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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


John Wick 2 - still fun, but felt too long. I loved the way it ended, though…


Thanks for the tag, still gave the last line a quick skim.

Which is the problem - it is the height of stupidity, in an era where DVD and streaming can reap revenue again and again to axe a series in incomplete form. If they were going to axe it, tell them with 10 eps to go, that’d work. Not great but far better than what they did.

I pretty much loathed it. Likely because that bit got used in all the trailers so it shouldn’t really be at the end of the damn film, but I also didn’t care for the whole ‘assassin’s world’ guff they brought in.

Also sounds like I need to watch Split.


To be fair to SyFy, depending on their deal with the producers, they might not see any of that streaming and home video money. Apparently part of why The Expanse got renewed is that Netflix fronted a lot of the money for series 2 and 3, for example.


Just managed to stumble upon the first episode of the new Ducktales (airing about three months after it started in the US). It’s really good. Smart script, fun characters and the retro-ish art style’s really cool.


yes, Syfy did not have a deal with the Dark Matter producers that was beneficial to them financially. While the creators, imo, went out of their way to discourage slagging off SyFy for the cancellation, there were hints that SyFy did not have the same positive attitude.
There was a plan in place to move Dark Matter to another network, but it failed due to SyFy refusing to redo certain contracts(which may have been due to $).

the maturation and progression of Three’s story was one of the great overall arcs in the show. To me, the Two/Android arc failed because it did not get to breathe. I had faith in the writers’ ablilty to turn a story around.

Fuck SyFy for cancelling this w/out a conclusion


edit : for news on how Dark Matter will be completed


This week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was great even by the standards of this show.


The new version of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ is fine, but never really becomes more than “fine”.

There’s some added business that does’t really add much, and changes that don’t really change the overall effect.

The train looks magnificent but some of the VFX are bit more ‘Polar Express’ than ‘Orient Express’.

And I have to admit, after being skeptical when I first saw it, the moustache grew on me.


Branagh knows how to wear a stache.


The opening and closing credits for Rebecca’s ‘movie’ were amazing.

But if Darryl and White Josh break up over the whole baby thing I will fly to California and dress up as a shrub to lurk around Rachel Bloom’s back garden…


Yes it does look like it wants to spread to others.


‘Valerian’ starts well, and for about two thirds of it’s running time it’s pretty successful.

Yes, it’s a bit slack in places, in that very French way that says visuals matter more than making sense or being well paced, but the visuals are gorgeous and inventive, and it keeps a sense of humour about itself until…

…it doesn’t anymore. Then it tries to shift gears and become meaningful and emotional and tie up (some of) it’s loose ends. A lot of that doesn’t work for me.

It carries on looking great though.


I think everything up until they get to the City is solidly entertaining.
After that it’s a bunch of ups and downs, basically intermittently entertaining. Where the more “dramatic” bits the tone/style of the movie can’t support do mark themselves.


Without any spoilers, the scene where Valerian goes to get a disguise is the one that marks the shift for me.

It’s not a bad idea, it’s not even a bad scene (and it has some great casting) but the scene goes on too long and from then on it’s also slipping into a different approach to it’s story.

The way Besson isolates his lead duo again after the next big fight (which is very well done) is meant to be emotional, but it makes not sense after the action that’s gone before it and then we’re dealing with emotional baggage and exposition and plot twists that were practically sign-posted in neon.

Besson is a terrific stylist but like a lot of directors he should stay out of the writer’s room more and just do what he does best.

He’s a very good story teller but not a great story-writer.


Oh definitely, and I knew what point you were probably talking about as I mentioned that in the long form review I posted when it originally came out. I still think there are lighter and more exuberant parts after that - like Valerian’s robot fight but yeah it tries to bring more weighty subjects into the forefront and the movie isn’t equipped nor really caring about how it does so. Lacks punch and stalls the movie in its tracks when it comes up.


Just re-watched the Harrison Ford version of The Fugitive and listened to the same episode of the Rewatchables podcast…in the podcast they were talking about if you were to pitch Netflix a new Fugitive series and who they would cast. Both choices were tops in my book - Jon Hamm or Mark Ruffalo as Richard Kimble.


One of the most rewatchable movies ever.


Audition. That was quite a movie. Absolutely loved it, especially the surrealness at the end, and how it begins almost as a romcom before slowly becoming weirder and creepier.


Even when I was young, I can remember footage from the SAS assault on Iranian Embassy still being shown on the news now and again when I was 4 or 5 - I’ve pretty vivid memories of it as I had gotten heavily into Action Force by then; the SAS characters being by far my favourite.

The Netflix telling of the assault, 6 Days, is a reasonably solid showing, though mostly as Mark Strong holds it together well, and I’m not sure it would be anywhere near worth the effort without him, Abbie Cornish’ Kate Aidie impression is awful and I have a high tolerance for that sort of thing. However, the narrative itself is played as more of a ‘all sides to everything’ slant as opposed to an action movie thrill ride and there is a decent enough look into the politics behind how the government dealt with the situation.

Ultimately, it comes across as a History Channel re-enactment more than anything, but as re-enactments go, it’s well worth a watch if, like me, you enjoy that sort of thing.


Honestly that’s one of the first memories I have of anything on the news. I even remember I was at my gran’s house when it was on.

Dear young viewer, normally this is the boring show your parents watch, today we have men all dressed in black abseiling down a building and smashing through the windows. :smile:


I took a look at the footage again earlier, even by today’s standards, it’s one of the most amazing things filmed as a live news broadcast. Thacher was pretty canny in making sure the world could watch and, no matter what we think of her, downright ballsy one year into her role.

Edit: It’s no wonder they were still showing it four or five years later.