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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


You may have sold me on Baby Driver, which I’d pretty much ignored.

But WW was really good - some of the early Amazon stuff was annoying but I loved Pine in it, I loved the war setting, and was blown away by Gadot. The action sequences were well done, though it did fall into the superhero movie trap of a boring CGI end-boss fight. But that wasn’t enough to drag it down too much - 4/5.


Baby Driver was pretty incredible.


I teased Chris earlier about Wonder Woman but I understand his train of thought. It wasn’t a very innovative movie, kind of cookie cutter superhero origin. And the villain’s plot was ludicrous. “I am going to let the warring parties sign a peace treaty - SO THAT THERE WILL BE A PEACE TREATY THAT WILL BE DIFFICULT TO MAINTAIN AND COULD FALL APART!! AHAHAHAHAH etc.”

Ga Gadot was cool though.


I need to rewatch WW because I forget it sounding this amazing hahah


I loved it. Just an endlessly cool viewing experience anchored by the strong dynamic between Manji and Rin. I need to watch more Miike, only seen this, Audition, 13 Assassins, and Ichi the Killer.


Yeah, I’ve only seen a handful of his films, and considering he’s done 100, that leaves a lot to catch up on.
Yakuza Apocalypse is one that I’m pretty fond of. It’s absolutely nuts, and completely lives up to its title.
On the opposite end of the scale is his Hara-Kiri remake, which is a stately period drama, with lots of slow, deliberate camerawork. No real schlock or madness there, it just commits to its story (he filmed this one in 3D, which sounds great, but I think is impossible to find).


The title was a massive turn-off, and lack of star-power. But I’ll likely seek it out on cable.


I would keep expectations in check for Baby Driver, especially if you’re already familiar with Edgar Wright’s previous movies and TV work. There’s some wonderful, fun stuff done with music here, and there are lots of enjoyable smaller moments, but I found the story as a whole surprisingly conventional, and it all ended up feeling a bit less than the sum of its parts for me. It’s a fun film but I think I maybe went in with too-high expectations.


Yeah, that would describe my experience watching the film.


Huh, so I just watched Valerian and maaaan, now I’m sad it tanked. It’s a great movie!!! I don’t know why people panned it that much =(

Okay sure the leads weren’t the most charismatic, but they were actually fine. The story was pretty good in a very classical sci-fi way (which is only normal considering what it’s adapted from), and the whole “universe buidling” and the accompanying visual are incredibly excellent.

Edit: Oh also, best movie intro ever =P

Imo, this was waaaay better than SW (new ones at the very least) and Avatar, yet those two made billions… people are weird. The worst part is after that massive tank, there’s no hope of a second one.

Not a great year for pure sci-fi it seems, first Ghost in the Shell, and amazing movie as well, and then this one tanked… I think Blade Runner didn’t do too good at the BO either (haven’t seen it though). Pfff what a shame. Meanwhile Fast & Furious is making obscene amounts of money. Oh humanity… :smile:


Yeah I wasn’t overly impressed by it, and I wasn’t even hyped. It’s a good movie for sure, but I’ve enjoyed Wright’s other movies a lot more. BD felt rather “by the numbers”.


Yep, very well made, but it’s just a vehicle (pun intended) for lots of fun car choreography.


Future Man drifts between intensely hilarious and gratingly raunchy far too much, but 11 episodes in and it’s been a fun ride. I just wish it had been shorter because the plot divergences and stalls do wear thin.


Sounds about right for a show that has Super Hans in it. (Minus the “gratingly”–Super Hans was never less than 100% welcome when he appeared on Peep Show.)


Just finished Future Man and I have to say…it stuck the landing. The finale was surprisingly satisfactory, and wrapped things up nicely while not adhering too much to a second season. It leaves the possibility open but serves as a good cap off to a seasonal arc. Wish that was seen more of these days.


Today’s lineup on HBO2:

Suicide Squad
BvS: DoJ
The LEGO Batman Movie
The Dark Knight
Batman: The Killing Joke

College football for nerds!


Michael Almereyda’s Marjorie Prime and Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River are available on Amazon as well.

Marjorie Prime stars Lois Smith, Jon Hamm, Geena Davis and Tim Robbins primarily and is based on a stage play. It concerns Marjorie (Smith), an 85 year old woman in the mid 21st century suffering dementia who interacts with a AI hologram of her young husband Winston (Hamm) provided to her by her middle aged daughter Tess (Davis) and son-in-law Jon (Robbins) to keep her mind active and memories present.

It is a very effective science fiction drama that is as much about the connection between memory, personality, intelligence and emotions. A lot of it is about how love depends as much on what you refuse to remember rather than what you do.

Wind River is the third entry in Sheridan’s unofficial or loosely linked “modern American frontier” saga including Sicario and Hell or High Water*. As this is his first time directing his own script, it is not as polished or effective as the others, but still keeps your attention and interest throughout.

*Personally, I think a better triple bill would be Stone’s SAVAGES and Scott’s THE COUNSELOR leading into Villenueve’s SICARIO.


With Wind River, it more seems like he doesn’t have many ideas and is just repeating himself already than any attempt to do a “saga.”


True - without any sort of striking directorial approach, it did feel a little tired and not very subtle. It still had enough scene to scene to appeal to me, though. For some reason - maybe star power or better support from the distribution and promotion - it did a little better than Hell or High Water.


Watching the 2nd season of Channel Zero, No End House

Pretty creepy stuff. This show does foreboding very well. I found Candle Cove incredibly unsettling in places