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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season



It does not.


It’s interesting to watch older movies in contemporary contexts. The movies never change but the times they are watched do. The meaning and contexts of a movie can change significantly depending on what year it is viewed.

This past weekend, I rewatched Taxi Driver. Still a great film but watching it in 2017, it takes on a whole new meaning. Travis Bickle is basically the poster boy for the alt-right men’s rights movement. He is an outsider in a world that has moved past him. He doesn’t see his actions as wrong or inappropriate, like taking Betsy to a porno. He handles her rejection poorly. He becomes a vigilante and goes after the pimp. He’s celebrated as a hero for his actions. He even has a reconciliation with Betsy at the end.

The movie is basically every MRAer’s fantasy. It reinforces their delusions. The misunderstood loner is the hero and gets the girl! Travis Bickle is actually a deeply disturbed character who basically got lucky.


Or didn’t, as the most popular alternate theory of the film goes


That theory would make it a rather more boring movie though. The unexpected reversal of fortune at the end there is a great ending.

I’ve always read it like that, though. Minus the alt-right movement, but still. Bickle is a crazy person and we expect things to go badly for him - we can see the story arc ending badly during the whole movie, like a true Greek tragedy - we just wait to see how he is destroyed. Only he isn’t, ironically.

Scorceses did something very similar in King of Comedy, by the way, and it works brilliantly there, as well. We expect Rupert to be a terrible comedian and to fail miserably; the whole movie generates that expectation - when he turns out to actually be great, that’s an incredible surprise and turns the movie in a wholly unexpected direction.


Speaking of weird French sci-fi movies, I’d recomend people to check out Eden Log… it’s really strange, but I quite liked it.


I love weird French sci-fi movies. Have you ever seen City of Lost Children?


I’ve had a copy of City Of Lost Children sitting on my desk for me to watch for literally years now and for some reason just keep not getting around to it.


I’ve downloaded that twice, taped it on VHS years ago off Film 4, DVR’d it and still never sat down to watch it. I don’t even have a problem with subtitles. I like them. A lot. I just only ever seem to be in the mood for it when it’s not around.


I really enjoyed City of Lost Children. It’s been some time since I last saw it and wouldn’t mind seeing it again.


I saw it but decades ago, probably near to the time it came out… I should probably give it another spin =)


Third time seeing ‘Quatermass and the Pit’ with an audience, always interesting how people react to it.
The Prof is smart, but some of his “deductions” are just waaaaay out there!

He’s right of course, but I end up siding with Julian Glover’s character a bit more than I should. :rofl:

Tonight’s screening (from a group called Science Fiction Theatre) included an intro from Andy Murray.

No, the other one. He wrote a book about Nigel Kneale!


Is that the one where it turns out we’re all Martians?



Vintage trailer;


Thanks for that Steve because on the list to the right on YT I discovered the original TV series which I have not seen since I was a boy of 8. It will be very interesting to re watch it and see if it was quite as good as I remember.

I also went to see the 1967 movie as a teenager and thought it was really good but not nearly as realistic as the TV series, at last I can find out whether that was true or just an age related thing.
Than you.


I don’t know if anyone else here has been watching it, but Blue Planet II has been outstanding so far. Educational, beautifully-photographed, and written/presented in Attenborough’s trademark style - incredibly accessible and gentle while still being authoritative and unfussy - it’s a perfect example of what a public service broadcaster should be offering. Another great programme from the BBC’s Natural History unit.


It’s almost a given now, every programme they do is the definition of quality and they just get better and better as the camera technology improves with each year.


Absolutely. I loved Planet Earth II last year too.

Some of my favourite segments are the ‘making-of’ pieces in the last ten minutes. Last week’s brave surfer cameraman was impressive enough, but this week’s segment about the manned deep-diving submersible was even more gripping (especially when it sprung a leak mid-dive). Amazing stuff that’s just as compelling as the main programme.


It’s a really good movie.

The first collaboration of Jeunet and Caro, Delicatessen, is also worth watching.


Delicatessen is wonderful.