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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Yeah, honestly, only Willie is funny in the whole movie. The rest is pretty schlocky.


Godless is outstanding.


I watched Interstallar last night. It’s weird seeing a movie try so hard to be scientific when it’s clear a bunch of old guff. Some nice direction in it but I really wish they’d put the effort into a movie with a different more coherent story.

Watched some of the new season of Curb too. Magnificent as ever. It’s almost too easy for Larry David.


It really felt like a new-age book where the writer’s read a few issues of New Scientist and maybe a primer on Astrophysics but didn’t get everything. So you’ve got a lot of plausible stuff nestled in against some real WTFfery - like the time dilation near black holes is legit, but the effort it takes to get into space from Earth is never replicated when they’re landing on the worlds they explore. And the final sequence is trying way too hard to be 2001.

But on the bright side of things, it shows that a Hollywood audience will accept a story with hard SF concepts like time dilation, which means that there’s one less hurdle to the long-delayed adaptation of The Forever War.


I haven’t watched any of the new season yet. Is it finished? I’m planning to watch them (and Veep season 6) over Christmas if I get the chance.


Just finished - I’ll watch the last episode tonight. There’s so many great moments packed into each episode I just don’t know how he does it. It’s genius at work.


Yeah, it’s an amazing show. Brilliantly constructed. I might have to dip into season 9 tonight if it’s all done now.


I watched Lynne Ramsay’s Ratcatcher, which was good, but was the first time I’ve ever had to turn on subtitles to understand the dialogue in an English-language movie.


Two episodes in. Still great.


So, fare thee well, Officer Simmons, on your trip to Hell

Bye bye to an absolute shitbag getting one of the most just deserts I’ve seen in ages. Excellent stuff.

Loved the sequence with Reese and Quinn too.

Finally, this ep gave answer to the Q of what happens when Reese goes nuts - a whole lot of very bad things happen to very bad people.


Saw the season 1 finale of Lucifer. From my low starting expectations, the whole season has been really enjoyable. This version of Lucifer turned out great, and with a lot more complexity to his character than the first episode suggested. Maybe complex is the wrong word… he’s actually very simple and has very rigid motivations, but it takes a while to understand that. Once you understand him, you appreciate how cleverly written he is.

Looking forward to season 2 now. I’m not sure when it’s scheduled to be shown, but I gather we’re a lot behind in the UK.


It airs the day after the US, but only on Amazon Prime. I don’t know if/when FOX will show S2 on TV.

You could also buy S2 on DVD:


Season 2 introduces Ella, the Forensic Tech, who is a great addition to the cast. After Lucifer, she is my favorite.


I agree with Episode 2 of Runaways. I just signed up with Hulu to watch it. While searching Hulu, I found an old show I used to love.

Before Rory from Legends of Tomorrow lost all his hair and Lincoln from Prison Break was incarcerated, There was John, the Amnesiac who knew everything.

John Doe - this was blast from past. The main character was a human google except he knew nothing at all about himself. It was a procedural but the mythology about his condition was fascinating. he found out a mysterious corporation was involved in how he came to be the way he was. Another interesting side plot was his attempts to learn more about his tastes and preferences and his visual condition(he saw everything in black and white except for rare people and objects.
The cast was great as well. besides Purcell, there was William Forsythe and Sprague Grayden as his friends and Jayne Brook and John Marshall Jones as the cops.
Other reason why this show stuck with me was it may have been the first time I dealt with a unresolved cliffhanger. Since I recently just had to deal with the Dark Matter cliffhanger, I thought it was intriguing to revisit a previous cliffhanger.


I loved John Doe when it originally air, though the season/series finale was a bit of turd.


Add me to the John Doe fan club. Great show, really worked far better than I thought it was going to. A real shame it was stopped so early.


I think John Doe was the first show that had really enraptured me with the theoretical nature of the story, the same way LOST would do for others way later. And I was barely into my tweens at that point. Was saddened it was cancelled.


Episodes of Beast King GoLion, best known as Voltron, on YouTube.


Watching youtube clips of Louis CK. Man I miss him.


Ella is a lot of fun and you haven’t spoiled the best part for David.

I’m letting the S3 eps rack up before going back to it.

Excellent. Come to the dark side, it has a night club.

S2 is far, far better than S1.