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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I haven’t seen many CE movies so I don’t really have an idea of how his acting is in my mind… however, jr is just pretty bad, at least right now… no need to compare him :smile:


Watched mindhunter over the last few days. Basically it’s 10 hours on the origin of the term “serial killer” and one guy trying to convince the FBI that it’s ok to use “bad” words.


Looking at Twitter last night, there was a spate of posts saying things like,

“Hey, ‘Halloween III: Season of the Witch’ isn’t as bad as you thought it was!”

So I thought I’d take another look at it.

And you know what? It IS still bad!

But I get what the posts are saying; it’s an interesting science/magic premise, it’s well cast and it has some good moments, I even enjoyed the 80’s nostalgia with the look of the film, but it’s also too drawn out, a bit slack in it’s editing and occasionally dumb.

People have said that the audience rejected the movie because Michael Myers wasn’t in it, and I’m sure that’s true, but it’s not a great film, or even a very good one, but it is interesting, so Twitter wasn’t entirely wrong. :jack_o_lantern:


Yeah, I thought it was great. Really caught the mood of excitement that prevailed during the early development of computers and software, quite nostalgic for someone like me who actually worked in that field at the time.

Also well written diverse but believable characters. Joe and Gordon exemplified the fraught but symbiotic relationships which exist between the do-ers and sellers a la Jobs and Wozniac.

It also commented well on the loss in intellectual content which occurred when the gaming audience went from high IQ geeks to a more general one e.g. challenging adventure games to beat-em-ups, through Cameron’s story.

9.5/10 from me.


Yeah, in recent years Halloween 3 has had a resurgance in popularity. I don’t get it though since it’s not a good movie. It had potentially interesting ideas but most of them are presented too hammy, it’s overly long and as you said, kind of dumb.


I think it’s a very grating movie at times. Some nice ideas, and even some nice execution. While the whole “Stonehenge” thing is pretty lame, the general idea is actually really good. It just doesn’t have any really engaging forward thrust or characters.

But the ending is top notch.



I like this guy’s exploring series of videos. But they did lose some charm when they started getting somewhat more summarizing recently.


Yeah, I like the deep dives into the development and production that he does. Even for films that I know the backstory of there’s usually some interesting tidbits I’d never heard before. I haven’t noticed the Exploring series shifting into summarizing though. Are you sure you’re not confusing Exploring with the regular Good Bad Flicks series, that’s the one that most just summary.


Nah, I guess I notice it more when he overlaps. Something like the Blair Witch 2 one just feels a lot more depthy than something like he did for Baby last month,.


Yeah you’re getting them confused. Baby was for the regular Good Bad Flicks series, not the Exploring Series. (He did Baby because the change in Youtube rules got his regular Good Bad Flicks videos, which tends toward violent B or Z movies, yanked)


The third and final season of the Amazon series Red Oaks is probably my favorite season. The first had some great moments, but felt weighed down by a bit of a pretentious element to it. Then the second season was able to tear that to shreds in a fantastic way, but felt rather less focused and lost my interest a couple of times.

This season sheds all of the fat and tells a concise ending to the series in a very satisfying way. The only nitpicks I have with it is that it really isn’t a season in it’s own right. It’s more just an epilogue, evident in that the season is just a truncated six episodes and everything is about “closing things up” rather than developing anything. The other nitpick is that there is this really forced aspect to tie up a plot beat that really doesn’t need to be there. But still, well done way to end a series.


Tried the pilot for The Americans.

I can see why it got the praise, it’s well done - though that rape scene really came out of nowhere. Similarly, I never realised corpse disposal could be such a turn on.

Ultimately though, it didn’t hook me, I didn’t care about the leads or their situation.


I watched the first season plus a bit of the second season of the Americans, it just gets a bit repetitive with the wigs and different persona and close escapes.


Sounds like you didn’t like it. I’m halfway through and loving it. Very well done, great cast, perfect tone.

It’s a solid win for me, up there with Stranger Things and Big Little Lies in terms of recent TV.


I’m not really sure how I feel about it, to be honest. I wish it had been made more clear from the get go that it’s based on reality, I felt like I was being set up all season for twists I now realize will never happen. I also felt a bit like the series doesn’t always really know what it wants to do with its characters. I’d say more, but you’re not finished.

Those things said, I still always enjoy fincher, and I did appreciate how thick the mood was the whole time.

Edit: this is funny, I also mistakenly thought I was watching Carrie coon for a couple of episodes before I realized that it was fringe’s Anna torv playing the lead actress:


Watched the original Blade Runner in preparation for finally hopefully soon making it to the new one. It’s as gorgeous and brilliant as ever, but with a little distance the moments between him and Rachel come close to being silly. That, and Roy grabbing the pigeon so he can let it go in the moment of his death, in slo-mo no less. That movie certainly likes it overly-overt symbolism.

Also watched Into the Forest, a post-apocalyptic tale with Ellen page in it that is on Netflix here. Tale of two sisters living in an isolated house in the forest while the world falls apart. It was alright, but not all that memorable.


Maybe you just haven’t been doing it right :wink:


Watched 1922 last night. It’s good at building a creeping sense of dread, which is undercut by Thomas Jane’s ridiculous accent/stylized manner of speech.


Re:Mindhunter, here’s a breakdown of the VFX work: