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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Yup that’s the one.

Time loop is probably a better description than time travel. It still deals in the same basic concept and outcome as Time Crimes though.


If they don’t call the sequel that they are missing a trick, big time.


IIRC that’s what the movie was released as in Japan anyway.


Has anyone read the novel or manga? Any good?


Just finished the first season of Get Shorty. I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it! Even if they left it there on that last shot it would be perfect, but I hope there’s more.

It was cool to see Northern Ireland mentioned in the last episode, but as far as a guy getting beaten up by a gang of men in the street because of The Troubles, I saw the very same thing happen just last Saturday night. It is what it is here. Only difference is the police turn up quicker these days and usually aren’t involved.

Also, fun fact, creator Davey Holmes was in The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.


I’ve heard it’s pretty good. A lot more focused on the interplay and characterization than the action though.

Same here. The entire season works as a very tragic microcosm. I’m glad there’s going to be a second season, but if this was just a miniseries then it’d be pretty good on its own. The storyline wrapped up in a very satisfying way and I hope some of the stuff that could be dropped does stick around.


I’ve read one volume of the manga. It’s quite good, I loved the artwork and keep meaning to buy the set (I downloaded to have a look). Apparently the book is much better, though.


Happy days, I’m looking forward to it. Chris O’Dowd was a much better leading man than I thought he would be.


Well, anyway, that’s the impression that I get. :wink:


At least I know now I don’t have to knock on wood hoping for a second season.


Yeah, his final moments in the season finale were chockful of character. It’s very well handled.
But…they need to keep around the lead villain of the Admiral’s Mistress. I need to see his meteoric rise.

Also, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised about the finale…given the title. It’s the series arc.


The actor playing him is fantastic, I can’t wait until the penny drops, finally.


Blade of the Immortal is a ton of fun. It’s a very faithful, compressed adaptation of the manga (or at least it was for the parts that I’d read) with no need for Miike to add any extra madness. He just seemed to capture what was present in the original story, and really have some fun with the thing. Good performances (the actress playing Rin stands out), bloody action, and great production design all made it a very enjoyable viewing for me.


Episodes has its series finale.

And it was pretty good. It does struggle with its time constraints though, and some of the events are very neat, but other than that - I’m just glad it ended with any level of satisfaction. It was a great comedy, and I’ll miss it.


That would be a good title for the sequel.


I saw ‘The Shape of Water’ last night at the London Film Festival; it’s good, I recommend it.

It’s a mid-20th Century fairytale, sort of real world, but sometimes something else. It’s beautiful to look at, very ‘Amelie’ or ‘Delicatessen’ in places, and it gets dark here and there. It also gets weird, so you have to go with it, or not.

But it’s a proper film, some great scenes, and like a lot of classic monster films, it’s got a message, but it doesn’t bash you over the head with it.

It’s Sally Hawkins’ film and she’s terrific. It’s the kind of role (I assume) actors really enjoy, and she uses every moment she has on screen, which is a lot.

Michael Shannon plays the Michael Shannon role very well of course, he’s given plenty of complexity and just runs with it.

Everyone else is really good too, Richard Jenkins and Octavia Spencer get the most, supporting role, screen time but all the parts are well cast.

Doug Jones is very good of course, but this isn’t Lt. Saru, so he’s very much there as a plot device sometimes, but when he’s not, he really gives his role character.

One to watch again.


Quite frankly Doug Jones needs to get typecast as being as sarcastic and bitchy as Saru in everything from here on out. Doesn’t matter what his role is, he heeds that Saru snark.


The first series of this finished last night. I enjoyed it, even if the premise did lead to it being fairly repetitive from episode to episode. It had a pretty good laugh rate and good performances, particularly by Robert Webb. I’d be happy to see another series.


I watched the first season of The Exorcist. Overall I enjoyed it, but it is a bit of a mixed bag, especially towards the end of the season.

It starts off with the whole daughter being possessed bit, but it has a pretty cool reveal halfway through that changes thing up in a cool way. But there’re taking this from a movie, to a ten episode series. So they’ve had to expand the story quite a bit and that’s where it lost me. There’s a whole subplot with other demons assassinating the pope that I didn’t give a toss about.


Overall I enjoyed The Exorcist season 1

There were some high points definitely, including a particular moment you are alluding to

The second season has just started here this week, I’ve got it recorded and should hopefully get to the new episode tomorrow depending when the kids get to bed as the wife is out