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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Well, check out the trailer for Bamboozled and you have pretty much all the concept has to offer in a minute and a half format. Not a bad premise but Lee just didn’t know how to make it into a movie without stuffing it full of his blunt silliness that drags on.


The movie also looked extremely low budget. Visually, it looked bad.

The story wasn’t good either.


I went to school with one of the kids from Crooklyn.


Well, the acting in Crooklyn was good!


Never read a word or seen a second of anything Harry Potter related…Starting to watch the first movie now.


'nother dang muggle…




Lee is a very good director, and his career has been one where he’s allowed to take risks. Some of those risks don’t work out, that’s why they’re risky.

‘Inside Man’ IS totally mainstream, it’s not risky, hence it’s success. It’s a talented director and cast playing the game, straight down the middle.

Lee is an artist who needs to push boundaries and buttons, but I would like to see him do more mainstream movies too.


While GHOULIES is a boring, terrible 80’s horror movie, it is also extremely strange with references to actual magickal rituals and entities from the Goetia.

I could see this being better in a remake.


Over Thanksgiving my family and I watched some old movies. First we watched The Brood, which was my suggestion. I talked it about here sometime last year. I love it; it’s very much a B-movie but it’s possibly Cronenberg’s most disturbing use of body horror, and the climax is nail-bitingly tense.

Next we watched Vertigo, which my sister and I hadn’t seen before. It’s now my favorite Hitchcock after Rear Window. I love the weird psychosexual stuff going on just below the surface, and how it’s about a man losing his mind because he’s in love with an illusion he can’t have and which never existed in the first place. The trippy fever dream part is awesome and is a lot more daring and visually striking than many similar scenes in more recent films. It’s clear why this is a favorite of my favorite director, David Lynch. (For fellow Twin Peaks fans, he got the names for Maddie Ferguson, Judy, and Sarah Palmer’s maiden name (“Novak”) from this film, and his movies often feature blonde and brunette female doppelgangers.)

The last movie we watched was Sweet Smell of Success, a black and white 50s noir. It’s in my Dad’s Top 5; he calls it the most cynical movie ever made. After seeing it myself I think there’s a strong case for that. The movie stars Burt Lancaster (in what my Dad says is his best role) and Tony Curtis. Curtis plays a sleazy press agent who feeds info to Lancaster’s gossip column, which is so widely read that he wields influence in Washington. Lancaster hires Curtis to break up his younger sister’s relationship with her fiance because he can’t stand to lose her. They live together and Lancaster is able to control her every move, but her fiance threatens that. The movie follows Curtis and Lancaster as they pile lie upon lie to manipulate and undermine this innocent young woman. It’s tough to watch but you can’t look away because of how brilliant the film is on every level: acting, writing, directing, cinematography, humor, theme, mood, rapid-fire hardboiled dialogue, etc, etc.

Lancaster’s portrayal of the columnist, J.J. Hunsecker, is a truly incredible performance, one of the best I’ve ever seen. He looks and carries himself like a military man, and every word he says and every movement he makes carries intimidating but also seductive power. Hunsecker is a man who can read a room in an instant and control it in two, and while you’re watching Lancaster you don’t doubt for a second that a newspaper columnist could have senators and businessmen groveling at his feet.

Highly, highly recommended. For Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fans, I read that it’s Vince Gilligan’s favorite film.


In our household we have regular debates about whether Vertigo or Rear Window is the best Hitchcock film. It’s a really tough call.


So, I finally found the time to watch Return to Nuke 'Em High Volume 1, and I have to say…what a disappointment. The reason why is that it actually has a lot of potential. It starts with a great corny tone and introductions. There’s even a small plot point from the first movie that comes back. And then it all just sorta…stops. The rest of the movie after the first 30 minutes it basically just filler.

Something that became very much apparent given that at the very end it starts rehashing plot beats from the first movie and I realize that Volume 1 just means “first half of the first movie stretched to 1 hour and 30 minutes”. Damn. Could have been good. Well, Troma good.


You can blame Tarantino for that. He’s the one who suggested to Kaufman that there was enough material to break it into two films.


There probably actually was. The movie has…“flow” for the most part but the scenes are just pointless. Kaufman has had a history of over-shooting movies. Adding in bits and sometimes entire set-pieces that then have to be chopped off because, well, they’d make the movie long as hell.

I’d have cut off all of the singing.


Great film. Fantastic performances all around.


I think Clifford Odets wrote a lot of the dialogue and Ernest Lehman the story of the screenplay. Two great writers.

Barton Fink was very loosely based on Odets, and one might say that that movie (and maybe every movie the Coen Brothers ever made) takes place in the same cynical, nihilistic world of Sweet Smell of Success.


The Gifted 1.8: I love this show. It feels like an X-Men comic book. It has the action and soap opera like you would find during Chris Claremont’s original run. I’ve said this before but I like how the series has the mutants working together using their powers in fights.

This episode had some very juicy revelations and wonderful ties to X-Men lore.


I’ve been looking for a reason to check this out. Thanks!

Anyone watch RUNAWAYS? I’m still on the fence about dedicating any time to it.


I’ve only had time to watch the first episode. It was a bit slow and they definitely changed a decent amount up, but the kids all look the parts, at least (other than Molly, I guess, but whatever). I haven’t been in any hurry to watch more, but that’s just because only the first 3 episodes were available at the time. I did like the look and feel of the show from the first episode, at least.



The 2nd episode takes ALLLL the momentum out of the pilot. Really bad choice and direction for a follow up. Haven’t gotten to the 3rd episode yet.