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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


As I’ve said before, the trailers and promo materials before the series started were terrible. They really did a poor job selling the series.

The actors have good chemistry with each other and the powers are kept to reasonable levels. The story has moved forward at a good pace.

It takes itself just the right amount of serious without the jokeyness of other series and more often than not, the humor has a true gallows feel to it.

It is a lot better than I expected it to be.


Ruanways is very good…

Also, the new german series DARK on Netflix is great. Like REALLY good… except for the very last episode 'cause they’re clearly setting up the next season and it falls appart a bit, but other than that, yeah, great.


Unless it’s “RIverale”, I can’t be bothered to watch shows about overly gorgeous people and their problems.

I’ve been really into catching up on “Search Party” recently. I was in a test group for the show about a year before it came out. We were all corralled into like minded groups (men in our 30’s who had the same interest in television) and watched the pilot. We were given a little dial that we were instructed to move depending on what we liked about the episode - parts that were boring we moved it lower, parts we found entertaining we moved it up. From there we were wittled down from about 75 to a group of 30 and asked specific questions about characters, storylines, costumes, etc. I made it to the final focus group of about 8 guys.We met with a studio rep who asked us what network this show should be on. We all said “HBO, Netflix, FX, etc” and then he said “Would you be surprised if I told you it was on TBS?” The way we reacted I’m sure the people observing us behind the one way glass were furiously scribbling notes.

It was a pretty cool experience, and I made 100 bucks, to boot!


On that note, anyone know how, where or when UK viewers can watch it?


I definitely agree with this, and was growning when episode 2 started. The show is really good though, and feels fresh with regards to a comic book show, which is nice. The cast is great. It does, however continue to be rather slow, but the cast of kids is piquing my interest and keeping me going.


So weird for good TV to come out of Germany. Like, international standards good. I am firmly rooted in my opinion that all German TV is crap, and now I may have to re-evaluate that… I am not sure if this is a world I want to live in.


Rationalize it by saying it’s Netflix, not real German tv.


Some Dutch tv is good. :slight_smile: Just watched a Dutch series about people in the old folks home. It was very well done and touching and brutally honest, while also being very funny.


It’s probably the first german series ever I’ve watched, so I can’t really judge… but Dark is really top notch stuff.


I saw and liked Das Boot on the TV mini series version. That was 32 years ago though it seems, not a rapid hit rate. :smile:


Well, when you drive all your best entertainers and filmmakers out of the continent, it takes a while to build it back up.

I mean, 90% if the golden age of Hollywood was made up of Germans, right?


We watched S1 of Fargo over the past two weekends - wife has already watched all three seasons but it was a first for me. Great performances and an interesting enough story, though the end is a little bit underwhelming. Is it a problem that I found Martin Freeman’s Lester sympathetic? Oh and there was one plot-line that seemed superfluous (the supermarket guy that ties it all back to the Fargo film).

Also watched the Hulu documentary Becoming Bond about George Lazenby - what an amazing story told in a brilliantly entertaining way - it’s a mix of on-camera interview with George narrating his life, interspersed with re-enactments. I teared up a few times, and laughed too. Just really well done stuff.


Unless most film makers in Germany are over the age of 85 they should have recovered from that by now. :smile:


Deutschland 83 from a few years ago is worth a watch.


It is. I think it went off the boil a bit at times, the central story is compelling but some of the side stories, while they illuminated the 80’s world the characters inhabit, they lack the same sort of drive.

But it’s worth watching, no doubt.


Cut Germany some slack. They co-produced this:

I’d say they’ve won the right to kick back and coast on that success for a while.


The guy in the middle…



Yeah, that was a bit of a tough break there. Two, really, because the nazis also had really good filmmakers who obviously were out of work afterwards.

Fun fact: nazi filmmaker Veith Harlan’s niece went on to marry Stanley Kubrick. What a world!


WOLFCOP is on Hulu and it is pretty stupid and seriously hurt by having no money, but there are plenty of really funny moments.

By far, Jonathan Cherry as the main character’s looney best friend is the standout. He has all the best lines and delivers the most in character performance.

[After Wolfcop Lou’s rampage tearing apart a group of masked convenience store robbers…]

“Hey, Lou! Don’t forget to murder somebody on the way back to the car! Damn, man, this is supposed to be low profile, remember?!”


It’s also a movie that thinks it’s far funnier than it actually is.