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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Awww yeah!
Can’t wait. And no lie, I actually do hope to see those two in the next one.


One could argue that the asthethic and the colour pallette have not aged well, but from a technical perspective Akira remains one of the high points for cel animation. There’s an exceptional level of attention to detail, and there are so many amazing little touches - for example they recorded the character dialogue early in the produciton process, and filmed the actors as they worked. The mouth movements of the actors was incorporated into the final animation to make the characters look more natural as they spoke and time the mouth animation to the dialogue. Normally in animation dialogue is recorded close to the end of production using complete or almost completed animation as a guideline for the actors’ performances.


Hah! They made a Shadowrun joke! That’s a neat nod.

Also, “Brighter” wouldn’t be a bad title.


As well as Alien Nation.
It’s a good thing to know that they have their feet on the ground and having fun with their own take on a time worn conceit.

Brighter would be a good title.


News Room was brilliant to watch, it was strong on the not looking at your phone aspect while it was on. I can definitely see how it can be enjoyed as an audio play, but there were a lot of major story beats shown rather than told when it came to elements like getting news ready to air, the behind the scenes aspect shone well and the main hub of the newsroom was brilliant and bustling. The afterwork bar scenes were a little Ally McBeal and some of the on location stuff was very by the numbers but I felt alot of it had an almost classic movie style of how it rolled out it’s narration within the newsroom itself.

What’s really worthwhile here are Daniels and Watersons performances, and to some extent, Fonda’s. Daniels himself excels and is incredibly watchable. He makes McAvoy a character it’s difficult to look away from even if he’s simply sitting around his apartment. It’s a shade away from overcooked and that’s what makes him so visually imposing - you feel what the staff feel when he enters a room or meeting.

In a perfect world The Newsroom would have run for ten seasons and everyone would get the things it tries to say. We don’t though, and I can understand why it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it’s heart warming, hopeful, interesting and entertaining, but could very easily be construed as smaltzy, preachy, pointless and boring depending on your personal world view.




Finally watched Rogue One last night. I enjoyed but wasn’t wowed by TFA and haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet. The fact that I waited over a year to see R1 probably indicates that my expectations were low, and that might have played into me enjoying it as much as I did.

I loved it, though will admit for the first 15 minutes or so I was very worried on account of switching between 4 or 5 different planets in rapid succession; it felt a bit like reading a guidebook instead of following a story but it quickly improved to the point that I liked all of the characters and was sad at all their deaths.

It didn’t feel too long at all, the varied settings were pretty as were the building/costume designs and creatures. I do feel they could have shied away from showing Tarkin as much as they did since he really looked like a cartoon (show those scenes from further away, in shadow, whatever).

Apart from that though, it still a 2 thumbs-up film.


I was really surprised by the polarized reaction it got. It had some issues (mainly thin characterization) but overall I thought it was very well executed, especially the visuals. The Darth Vader bit at the end is next level.


I didn’t mind the visuals at all, and the Darth Vader bit at the end is the best prequel integration that any of the Disney movies have done…but the thin characterization really hurt a movie that is putting the characters at the forefront.

Definitely knocked entire points off.


For me the themes rise above the characters. More rounded characters would have made for a bigger emotional impact, but at the same time I feel we got enough for there to be an emotional impact and solid follow through on the themes. They’re themes you wouldn’t expect in Star Wars which is a big part of why they worked so well for me.

I just can’t believe that James Earl Jones only has a few years left in him and Disney isn’t charging through with a Darth Vader solo movie. A condensed version of Gillen’s run with visuals and gravitas as intense as Rogue One’s could make for a classic.


Finally got around to finishing Season 2 of The Girlfriend Experience. For this season, they split it between two independent 7-part stories (Erica/Anna and Bria).

Both stories were again visually impressive and a fantastic use of sound instead of musical cues. (Very David Lynch)

Unfortunately, the stories weren’t that compelling and the endings were very unsatisfying. In the case of Bria’s story, you had a general idea for the direction of the ending from the very first episode. Erica/Anna’s story seemed pretty unfocused. Based on the story and certain elements, you could tell which story was written and directed by a man and which by a woman.

I really enjoyed the first season as it was very compelling. The wife and I ended up binging it last year which we rarely do together with a series.

If there is a Season 3, I hope it only has only one story as I think that will help keep it focused.


I can’t bring myself to finish season 2. Neither story or the main characters compel me to want to watch more. It just seems more…cold, and the sex scenes seem more gratuitous and just there to make sure people are awake. Riley Keough was really great in season 1. And while I get that her story took it’s logical end, I wouldn’t be mad if they revisited her for a season 3 - her “back-home” episode was nice, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her whenever she was on the screen.


I put on a random episode of the Venture Bros and did not regret it. This scene, which I had forgotten, had me in stitches.

(Like most of the show’s humor, it works best if you not only get the references but know all the characters.)


Yer a bum, Ruck!


‘Death in Paradise’, the BBC detective show set on a fictional carribean island.

I don’t watch it anymore, but my parents do, and I hadn’t realised they’d changed lead actors again! Ardal O’Hanlon is the latest, quirky, white guy solving crimes.

As with the previous leads, he’s living in a beach shack which he sort of shares with a small lizard. The lizard doesn’t actually solve any crimes though, which is a missed opportunity.

The lizard is also CG now, which is either a testament to the low cost of CG these days, or the high cost of real lizards.


Or perhaps lizards are just total divas and not worth the hassle.


The Greatest Showman is essentially 50:50 cheese and saccharine, it plays it WAAAAAAY too safe … but it’s basically an X-Men story in the 19th Century with cheesy song-and-dance numbers (and a point where Hugh Jackman woos Zac Efron in song), so I came out with a big grin plastered across my face.


And that there is a win when it comes to entertainment.


We’re taking down the Xmas tree and watching BBC 4 which has a bunch of mid 80s Top of the Pops performances on. I don’t know why the 80s get such a hard time musically because there were some great tunes from then.


'80’s were schizy for me - working a lot (that was era of double shifts, working three departments, and never going home on holiday weekends). Music was at the bar on the jukebox the few nights I went. Disco started the era, and that repelled me (more the disco “scene” which was spreading). Was more into outlaw country, and missed the good stuff that was going on. Still catching up!