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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’ve been enjoying it too. The critiques on the right and left have been great. It shows how fear impacts and changes people.

An aspect I’ve liked is that there is no supernatural element this season. It actually makes it a bit more disturbing.


Watched HARDCORE HENRY again. Liked it even more the second time. The story doesn’t hold together, but it is a lot more interesting than it deserves to be.

TRON was also better than I remembered as well. Smarter than I thought it was. It could use a much stronger sequel than TRON LEGACY that really embraced the religion in the film.


Finally got around to watching Doctor Stranger last night. Looked good, particularly in the action scenes but overall it felt a bit empty. Cumberbath’s accent wound me up but the fact he was constantly cracking wise really got to me. As soon as the credits rolled I went “Would it kill Marvel to play it straight for a change?!” Why does every main character have to be Tony bloody Stark? (Rhetorical question as the answer is clear - the formula makes them a metric shit tonne of cash).


Hm. I got out of AHS during… was the one with the witches season 3? I thought that one was terrible.

But maybe I should catch up with what’s currently going on.


Watch last season’s Roanoke and this season. They’re very entertaining.


Yeah, I think I’ll just start at Roanoke again. I can still go back to Freakshow and Hotel if I feel like it.


Freakshow is dull, and Hotel…is style-no substance.

I’m probably not the most objective critic of the series - as I haven’t been a fan of any of the seasons. But I think Roanoke was the best one so far due to actually trying to be scary (and not just garishly odd) and being short enough to keep momentum.


The one with the witches (coven?) was absolutely terrible.

Here’s my thoughts series by series, I don’t know if it will help

1 - Murder house - good, shocking and sexy

2 - asylum - bonkers, I loved it, was my favourite for quite a while

3 - coven - utter shite. I never finished it

4 - freak show - first 5 episodes were really good, the clown was brilliant, really unnerving, it then went off the rails

5 - hotel - I’ve got a bit of thing for lady gaga and even having her scantily clad couldn’t keep me watching. This was too silly, even for me

6 - Roanoke - I nearly never watched this after the previous 3 series. I got hooked early on and watched each episode almost as soon as it was broadcast. I thought it was really inventive even if it does typically get over the top but I generally thought it was a really good idea delivered well

7 - cult - so far I’ve found it utterly engrossing, it’s pretty unsettling at times as well and the cast has been great. I’m totally hooked


Yeah I completely agree with this assessment


I feel that both Roanoke and Cult have been a lot tighter than all the seasons before them.


I think Strange is in the upper echelon of Marvel movies but I agree completely with these criticisms. A bit empty, probably because the villain needed a touch more meat on him. There was definitely no need for Cumberbatch to affect that distracting accent—just make him British, who cares. And also the jokes were pretty bad even by Marvel’s (imo) pretty dismal standards of humor.

But like I said, pretty good Marvel film, probably in my top five.


Yep, I definitely said that during the first half hour.

It’s not mine - it failed the “am I watching the movie or am I dicking about on my phone” test.


I wasn’t really a fan of the movie but I did really like the ending and the nonviolent solution Strange chose because he refuses to kill.


I’d put the movie as the second or third worst MCU film - but that idea for the ending was nice.


Got around to watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2, at last (Blu-ray).

The first movie was always going to be a hard act to follow, and I was initially worried when the first part of the film seemed to be a set of loosely connected skits, but once it got going, it was pretty enjoyable. Some of the jokes were over-elaborate and others just unnecessary, but I found myself chuckling at the good stuff. Not as good as the first, but still better than most of the MCU.

Two observations:

  1. The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok sold it to me.
  2. Aaaahhhhh! Warlock. (Please let it be the Jim Starlin version.)


Finally saw Logan today. What a great film, with wonderful performances from Stewart, Jackman, and Stephen Merchant. Despite its relentlessly bleak tone, this is by far the best X-Men film ever made.


Seconded. I saw it when it originally came out. I loved that it was as much a love letter to some of the old movies I love from the 70’s as to the X-Men movies.

I watched the first episode of Legion today and was musing that Fox seem to be doing interesting things with the X-Men characters now without knitting everything together like DC and Marvel have been doing.


The thing about Dr, Strange is that it is totally expected. Okay, there are the neat-o keen-o optical effects (some hurt mine eyes) but he story is darned straightforward. No surprises. It is exactly as I would have written it if I had been prevented from putting in my own ideas, and told a straight origin tale.

And too damned much whinging.


Just finished Battlestar Galactica and…hoo boy.

I actually really liked the fourth season. Not as much as the first two, but it was a huge pick up in quality from the third. Lot more stuff to do with the characters, plots about the ship, and all of the stuff this show was about when it hit its peak. There’s some corny stuff, but overall solid season.

The finale was mostly pretty good. Again, Adama steals the show there. Perfect little capitulation in his final lines. Although there are bits that feel very forced. I like the idea they had for the epilogue, but it was executed in the most bluntly hilarious manner. Toned down just a bit and it would have been fine. But they overplay it and it ends on the most off kilter and goofy atmosphere possible.

No wonder I heard many gripes.


I forgot to mention that I was it last weekend. Thought it was brilliant. One of the best superhero movies I’ve seen and a darned good movie full stop! My wife didn’t really care for it though. Seems like the bleak tone and violence were a bit polarizing in our household.