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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Without spoiling it for Chris, how far have you got now David?


I would watch that. It’s a cool concept really.


Only half way through season 1. “Wingman” was the last one I watched.

I was really surprised when I saw you posting about season 3. I’m watching it “new” on Fox in the UK, and I didn’t think they would be that far behind in showing it.


Only just returned, there’s been 4 eps released so far.


Watching Stranger Things 2.
Wasn’t really on the hype train for the first, while I enjoyed how competent it was and a few of the character arcs, the story never hooked me. 3 episodes into the new season it has really got me with how it is coming into its own. Can’t wait to finish the rest later.


The Good Place season 1

So this was somewhat tainted by my getting spoilt by some random asshat on Twitter tweeting a picture of a screen cap of Eleanor working out they’re in the bad place. I’d like to think I’d have worked that out anyway though. Tipped off by just that image, I realised pretty quickly that putting people into what they’re told is heaven, but which actually makes them miserable, is a great idea for hell. That said, the show did keep me guessing on the details (I thought everyone else in the good place would also be dead people getting tortured, rather than plants) and it was quite fun overall. I’m not sure it’s the kind of show that would stand up to repeat viewing though. The mystery is part of the central appeal, rather than the characters, particularly.

Still, I’m going to stick with it for season 2, although I’m wary about how that’s going to be, given the “do-over” nature of the premise and that Ted Danson’s rather charming, endearing character has turned out to be a demon behind everything.


Christ, season 7 of Walking Dead and Stranger Things 2 arriving at the same time on Netflix. What, am I made of time, motherfuckers?

Got a start on WD. Both Negan and King Ezekiel work very, very well. I like this season already.


Season 2 exceeds expectations from the very first half of the premiere. I had the same worries, but it just went through what I had thought it was going to be.


That’s an effect of watching it after the fact though. There was never any indication when the first season was airing that there was a mystery or a big twist or anything like that, which is why it worked so well for people.


I decided to rewatch the original Amityville Horror because I hadn’t seen it in about a decade and @Tom_Punk called it boring in the Funny Images thread…

And I hate to say it but it is kind of boring. :frowning: It’s 2 hours long and should only be 90 minutes (or less!). Still, there are some effective scares, like the insects swarming the priest early on, and the eyes that Margot Kidder sees staring at her through a second story window.


I don’t know, the show builds mystery around how Eleanor and Johnny ended up in the “good place”, as the explanation of it just being a mistake on Michael’s part never seems particularly definitive.


Plus there’s the note at the end of the first episode that makes clear something is going on.




If this is what I think it is, the feed is happy about this post.

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My thanks to those who, some time back, flagged Schreiber’s role in Pawn Sacrifice.

It’s a well-made, disturbing movie that is a tale of mental destruction, but also of a pawns and their countries intent to play them them to the end. Could Fischler’s mental deterioration been addressed? Undoubtedly. Would that have undermined his innovative, creative aspects with regard to chess? Harder to argue, though that was the view those around Fischer took, along with that getting such help has to be done with the patient’s consent. There has to be recognition of something being wrong and Fischer was never going to see that.

Fischer is an extreme case, but generally, it seems chess, when played at the highest levels, isn’t that healthy a pursuit.


Just finished Stranger Things 2, and I enjoyed it so much more than the first season. Doesn’t riff too much, although there are some definite riffs that do permeate - but done with a bit more broadness. Works to its benefit as its bringing its own things to the table, rather than just pastiches.

The only negatives I can say against it is that it does fall into some rather tired cliches with a subplot or two. Jonathan and Nancy for one seem to be stuck in a subplot that is really just about dealing with some of the more boring plot beats left over from Season 1 etc. Weighs it a bit down and makes it come off as not as tight as it could have been.

Still, good fun.


Yeah I just finished it too. It took me rewatching the first season to really get into it. But this season I enjoyed from the start.

Apart from one dud episode it’s a solid season of telly. It builds nicely off of season one, but increases the threat, as all good sequels should do.

I like that we didn’t have much of a human threat this time around, and that it was all about defeating the Upside Down. I was sure Paul Riser would turn out to be bad, so I’m glad they didn’t go the predictable route there.


Yeah I was glad about that as well. But, at the end, since he turned out to be an alright bloke it does take away even more of the bite from Jonathan and Nancy’s dull subplot.

Can’t see what it really brought to the table that couldn’t have been accomplished a less splintering way.


I went to The Death of Stalin earlier, I’m a big fan of Iannucci in general and while I had high hopes, I was pretty sure they were well-founded, and they were indeed! The film makes a number of brave stylistic choices - from the actors using their native accents - so Steve Buscemi is playing Nikita Kruschev, but with his usual accent, to mixing between differing comedy styles - broad, physical, witticisms, deep political references, to juxtaposing that comedy with the brutality of Stalin’s regime.

Adrian Mcloughlin does a great job as Stalin, looking the part but using his cheeky chappie London accent to deflate the monster in a similar fashion to the videos that change the subtitles of Hitler’s rant from Downfall. He bullies the Central Committee even when they’re sitting around and joking, intimidates his NKVD guards, and it’s funny because of the disparity between his actions and his voice.

So yeah, a fantastic movie, I especially want to make every Tankie watch it, and see the mental gymnastics that follow as they try and justify the horrors shown alongside the comedy.


“It’s time for Dodger baseball!”