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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Dirk Gently S2 Eps 3-5

So damn insane and they’ve added John Hannah as a creepy git and Alan Tudyk as a total psycho - who knew he’d be so good at that?

There’s a barrage of plots, but my favourite was the return of the Rowdy 3, who, of course, are a quartet.

Friedkin remains an incredible idiot, but one whose promotion seems wholly plausible.


‘Valerian’ loses the plot in the final third, but there’s some wonderful stuff on the way there.

The opening montage that introduces the concept of a space station that incorporates species from all over the universe is very good, and makes terrific use of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’;

Now someone has redubbed it with David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ (it was the 1970’s there was a lot of space in pop culture);

It works very well too.


Inside No. 9 - “Bernie Clifton’s Dressing Room” - was a lovely little story. Sometimes you forget what good actors Shearsmith and Pemberton are, but this was a great showcase, and they managed to imply so much about the relationship through relatively little.

Some nice comedy bits too, very much a love-letter to a type of comedy that isn’t really around so much any more.


Did you never watch Dollhouse? :slight_smile:


Nope, never did.

EDIT: Just watched Ep 6.

There’s a couple of aspects I’ve noticed here now:

One is that Suzy is that character whose highest point of success was school and after that she was on a downward slide forever.

The other is the territory Fargo hovers around - that the more polite a community is, the greater the potential for psychopathic antics.


It’s always disappointing when a films release gets delayed due to no fault of its own and so it builds up a iconic status it doesn’t deserve.

Such is the case with Before I Wake. It has some neat visuals and a couple cool moments but it is not a good movie. The film about a couple who adopt a child who can manifest his dreams in reality suffers early on because dreams don’t work in the way it portrays but by the midway point the plot has become a complete mess. The final deteriorates into illogical nonsense that destroys any sense of internal reality.


Yeah I enjoyed that to. A nice little story with quite a touching payoff.


After recently seeing Lock Stock… I decided to revisit another Ritchie - Rocknrolla.
And this crime film hasn’t swept me the first time I’ve seen as LSATSB or Snatch, and that feel hasn’t gone away.
I like what Ritchie tried to do, putting in the world of rockstar, Scottish gangsters and controversial businessmen, together, but overall impression is pretty bland.


When I woke up Austin Powers 2 was playing, the part Dr. Evil was describing his rise to power.

I thought it was the damned news!


Ya. I remember RocknRolla being a bit of a mess. That combined with Layer Cake made me wonder just how much Matthew Vaughn had to do with Ritchie’s previous films.


Saw a few episodes of Power…

I might binge watch the earlier seasons


I watched the first episode of The Handmaidens Tale. Fuck it’s awful, one of the most offensive things I’ve ever seen too.


My wife and I have started a “No depressing shit” TV and Movie rule. So I’m avoiding that at all costs…it’s made life a lot better honestly.


Binged Digimon Adventure Tri because I saw that the dub had done three of the films and decided that was enough to finally jump into it. I tried the subtitled version before, and couldn’t get interested - but the dub version has enough of a nostalgic kick to it to keep me invested despite a less than stellar story and pacing.


After reading No Country for Old Men several years ago, I implemented that rule with my reading and have found it much more enjoyable. :wink:


The wife and I started Gunpowder, the HBO limited series with Kit Harrington. Not long into the 1st episode there was a brutal, 15-20 minute, public, torture scene, which prompted us to quit our viewing and go on with our lives.

Likely not revising that.


i loved digimon back in the day. I saw Tri and it was nostalgic remembering all the characters and their associated monsters.


Yeah…I needed that English for that to kick in for me.

Japanese Voices? Nothing.
Jeff Nimoy making bad puns and jokes? Instant nostalgia.


Gunpowder doesn’t get much better. There’s just not much story there.

I’m avoiding depressing TV too. I can get over that Handmaiden won the GG. Fucks sake.

I’ve been bingeing Master of None. I don’t get all the praise. It seems like it has something to say about life but it doesn’t really. I liked the episode about the Dad’s, but I find Dev incredibly annoying and never think he’d have a girlfriend in real life.


Think I’ll have to apply that rule myself. After watching Neeson’s Grey, very good movie, but all that brooding about purpose of life and death, made me to question is there a purpose in life?