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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Let’s just say Apollo and Starbuck really hacked me off in S3.


Their subplot is incredibly bland, but Helo went from aggressively boring, to just dumb.


Have you got the extended version of Unfinished Business, the boxing episode? The longer runtime makes it into a much better story.


How much longer is it?
Because god that felt like a waste of time. Wondering how much better extending it could make it. But that’s a serious question, don’t get me wrong.


I think it’s 90 minutes, and it really does make the story better. It becomes a much rounder and more detailed character piece, and helps make Apollo and Starbuck’s plot less annoying.

I also recommend the extended editions of Pegasus and Razor


I might go back to it when I’m done with this season, because I trust your judgment there.
But this season is really starting to wear thin when it comes to an overall engaging character backbone.

I might consider calling it melodramatic were it not for a few threads.


BSG does have a problem where it sags in the middle of 10-episode tranches of series 2 and 3, and they do these little character pieces that don’t live up to the tension of series 1, and the big opening and closing moments in those tranches.

Apollo has a speech in the last episode of series 3 that works very well as a self-criticism of the show and the choices the characters made. It really helped the character IMO - but I get why he doesn’t work for other people.

I think melodrama isn’t necessarily an unfair assessment. But I also don’t think melodrama is an inherently negative thing.


I think melodrama can be fun, with a show that works for it.
But BSG, and other shows, bring up/brought up characterizations and ideas and used to actually want to explore them a bit. Downloaded last season is a good example of that. Season 3 so far doesn’t really seem to care about doing anything with the characters on that level. It’s brash event-focused drama. Gets boring.

An example of melodrama that can work is maybe a sitcom, where it helps to underscore elements of the camp of a sitcom. Or a slightly more dramatic slice of life show. So I am not against melodrama, unless there’s some implicit ideals of more - ie. the CW/DC shows, which seem to behave like superhero stories but bog themselves down in it.


Giving a random season of X-Files a re-watch. I’m in Season 6 and I forgot how interesting it was. The first episode “The Beginning” was a creepy Aliens-esque episode involving chestbursters on the loose.

I forgot how good “Dreamland part 1 and 2” were…Mulder swapping minds with an Area 51 employee.


The show lost the plot after a while, but they still made good episodes from time to time.


The first episode of Red Dwarf XII, “Cured” is available on the UKTV Play app/website now. It’s pretty good. Some decent laughs and a fun central premise (although there are a few ideas that will feel a bit familiar to longtime viewers, which is probably inevitable for a show that has been going this long).

One guest character in particular really stands out - it’s someone who has featured in the show a couple of times before, but he’s never been as funny as he is here.


Fingers crossed. Let it be the Talky Toaster. Let it be the Talky Toaster…


I’m pulling for Hollister.


I’ve been watching repeats of Foyle’s War lately. ITV3 have got the full series on from the beginning (I suspect they’ve always got the full series on from the beginning in perpetual rotation, but I happened to catch it from the start). I only ever watched the first few episodes when it originally aired, but liked it and am still enjoying it now. I think it overplays the “Foyle has to let the culprit go for the good of the war” thing a bit too much (and I’m only on series 3) but I can live with that. I don’t particularly care for Foyle’s son either. Is bad to hope he gets shot down? But the rest of the cast is great, especially Honeysuckle Weeks as Sam. She’s an absolutely charming character.

The show’s casting director had a brilliant eye for casting up and coming young actors. James McAvoy, David Tennant, Emily Blunt, Rosamund Pike, Sophia Myles, Laurence Fox and, er, Danny Dyer all pop up in small roles in the early series.


Last 4-5 episodes of Season 3 of BSG were a definite uptick. The plots they dealt with felt very much in keeping with the previous seasons - stuff about societal issues and the microcosm of living on a spaceship. Very, very, good stuff considering the rest of Season 3 being bogged down.

Although, the whole…Watchtower thing was a bit camp. But at the end it went so far beyond the pale of corny that it became a little endearing.


Apollo’s speech about humanity being a gang was great, wasn’t it?


Yes it was.
I felt so tonally accurate to the first two seasons. It made a statement about some of the thought put into how people would react to their living environment. Really engaging stuff.

The Strike episode as well, loved it, this is really where the show shines. Showing the stresses.

On Season 4, binging really, and…wow…the Tigh subplot is horrendous.


I meant to say, the last time we played the BSG board game, I played All Along the Watchtower on my phone after the midpoint jump.


I kept trying to deny that it could have been All Along the Watchtower (they wouldn’t go that far, right?), until it was too late.

And then I laughed and laughed.


5 episodes in and I’m really loving american horror story : cult

I thought Roanoke was the best season to date but I think this may top it. Some great work from the actors in helping create some brilliant characters.

This season has a lot to say about fear and refreshingly it’s critical of all political leanings that have come out looking like disgusting human beings in modern day America.