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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’ve mostly avoided the Ghibli stuff over all of these years, which is strange as a fan of animated movies, but now I’m catching up on them in a big way. Laputa might be my favourite so far but Princess Mononoke was great! It looks like such an influence on Breath of the Wild too.


Mononoke and Laputa/Castle in the Sky are my favorites by him, but I’ve yet to see one I haven’t liked. He’s a master.


This season ended on a huge cliffhanger. There are lots of places for them to go. We have no idea what Claudia’s endgame is, for example.

My thoughts on the show: Perhaps the best time travel story ever? I mean, I like Twin Peaks better but time travel is just an element there, not the focus.

This has been an amazing year for TV. Shorter seasons are helping elevate the medium for drama (it’s pretty much always been on top for comedy).


Yeah, there’s a lot of things we can see - but the main conceit that everything is part of a stable, punishingly so, time loop takes the wind out of the sails for me since there’s really less we can see in terms of overall conflict and rather just filling in the blanks Season 1 left open.

The various endgames especially, since everything is destined to fail.

And yeah, the best long form time travel story. Felt like someone took IT and mashed it with Primer.


That’s what I assumed the show was from the get-go and it was still compelling. It’s about how the characters try to rationalize things. And there may be more than meets the eye–Claudia seems like she might know things not even Noah does.


I enjoyed watching it unfold and seeing the characters react to how the various shoes drop. But I wonder what they could do in a second season that doesn’t negate that central conceit in some way. It puts everything on a track so the overall plot trajectory is a tricky thing to balance the next time around. We’ve seen most of the gamut and following Jonas from point A to point B is my fear.

Although I will tune in to see if Aleksander and Regina survived being at ground zero or if someone finally takes Hannah out


I know it’s post-apocalyptic, but would a couple of jokes have killed them? It wouldn’t have been the end of the world.


There were jokes! Like the whole sequence in the police station?


Sorry, I meant good jokes.


your opinion is bad and you should feel bad.



(I will admit that the dub might have stepped on the quality of the jokes.)


There’s two dubbed versions out there - if Kaneda sounded like Leonardo from the Ninja Turtles, that’s the Streamline Pictures dub, which is pretty shit. The Geonon dub from about 10 years ago is much better, but still misses out on a lot of the nuance in the Japanese script.


I think it was the newer dub. I didn’t recognise the guy voicing Kaneda and I can usually spot Cam Clarke pretty easily.


I like both dubs. The original has a charm to it in its bluntness and hammy factor.


Maybe, but the Streamline Dub forgets to adequately explain the plot.


Definitely. Still by the time Kaneda is riding around with the giant gun I was usually in the zone.


Shit, I forgot to say, Mrs Hoag is in this film! Which automatically makes it the best MCU entry yet


I’m hoping Tyne Daly makes another appearance in the MCU; better yet, a Damage Control feature film!


I saw it on a cinema screen last year and thought that it hadn’t been dulled by 30 years of progress. Admittedly I don’t watch a lot of animation these days, but I can’t think of anything I would point to and say, “That’s improved since the days of Akira”.