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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’ve finally just sat down and watched Logan.

I don’t need to say much other than I enjoyed it. A good way to send off Jackman and Stewart. I’d put it off for a while. Considered getting it on blue-ray but held off till it released on Sky/Now TV was worth that wait!


Any y’all watch VICE News on HBO? It seems to have replaced network for me, most nights.


I do like the HBO show, but I’m concerned about the sexual harassment allegations against the company, including accusations against Jason Mojica.


For me the problem with Rogue One was not the visuals (it looked fantastic) but the the storyline.

It felt like a pointless movie as we already know what happens, therefore it had zero dramatic effect.

I think the best I can say about it is that it looked cool, but its sapped a lot of my energy for the series - I’ve still not seen lLast Jedi yet despite the fact the I think TFA was an excellent Star Wars movie.


The 80s saw the continuation of disco, the real birth of rap/hip hop, the electronic movement both in new wave and pop but also house, techno, the seeds of jungle/breakbeat, the proper growth of UK and US heavy metal scenes, the start of Madvhester and all associated sub genres etc etc

Anyone who says the 80s was a bad era for music is an arsehole who doesn’t know what they are taking about.

Creatively there’s never been a better decade for music

If people want to look at bad musical decades the past 17 or so years is where they want to be focussing.


I dunno, I’d put the best period somewhere in between 85 to 95, rather than whole decades.


Personally I’d have to go for the 1690s for the invention of the piano.


I’d agree that 85 to 95 is a better period

It was certainly the best period for dance music, metal and the evolution of hip hop - plus the last real ‘scenes’ took place in that era.

We’ve not had much to shout about since the grunge era and PlayStation era of clubbing

However if I was to pick a decade as we know it, the 80s saw an explosion of genres that the 90s were built in and everything else has stolen from since

It’s an old man thing but modern music is rubbish, we’ve hit saturation point where there’s nothing new or exciting going on and I think that will always be the case now


That’s not a deal-breaker for me - we still feel tense about James Bond action scenes even though we know he’s not going to die. We know the Avengers will save the world. Even in low stakes stories, the goodies win 99% of the time.

A great decade for pop - not much else. The 60s surely have it beat. The 90s too.


And in Rogue One, we didn’t even know whether the characters would survive or not, as none of the leads (and very few of the supporting cast) are characters that we had seen before in the Star Wars movies set after Rogue One.

I know what Chris is saying though, there was never any chance that they wouldn’t accomplish their mission, as the plot of the original film is entirely based on them succeeding.


I think foremost is that they’re not even much in them to care about whether they do or not.
Made worse by how easily things just get dispatched in the last act.


Yeah, that’s a fair criticism. It didn’t really make us care that much either way.


Joy Division
The Smiths
Echo and The Bunnymen
The Stone Roses
REM (when they were good).
The Pixies

The foundations of indie rock came from the 80s. As well as hip-hop in recorded form and house and techno.


You don’t really believe that do you? I’m guessing you’re playing up to the first five words there. Sure there’s a lot of crap but there’s a lot of good shit too. You can say that about any era. I think the main problem nowadays is the sheer volume of music out there and you actually have to put in a bit of work to seek it out (which is a pain in the butt).


Yeah, I’ve found new stuff by the most unlikely routes, like X Ambassadors’ Unsteady via its use in Lucifer.


Are you just going ignore all the genres I listed in my post?

Metal, electro/techno, hip hop are as far removed from pop music as you will get.

Everything in the 90s was build on what started in the 80s


Yeah I believe it in terms of new sounds.

I’m not saying all modern music is bad, it’s not & I spend hours every week looking for new music.

But I do think that everything released just now sounds very like something else - which wasn’t the case right up to the 90s. Not to say I don’t enjoy some stuff.

Even genres like dubstep, bass & grime are very similar to 90s genres like ambient and trip hop that have been done before.


The introduction of electronic music was the last big shake up. From sampling to effects to drum machines and sequencing etc it changed music massively and in a direction that I get a lot of personal satisfaction from, apart from trash like EDM, which is a totally derivative form of music championed by Americans who are oblivious to the techno movement in Detroit and house movement in Chicago, drum and bass etc that led the way before most of the cunts making it were born.


I started a debate to the same effect a couple of years back. There’s loads of great new music, I rarely listen to old stuff, but yeah around the mid to late 90s they ran out of new genres.

Andrew will hate this but Britpop was the first sign, it’s 90% 60s nostalgia and made worse around the turn of the century by all the hot bands sounding exactly like 70s NY punk (my friend excitedly played the first Strokes album and one track is almost entirely a Blondie one).

Most US pop and a certain chunk of hip-hop now is using licks from early 90s British house. Skrillex is The Prodigy with a bad haircut (and their haircuts were suspect to begin with).

This could quite easily be the new single from Carly Ray Jepson.

The Music Thread

‘Gods of Egypt’, I’m watching it on my parents TV, which is set up with all the image enhancements turned on. Unfortunately.

Maybe that’s why it looks so cheesy, or maybe not?

It’s one of those films where nothing feels real, not even the small talk. The only one doing a bit better with the dialogue is Gerrard Butler, who brings it down to earth occasionally.

And the flashy robo-god effects are horrible. Really just 90’s TV level.