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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


It’s not bad. The framing device with Idris Elba is mostly just conversations in his office, but the poker scenes have a good deal going on visually that you probably need to pay attention to.

There’s also a bit of skiing stuff at the start that looks nice, but that’s pretty much just a pre-credits thing.


Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2

So, this was a bit of a mess, wasn’t it? Like, there so much to love - the interpersonal relationships between the Guardians, the core of the plot with Ego, the funeral, but there was so much flab on that movie which dragged it down. The Sovereign were amusing at first, but their constant return felt like the cinematic equivalent of the name “The Be Sharps” - amusing at first, but more tiresome every subsequent time you hear it. And the whole bit with the Ravagers in the middle was a total mess - these guys have been set up basically as space redneck criminals, a little bit goofy. But all of a sudden they’re spacing their comrades when they mutiny, and then they’re sleeping sucking their thumbs or with teddy bears, and then Yondu and Rocket are slaughtering them to 70’s rock tunes. It’s a series of tonal whiplashes that drag the whole movie down, and there are so many other ways to get Yondu to the team that put him and Rocket in an introspective place, it feels totally unnecessary.

I get the feeling that the movie could have done with a bit more time in pre-production working on the script and plot, and maybe working on the colour palette? Because space isn’t as dark and colourless as it’s often portrayed, but damn that looked like an explosion in a glitter factory.

And wait a minute - was that Sylvester Stallone? Playing Starhawk?


Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after all this time that the parts you liked I hated and viceversa, but at least we agree that it’s a mess… so yay? :smile:


Yes. Yes, it was.


That part didn’t work for me either. Too much murdery psychopath going on suddenly.


Just finished marathoning Dark on Netflix, and I have to say…it was both so enjoyable yet soul crushingly depressing at the same time. I had laughs, smiles, and excitement - but the overall stretch of the season and storyline was…well, the name of the series is pretty accurate.

I have to wonder why announce a second season though. I’ll watch it, but I don’t know where they could go.


I’m watching The Toys That Made Us at the moment. Two episodes in and even though they’ve been on lines I have no interest in (Star Wars and Barbie) they’ve both been quite engaging. The Barbie one was especially fascinating. I do wonder if the narrator is deliberately trying to sound like a cut-price Patton Oswalt though.

Oh and I still don’t buy the “Star Wars figures will be this big” myth given the Kenner exec magically managed to spread his fingers to the exact same size scale as Micronauts, which were just out and doing well at the time.


And finally Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This was fun. Everything up until Peter sneaks home and finds Ned sitting on his bed is pretty much perfect, like, the best Spider-Man anything on screen. And yeah, the movie has a lot of problems - While Spidey is focused on the arms dealers the whole way through, it’s really a movie about him, and a movie about Toomes until they meet right before the BIG ACTION FINALE. That meeting is electrifying in all the best ways, but I can’t help but think it would have worked better maybe 15-20 minutes earlier in the movie, so Peter is trying to balance his burgeoning relationship with Liz vs being scared shitless her Dad is going to find out who he is.

But yeah, Tom Holland was one of Civil War’s brightest spots, and lives up to the promise shown there. Even though this movie had structural problems and leaned a bit too much into the MCU like it was desperate to fit in despite being a Sony production, I was grinning all the way through. Not a great movie, but a highly enjoyable one.


Except in London they would have got EDS to build the machine and it would have run six years and thirteen billion over budget and never worked right even then.


Episode 3 of The Orville (the one with the baby).

This was probably as good an episode of Star Trek as there has ever been.


Yes, that episode is a definite highlight and I thought it was pretty tactful.
Especially since it’s dealing with alien cultures.


Yes, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Orville. I’m not a Star Trek fan particularly, but this mixes in enough humour and real world sensibilities to make that concept palatable for me.


Started watching the new Netflix french drama “the Frozen Dead” or “Glacé” in french and oh boy… The acting and dialogues are SO attrocious that I don’t think I can go beyond one episode =/

I’m gonna try watching the 2nd episode with the english dub, maybe it won’t be as horrible, but since I speak french, I went ahead and watched it in french and it’s reaaaally bad =/


Inside No 9 came back tonight with a fun episode, styled as a modern farce and largely told in iambic pentameter. It was a very clever script, densely plotted, and performed well by some great guest-stars (not least The Actor Kevin Eldon!).


I forgot that was tonight !

I think I’ve recorded it



This was on SyFy at 1am Christmas morning for some reason. I recorded it and gave it a go tonight.

I lasted an hour before throwing in the towel. It really didn’t grab me at all. I just found it pretty dull. Impressive animation, yes (though naturally dulled by thirty years of progress), but I didn’t care anything about the story crawling along before me.


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Man, Akira is like my animation sweet spot. I don’t think it’s dulled at all. Advancements in 2D animation haven’t done a whole lot for me compared to Akira, GITS, 80s/90s Miyazaki, Ninja Scroll, and a few others. Which isn’t to say the medium has devolved–just not progressed in terms of how much enjoyment I get out of it.

I do kinda hate when 3D is mixed into 2D animation, though. If they’re very good at making it look 2D, like say Rick & Morty or Bob’s Burgers, then I don’t mind. But when it’s showy it takes me right out (the newest Berserk movies, for example–although the story’s so great I still like the one I’ve seen).