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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Sometimes just the proper bait is dangled, and buying Alien and Aliens for nine bucks each made me bite. Dang, both stand up well! Epic casts, epic direcots, epic writer, epic designs, epic everything. Other films grope, these deliver.


Who Dares Wins was loosely based on the siege as well, wasn’t it? I remember Masamune Shirow recommending it as the best example of an assault on a building with hostages on film in the Appleseed Databook.


Yeah, I think they transposed it to America or an American embassy iirc. I haven’t watched in in such a long time now. So long ago, in fact, I think that the ITV News at Ten was the intermission.


I’d never heard that, it could be worth a re-watch.


So yeah, the whole thing is on Youtube. Check out the crafty title.

Edit:The theme tune is awesome.


I’ve been chugging through more of Foyle’s War, up to series 5 (of 8, I think). Wow, it really got bored of the war, didn’t it? Series 5 ends around VE Day, whereas Series 4 went up to early ‘43. That’s two years in only 3 episodes. Seems oddly breakneck, especially given there’s three more series.

The show’s casting department’s lost its magic touch, too. No bad actors, but the wellspring of young actors before they made it big seems to have dried up. But at least Michael Jaystone (the Valeyard!) pops up! And Jesse Birdsall off Bugs!


Watching a fanedit of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, called “Paradise” that focuses solely on David and Walter - cutting back and forth between the two in order to compare and contrast them. Adds in some deleted scenes to buff the latter out as well.

It’s alright so far.


I watched the first season of Stranger Things. Overall, I liked it.

My biggest complaint is the pacing. While it was only 8 episodes, it felt like it only had 6-7 episodes of story. For me, it could have been tighter.

The music and visuals had a genuine 80s feel. It felt like it could have been filmed 30+ years ago.

I really like how the characters were written. The kids were written as kids, not small adults. The adults aren’t stupid, either. The cast pulls it all together.

I’m one episode into S2. I’ll get to the rest of it soon.


Vice Principals just had an amazing penultimate episode.

Re: The shooter. It’s gotta be Abbott, right? Last episode pointed blatantly to Russell but I think there’s one more surprise in store for us. Abbott followed Gamby to the beach house and could’ve easily planted the mask and gun in Russell’s car.


I recall feeling quite happy with the pacing; it was tight with not a moment wasted - which is why I was able to finish it so quickly. A far cry from the other Netflix originals 'til then (Daredevil and Jessica Jones).


As I seem to recall, when it first came out the episode count was one of the things most consistently praised about the show!


Finished watching that Paradise re-edit of the Alien prequels, and it is probably the best display of the narrative so far. Focusing on David and Walter, while cutting out some of the human elements, allows the whole Miltonian aspect to really hold focus.

As well as the anachronistic order does work more than it drags (my only nitpick is that it does seem a little less harmonious than intended). The added little beats for Walter as well as the inclusion of Covenant’s blu-ray Epilogue make for a satisfying watch. Really recommend for those who are interested.


Watched Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Visually it’s a real treat. It’s all very bright and colourful, with lots of cool creature designs. There are some really clever sci-fi concepts too. The market that’s exists in another dimension was fun…Unfortunetly all of these things surround two of the worst performances I’ve seen for quite awhile. You’re got Dane DeHaan doing a Keanu Reeves impression for some reason. And then you’ve got Cara Delevingne who only seems to have two facial expressions.

In the end it’s a confusing little film. It’s got the visual style of the Fifth Element. But none of the likeable characters.


Watched Jordan Peele’s excellent Get Out. Not exactly a horror story, but the tension was palpable throughout. Absolutely loved the TSA agent Rod; he deserves his own feature.


Why do you feel it’s not exactly a horror movie? I’d put it firmly in the horror genre.


I have it in the DVR to watch this week.


Chrysalis directed and co-written by Julien Leclercq.

Set in a near-monochrome, near-future Paris, this police procedural explores themes of loss and identitity through characters embroiled in a conspiracy involving a memory erase/implant device. The not-quite-solid plot trundles along in its very watchable French way, and there’s a nice twist at the end. However, considering we’re dealing with memory erasing and implanting, the viewer could have been turned inside-out, which is a bit of a missed opportunity. A pleasant little film that leaves a slightly unsatisfied feeling.


I guess I typically classify horror movies as having a supernatural or otherworldly element (the Elm Street films, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead, The Exorcist, vampire and zombie films, etc.); I would classify Get Out more as a psychological thriller in the vein of Psycho, Cape Fear, and such.


The eternal debate; what is horror!?! :scream:

I prefer supernatural horror, but there are some, more grounded films, that I still admire and would include in the mix.

I’ll spoilertext this but I’d actually classify ‘Get Out’ as scifi horror. The plot revolves around something which is medically impossible, at least right now.

‘Friday 13th’ is a series that became supernatural, as they kept resurrecting Jason.

And if ‘Scream’ (another horror film with no supernatural elements) is anything to go by, not knowing that could have… consequences!


How is a mind transfer not an otherworldly element? Also by that definition Black Christmas, Friday the 13th 1-5, Scream 1-4, Psycho, Jaws, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series aren’t horror movies. I mean you’re free to consider whatever you want horror or not, I just find that a weird requirement.

EDIT: Or what Steve said.


If it means anything, Quentin Tarantino calls those “thrillers”.