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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


The final of this year’s Christmas University Challenge (which has teams of famous alumni competing) was pretty spectacular. (Spoiler tagged just in case anyone was wanting to watch it but hasn’t yet): Keble College Oxford completely trounced Reading, who didn’t get a single point. Frank Cottrell-Boyce was on fire.


Yeah, my conspiracy theory senses were tingling. in each round that the eventual winners played, there were an inordinate number of literature starter questions. Also, the questions on the night Dan Abnett played were really tough - Dan played well though.


I agree with Gar and Chris re: the music thing… There hasn’t been a lot of innovation since the mid 90’s in terms of new sounds or new genres… these days it’s all derivative from that, even though there’s obviously a lot of great stuff… and yes it’s obviously gotta do with technology booming in that period.

Maybe when we get a new technology of some sort we’ll have another great period, but for now, the 85-95 is gonna be hard to beat in terms of volume per years (cause we can’t ignore the innovation from the 40’s to the 70’s but that took a lot longer).

Anyways, too much derailment =P


Who is watching Happy!? You guys liking it? Is it faithful to the CB?

I’m really enjoying it but I have no idea of how the CB went…


We gave up on ‘Gods of Egypt’, and switched to ‘Their Finest’;

Great cast (it’s Arteton’s film really, and she’s excellent), some wonderful scenes, generally a lot of charm but it doesn’t need two hours and it (IMHO) fumbles a crucial twist.

Worth your time, just not quite so much of it.


Let me say one more thing about ‘80’s and music - I speak only of what I listened to, who I followed. Got into outlaw country from bands at the Palomino - as it was nearby and drew incredible people. Same with the Troubadour, Filthy McNasty’s/FM Station (went from metal to hip-hop, I think). Absolutely true that much effort went into dance music - heck, that was the time of the Boot-Scootin’ Boogie in pop country. That’s just where I went, in between a ton of work. A day off and I’d kinda “wake up” having a sandwich at the Pal where a sound check was going on, and is that George bloody Harrison? Yup. Hi, George. Guess who that is. Burton Cummings? So, that happened.

Now is also a good time for music. There’s maybe a half-dozen young female singer/artists that may superficially look/sound similar, but are doing cool stuff. And, as always, the indie scene just simmers. Bought a brand-new recorded-in-December album from a friend; expecting new stuff from three others. It’s still vital and happening!

It simply is not on TV.

Here’s one night at the Palomino - Wish I’d been there!

John Fogerty, Taj Mahal, George Harrison, Jesse Ed Davis, and Bob Dylan!


Atari Codebreakers

This is a quiz show on Discovery Science. I only noticed it because of the name Atari, which stood out on the EPG. It’s… mundanely bizarre.

The host feels like he’s wandered in from QVC (or not even QVC, one of its low rent competitors). The contestants all seem bemused to be there (and because the host keeps asking them if they’re surprised). The questions are science based touch screen dragging things and then a painfully dull “codebreaking” round. Contestants are rewarded with Fugees. Not members of the band, but coins. Obviously. What else would you call the points in this? Even weirder: the show is British, but the prize is in dollars. I assume US, but it could be NZ dollars, that’d make as much sense.

What I really don’t understand is the Atari connection. I didn’t think Atari even still existed after their third bankruptcy a few years back (or rather the when the third company to use the Atari name went bankrupt). But there’s absolutely nothing in this show that is even remotely to do with Atari or even video games in general. It’s more like the kind of sponsorship deals US TV shows had back in the 50s, when the show would get named after the product, but I didn’t think that was even legal in the UK.


I thought the lizard has always been CGI.

I quite like Death in Paradise. This last episode wasn’t particularly great, though, and I’m getting a bit tired of the lazy all the suspects were in on it together! solution, which the series has used several times.


So basically a bad era for music.




I agree with this. I think there are some fantastic new bands around at the moment – half the albums I buy and concerts I go to are from bands that are less than a decade old – but they all sound like something old. (Which, to be honest, is why I like them.) If there’s anything genuinely new out there, I don’t know what or where it is.



I watched the season premiere of X-Files. It was not good. The conspiracy mythology of the show has gone so far up its own ass that it’s shot out its nose at Mach 3. If this episode is any indication, it’s going to be a looong season.


Odd musings.

First, on a 12 hour flight from Taipei to Los Angeles, I watched a couple of movies.

The MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US. A surprisingly incredibly romantic movie that really squeezed a lot of drama out of the question if love is real if it emerges from extreme circumstances.

Think about love today. There are so many ways that someone could denigrate or diminish your love for someone.

I mean, think about it. If the person you love is much younger than you, then you are a cradle robber. If someone is much older, than you are a grave digger. If they are richer, then you are a gold digger.

In truth, love is a matter of time, and even then people will say that it is not “love at first sight.” But that is bullshit, as people who develop a loving relationship will tell you that it “was” love at first sight even if they didn’t know it at the time. I fell in and out of love at first sight of many suitable and unsuitable prospects all the time. Love at first sight is bull.

The heroic narrative of the Mountain Between Us is “bull” as well, but it is the way the characters (and especially the actors in this case) deliver it and are affected by it that gives the movie its satisfying reversals and outcome. Critically dismissed, it is a rare film that provides a satisfying sensual and romantic relationship without the disastrous and mournful depictions you see in innumerable tragic romances that are critically acclaimed.

It’s gotten to the point that love can’t be true love unless the couple have absolutely NO REASON to be together.

Second, I saw Christopher Nolan’s INTERSTELLER, but as the plane was landing in 90 minutes, I decided to watch only the last 90 minutes if the movie.

Honestly, that was a very satisfying film. Without all the crap at the beginning with Coop on the farm with Murphy, I could apply a much more natural and dramatic motivation to the movie.


All the reviews I’ve seen have said that after the premiere (the only one Carter wrote), it’s much better than the last few seasons.


The mythology stuff is now something I think I can ignore. I still like the characters and a few new stories of them investigating weird events is welcome.

I’ll try the first episode, if it’s as bad as people say then I’ll end up skimming it, and filling in any gaps from Wiki.


There is a “reveal” at the end that I think is supposed to be shocking but just makes you roll your eyes.


I liked that first episode of X-Files better than all of whatever the hell that was last season. Lots of Mulder looking like the last ten seconds of desperation before one fills one’s trousers - only way to 'splain all that driving around. We’re going to find out it was the Russians, all along.


I finally realised what Kevin Eldon playing a hypnotist reminded me of.


Saw The Shape of Water this afternoon. I fear that Michael Shannon is forever typecast as intense, maniacal individuals. Protagonist or antagonist, or somewhere in between, all his characters are the same.


Have you seen Loving? Only a small part for him, but very different.