. Less great at being the likable male lead. They’re talented dudes playing characters they probably don’t have the right acting skill set to portray.


I can forgive it in Love because that show is unrelentingly cynical and dour that Rust doesn’t pull me out of it but only amplifies the effect.


Oh, I still quite like “Love” as a show. I just don’t for second believe any girl would put up with that character.


Well, definitely not any girl on that show.

But his annoying and awkward nature makes for some incredibly crushing cringe comedy. It can be quite astounding.


We comics readers have had two-three decades of deconstruction, worst-case-scenario futures, alternate identities, and have pretty much covered the gamut of morality and cautionary tales. These are fairly new to general audiences. *Handmaid’s Tale" won due to sheer timeliness. It was a dull grey novel, without (from what I read) any more insight than others. But it was made and shown and nominated at just the right time; when sexual harassment was exposed. This is the dark side. And, friends, we have been to the dark side and mastered it. Now we want a bit more color and some fresh air. Some even want Batman to lighten up. (I don’t. I liked BvS Bats.) Now we are in a dismal phase of US and Brit history, and real life looks very much like the most demented version of Bizarro-World imaginable. When reality sucks, we are not entertained by things going to hell in our entertainment! Nor are we all that happy with the constant retreads. We absolutely hate it when project does not tickle our fancy the way it should. To put a cherry on top, individual behavior(s) are impacting the industry like never before - and the movements (#metoo , #timesup) gain strength.

This is not a time to dissect heroes. It is a time for heroes to overcome fear.


Twin Peaks has been sitting on the recorder for months, and I’m finally watching it. Up to episode 6 so far.

I know we have a dedicated thread, but I’m reading it slowly so I don’t get ahead of where I’m watching.

Just read this:

Which describes my feelings much better than I can.


Wait till you get to Episode 8.

You may need to listen to a few hours of Deep Purple to come down from that high.


Infinity Chamber on Netflix (also called Somnio) is a very small scale near future science fiction story in something of the Solaris or “Black Mirror” mold. It involves a man who is imprisoned in the cell with a monitoring officer who watches him from a camera in the cell. The officer is friendly enough, but he is only charged with keeping the prisoner safe and healthy. He has no way to contact anyone about the prisoner’s case and the prisoner has no idea why he’s been imprisoned.

It starts slow, but develops quite well until it becomes very dramatic. However, the film really fails at the conclusion. It simply drags everything out beyond all patience at the end.


Sealab 2021! Damn that’s a catchy theme tune. You can see the seeds of Archer in this, with the inane conversations in the face of catastrophe. The repurposed classic animation hasn’t aged too well though. On DVD and a HDTV it often looks like they’ve used third generation VHS copy screen grabs.


Did you mean BIZARROOOOOO?


That first & second gen of AS content was REALLY good. I still love Harvey Birdman =)


Finally got to see the last season of Curb. So good. The episode where he was being fatwa investigated was just utter genius.

Speaking of the whole depressing TV thing I’ve the same type of rules - if something leaves me feeling awful, I leave it. At least for a while. I left Walking Dead and not sure if I’ll go back to it. Handmaid Tale feels like something I would hate in a myriad of ways so I’m not even going to bother. I find it hard enough to fit in shows I do like rather than waste time on anything that’s going to depress me. I have the grim and grey NI winter as it is, I’ll watch depressing shows as soon as I manage to move to Ibiza.


I don’t seem to know anyone who still watches the Walking Dead and actually enjoys it. Which is ironic, because that seemed to be true of everyone who was still reading the comic when the TV show started.


Psht… I dropped it… hum I think it was the 2nd episode of season 2… I didn’t even finish that one. It just got super boring. First season was pretty good though, from what I remember…


I remember having the ‘depressing entertainment’ conversation with some of my brothers years ago, when Saving Private Ryan came out at the cinema. I told them I had seen it and enjoyed it, but they said they couldn’t imagine choosing to see something like that for entertainment (especially as there was a lot of publicity at the time over the graphic battle scene towards the start).

I guess it comes down to what you’re looking for from a movie or TV show. And for me, that changes with my mood. There are definitely times when the last thing I want is something serious or challenging - sometimes you just want something fun or easy, something for pure entertainment.

But there are also times when you might find yourself in the mood for something ‘difficult’, something that challenges you or makes you feel uncomfortable but justifies itself in doing so. And some of those films and tv shows have ended up being the most rewarding and worthwhile, for me.