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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’m watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It’s very New York…which I appreciate, and just like with Mad Men I see how beatniks are truly horrible blights to society.


I heard a thing once about how Kerouac, who helped inspire the Beat movement, hated beatniks.


On The Road is meant to be about how awful that lifestyle is, it’s just lots of people didn’t get that.


Yeah he also wrote it years after his experiences.


That and they’re annoying.


My kids were lucky today, school was cancelled because of a burst water tank near their classrooms so we went to see Paddington 2. Reviews? 5 stars all round. It’s brilliant, even better than the last one.

The mid/post credits scene may be the greatest one ever in cinema. I can’t think of any better and it had the audience in stitches. Hugh Grant will have a second career now he’s older as a properly comedic character actor, he’s brilliant in it.


I also took them to Coco a couple of days back. It’s really good, a big return to form for Pixar and the animation is truly spectacular, some frames were so detailed I don’t know why these things don’t take 20 years to make, the magic of computers. Not as good as Paddington 2 though but still great, it’s a high bar.

I thought the Frozen short (or as Romesh Ranganathan put it ‘fucking long’) was rubbish but my 9 year old daughter walked over and said she loved it so what the hell do I know? :smile:


He said years ago that he liked playing villains. He’s played a few baddies but got typecast as the bumbling good guy for much of his career.


He is much better as the villain. I agree with him. This is his best yet.


He has the Russell T. Davies mini-series about Jeremy Thorpe coming up next year, which should be a good darker role for him.


Finished Vice Principals

I’m going to really miss this cast and these characters

Walter Goggins was an absolute revelation

I hope whatever McBride, Hill & Green do next they can rope Goggins in too - along with some of the others.

Tremendous show


The finale was fantastic. Goggin’s theory board was so packed full of amazing gags. My favorite being the bulletpoint list for Dayshawn - ‘‘Black guy. Remember, he’s a black guy. Might have criminal friends? Trained to kill. Nature vs. Nurture’’

But yeah, well honed two seasons and satisfying to say the least.


Haha yeah there’s a few gags that are crammed in that would merit repeat viewing

I don’t really buy DVDs any more but I will be picking this up


I loved seeing Stevie from Eastbound & Down in the last episode!


Binge watched an old (1992) series of Maigret starring Michael Gambon (Dumbledore) on Now TV.

Two series, both 6 episodes.

First series was great. True to Simenon’s books. It was played with an emphasis on police procedure and plot cohesion with intelligent underlings and delivered in an under played directorial style which evoked that laconic nature of the French we all love. In fact, almost prescient of the Nordic Noir/Old Taggert genre.

However, the second series was unwatchable, faster paced, lack of police procedures, more ‘anglicised’ (i.e more like a contemporary British based cop show) with inappropriate and annoying background music including an excruciating whistle.

Maybe it was too much ahead of its time and not enough of the audience ‘got it’, whatever, anyway the second series is mince (Scottish term).

Recommend series 1 and pass on series 2 unless you feel intrigued enough to see what I am talking about.


That was a brilliant touch


The Holiday is ridiculous. I can’t tell if it’s bad acting, bad script, or bad directing, but Cameron Diaz is laughably bad in this.


Well I thought Vikings might go lame without Ragnar, but damn, Ivar more than makes up for him… They’ve done a great job. I just wish they’d show more of Bjorn since I really enjoy him… both him and Ivar are like the 2 interesting brothers. Ubbe is just a lame Bjorn wannabe, and Svitserk or whatever is just a face there.

But anyways, the rest of the cast remains great. I do really miss Ragnar though.


Ubbe is great - he’s the smartest of the brothers and is the only one thinking big picture. Ivars leading this whole army to their doom. He’s a great actor though. I love how each son has different aspects of Ragnar. Ivars got a bit too much Rollo in him too.


Yeah of course, I’m talking about the actors, not the characters… Ubbe serves the purpose of the even-headed brother… because Bjorn is more interested in discovering new lands, so he’s not there to try and stop Ivar… but in the end, he’s a bit too bland. The other brothers were worse though =/

Also, to be fair though, Ivar was right, if only by chance… he had no way of knowing the english armies would be led by someone as crazy and fanatical as he is, but still…