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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Watched the first episode of ** Hard Sun**. The new BBC drama about two police officers that stumble onto the knowledge that the world will end in five years…An interesting premise, but I’m not sold on it quite yet.

It’s filled with cop show cliches, and for some reason I’ve never been sold on Jim Sturgess. I know he’s English, but his accent always sounds so incredible fake and distracting to me.

The whole things on the iPlayer, so I’ll finish it up over the next couple days to see how it goes.


He tried to do lighthearted with Pottersville…And he was still creepy as fuck.


No-one comes out of that cover not looking creepy.


Ive recorded it, let me know how the rest is

I like the premise but the trailers feel flat for me - it looked like someone who has not been subjected to much genre tv making genre tv

I also watched a couple eps of Luther and found it pretty dull and derivative of better US shows


The Greatest Showman - It’s not a great movie, the script rushes through its story to make lot of it feel more like a summary which takes away any potential weight of intended emotional moments. That said, it’s a very entertaining movie. I was engaged and having a good time throughout, so I’d call it a success as far as killing 2 hours goes.


I haven’t seen it, but there are six credited editors, which might explain that.


Okay, yeah that would make sense. The editing left a lot to be desired, for sure.


Jesus. Even two is 0.5 too many.



Christel and I watched the premiere of the new Fox sitcom LA To Vegas. It’s dumb and silly but a lot of fun. It’s not high art but highly entertaining.


His character in Nocturnal Animals is pretty different from a lot of his other roles. He’s laidback and self-assured while also being a badass. A bit like Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive if that character had a less stressful job.


Tell that to Star Wars.


Oh yeah, was that the time George Lucas said he hated editing part so much he didn’t want to direct a film ever again? :wink:


Dirk Gently S2 Eps 1-2

So, the most messed-up show I’ve ever watched is back… And it’s taken acid.

Even more messed-up, crazy and out-and-out insane while being strangely watchable.


Sounds awesome. I love the first season.
I feel a little guilty for not finishing Utopia before plowing into S2 of this but, well, Dirk Gently is just better. It’s that simple.


Started watching Black Mirror, with the first two episodes. Very good stuff; my kind of humour.


Babylon Berlin
Sleezy, decadent, sordid and uncomfortable but great production values and interesting storylines with a feeling that it is an accurate portrayal of that place and time.


Finally getting back into The Punisher after starting it before the holidays. I don’t want to venture into the spoiler thread until I’ve finished but it is so good. We’ve got two episodes left and it doesn’t feel like it’s let up.

We also saw The Last Jedi over the holidays and loved it. It felt like something different while also be definitively Star Wars. Not sure when I’ll take the initiative to burn through that thread to leave a decent review though.


The whole thing was a bit of a let down for me. I was expecting a show about the world ending. But instead it’s a standard British cop show, but in the very far background there’s this thing about the world ending in five years.

You could probably just watch the first and last episode, and cut out all the gubbins inbetween.


Yeah, that bit in the last 30 seconds should have been in Episode One.