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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


The Gifted is quite solid. There is some very shaky elements and it’s quite easy to tell that without Logan and Legion as forerunners this would struggle a little in finding a strong tone. I imagine that the Logan/Legion effect came in during pre-production and a lot of decisions on characters and setting were made before hand, so I expect the influence to become stronger as the show continues. Mutants on the run is all well and good, but ultimately we need to be running towards ‘something,’ I find a lot of ‘chase’ style shows can struggle if there is no solid end goal for the characters to reach for.

The Orville is genuinely trying to be Star Trek: TNG at times, without the pomp. It’s not managing to be what it wants to be just yet but it’s very watchable if you aren’t tuning in for any real depth. The guest stars have been quite cool - Liam Neeson and Charlize Theron, so far.

I don’t see the point in watching Inhumans. It’s flawed as a concept, I’ve never had faith it would work, as is.


I just watched last week’s Electric Dreams, “The Commuter”, and I thought it was fantastic. More of a dark fantasy tale growing out of the present day than the more overtly futuristic sci-fi of the first couple of episodes, there was a combination of absurd touches layered over a fairly dark heart that put me in mind of Black Mirror.

I found it very well-shot and well-acted (Timothy Spall is always great, but he was particularly good here). The central message might not be the most original in the world, but the way it was delivered made it feel quite moving and profound. The best of the series so far for me.


Live, Die, Repeat: The Edge of Tomorrow - I think the advertising for this film really let it down. I mostly knew what was happening going in. However, I was unprepared for how much the film was Groundhog Day meets Starship Troopers along with all the existential crisis of the former and political rumination of the later. It was a really great film that I’m sorry I waited so long to see.


Agreed, although there’s one thing that’s been irking me… pretty much everything X-Men related that is not the X-Men movies proper has this pervasive “Where are/what ha`pened to the X-Men?” theme that is a bit irksome =/


They should have gone with Live, Die, Repeat from the start. It describes what happens in the film and The Edge of Tomorrow is such a bland title that means next to nothing.You could slap that title on to a random thriller or sweeping romance and it would probably fit as it’s so generic.


I was really surprised with how good it was. The Groundhog Day elements may have had even more in common with the musical version which I saw not too long ago. I highly recommend the film to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.


I think it’s more evocative. He’s always on the edge of tomorrow.
Live. Die. Repeat. just feels so generic to me. No style to it.
Then again, nothing beats the original title - All You Need Is Kill.


You guys have watched Timecrimes? (Cronocrimenes in spanish)

I suppose many would have since MM was hyping the director’s work some time ago… or maybe not… you guys should check it out if you can find it, great time travel movie.


Haven’t seen it. Would give it a try if I can find though. Who directed it?

Edit: Oh it’s Nacho Vigalondo. He was set to direct Supercrooks at one point. I really liked his Colossal.


It’s pretty great. A fun, stylish, time travel movie.


Yeah, great movie. I love how it utilizes the horror potential for time travel stories.


Timecrimes is great, a really fun and clever time-travel movie.


Have we got a World Cinema thread?
I love French and Spanish (and Australian) movies, but I don’t see any slots on terrestrial TV these days, and I haven’t thought to seek out new (to me) stuff.


It probably won’t get enough traction if we’re honest to have a dedicated thread, but there is no ‘English Language Only’ rule for this one so go ahead and discuss them here.

On that note I watched a show on the BBC iPlayer that was set and filmed in my home town of Port Talbot called Bang. It’s a police/detective style thing and is partially in Welsh and partially in English, going for the realistic angle as most residents aren’t fluent in Welsh (there are subtitles on the iPlayer).

It’s not ground breaking but I was happy to see it was actually pretty good and not just a novelty because they filmed scenes at my old primary school. I’ll be catching up with the rest.

Loner Sam (Jacob Ifan, Cuffs) has his life transformed when he comes into possession of a gun and starts to break the law. His ambitious policewoman sister Gina (Catrin Stewart, Doctor Who, Stella) is paid to uphold it and makes it her mission to find the owner of the weapon. The family saga plays out against an inquiry into the shooting of a local businessman that raises questions for Sam.

This series is firmly rooted in its location in Port Talbot and the Afan Valley, and Bang breaks new ground for S4C where the purposeful use of English dialogue is used to reflect aspects of this community.


I just rewatched the trailer and now remember having watched the trailer when Mark mentioned the film and making a mental note to watch it if I had the chance.


If you love convoluted time-travel stories (as I do), it’s one of the good ones.


It’s like the Bill and Ted to Primer’s…Primer.


The Triangle tries the same trick to good effect, though it doesn’t stick the landing.


Triangle makes more sense as a theological movie, than it does as a time travel one.


Is that the home-made-looking film on an abandoned ship that’s somehow really watchable?