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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


You will be silent!

The timing and delivery on that was fantastic.


That is a quality I like about Bortus: He genuinely wants to fit in. He reminds me of Worf.

I think the one character who needs something is John LaMarr, the navigator. Maybe it’s actor J Lee but he just no personality. Even on the social media voting episode that featured him, he had zero presence.


Yeah, I agree, they need to give him an angle other than ‘the pilot’s buddy.’


Oh he had presence, it’s just that the entire episode was about him being a jackass who learned nothing.
Horrible episode.


Is his distinguishing feature that he drinks soda on the bridge? And is that just soda in there?


In one episode, he said he was drinking green tea.


“This whole ship is on drugs!”

Ah, home, sweet home.


Anybody else watching the bobbit carnivorous worm on Blue Planet II thinking about the Great Pit of Carkoon?


Has anyone else actually watched Travellers?

It’s like a cross between Quantum Leap and Twelve Monkeys. Was it an adaptation does anyone know?

Edit: I googled and apparently not.


Yeah I’m watching it… it’s actually quite decent, however it reminds me waaaay too much of Continuum in terms of plot. It’s almost the same thing :smile:

But it’s okay, production and acting are largely fine and the plot is interesting enough.


I really enjoyed Travellers. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s solidly entertaining.


Black Christmas - Holy shit that was a fantastic movie! Olivia Hussey as Jess Bradford is right up there with Jamie Lee Curtis and Sigourney Weaver. What a subtle, dignified performance. And the ending was perfect–one of the best in horror.


So the pendulum has swung the other way now and everyone’s LOVING “The Orville”?


I watched 3 movies travelling home from holiday yesterday - all 3 I’ve been meaning to catch for quite some time, one in particular I’ve been desperate to watch;

Beware, possible incendiary comments ahead.

Alien Covenant was great.
This will be yet another Alien movie I don’t get the hate for. I’m actually pretty angry about the audience (the critical response as very good in some places) reception to it. Possibly going to fuck up this franchise for those of us who get what Scott is trying to do.
Most of the fuckers who have commented on IMBD probably shouldn’t have fucking watched this film in the first place, they were never going to like it and the word of mouth from them killed off the box office pretty much immediately.

Even panderering and compromising to those who didn’t like (in fact, I’m going to say ‘get’ because that’s the correct term here) Prometheus, Scott has still managed to pull an intelligent, tense movie out his ass that very few other directors could get close to making even on their best day.
Sorry to those who didn’t enjoy it, but fuck y’all.

This was my most anticipated movie this year and it lived up to my expectations, I was expecting a disaster.

This was a gripping, beautiful, melancholy addition and it was wonderfully framed by the opening scene of Walter and his ‘father’ which set the tone and the philosophical themes for the rest of the movie, also supported by a haunting soundtrack which i can still hear in my mind the day after.

Still thinking about this 12 hours later, ill need to watch it again along with Prometheus. Scott got so much right here that I’m happy to gloss over a few nitpicks, my biggest complain would be showing the creature so fully and moving so fast - that didn’t feel like the right choice for a creature so closely resembling our Alien.

Baby Driver
if there was a better movie this year then I don’t think I have watched it (I’ve still not seen BR 2049).
Mind when you were a kid and you’d rent a video, watch it, rewind it, then press play again? That’s exactly how I felt after this.
Such a brilliant choice of cast, the guy who played Baby was a revelation and there was a romance here that I totally bought into which added another layer to this wonderfully effective, piece of genius.

This pushed the boundaries of sound and music in movies and Edgar Wright has again produced something utterly unique and original after doing so with Spaced, Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pligrim - the guy is incredible.

My wife started to watch this after I finished it and I found myself watching her screen for about 15 mins with no sound such was the visual ballet going on that even without the music and the sound this is an astounding peice of directing, physical acting and editing.

wonder woman
This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to watch this and the furthest I’ve got is about an hour into it.
Sorry but it’s seems there’s some agenda pulling the wool over people’s eyes on this.
Utterly fucking tedious, unremarkable and mediocre pap.
Can someone explain to me what I’m missing?

I think this would be good for kids who have not watched this done, better, in a dozen or so movies in the past 10 years or read decades worth of comics.

An hour worth of origin story that we all know that could have been fit into about 5 minutes.
I’d liken this to the first Captain America movie, which was also shite.

I’m in complete disbelief at the performance of this movie at the box office.


I think it’s more that the people not enjoying it stopped watching.


I actually understand a bit of that toward Covenant. While I enjoyed most of Prometheus. there are just these unwieldy elements in Covenant on the human side. It’s very gristly to what is, at the core, an incredibly engaging sequence of events.


Kind of crazy to think it was made by the same guy as A Christmas Story.


Did you have a nice holiday?


It was nice, thanks :grinning:

Good to get some time with family


Huh… weird that you loved Covenant and hated WW… I thought they were both pretty bland and mediocre movies (and I liked Prometheus a lot, which is why I was so underwhelmed by Covenant) :smile: