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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Little Evil: This film lands in the same pitfall as many other horror comedies. It’s not scary and it’s not particularly funny either. It manages to illicit the occasionally laugh but what saves it from being a complete flop is that does dredge of some effective sentimentality towards the end.


Ah I see Expanse S2 has finally arrived on Netflix with a big banner ad on the homepage. I will be watching that.


I thought it was okay. Admittedly I watched it on Netflix, so it didn’t cost me anything more than I pay anyway, so my bar may have been quite low. But I thought it was a fairly effective spoof of The Omen. And Clancy Brown is always welcome in anything.


I watched the first couple of episodes of Killjoys, given people were talking about it in the same breath as Dark Matter. Really didn’t do much for me. I thought the visual style, of heavy shadows and coloured light mixed with jukebox playlists, was a bit obnoxious. The pilot is a frenetic mess of a story, jumping around all over the place, trying to explain loads about the world the show is set in while also telling a moderately complex story. I can forgive that - pilots have to do a lot of heavily lifting - but the second episode wasn’t much better, with some really trite dialogue and a dull macho tone. The show’s also quite violent, which isn’t a problem in and of itself, but there’s a sadistic streak to it that put me off a bit. What I like about Dark Matter is that it doesn’t feel the need to world-build too much and that it’s self-confident enough to have elements of comedy and lightness. Killjoys just has Bay-esque quippery.


I watched the new show Ghosted starring Craig Robinson and Adam Scott.

It’s not bad by any means and the basic concept has been done before. It was amusing and Robinson and Scott have a good chemistry. It has a good balance of silly and serious. It’s fluffy fun and the half-hour format works well. I’ll stick with it for now.


psshhh I just watched the 2nd episode of the new Big Bang Theory season… holy crap, too bad Jim closed the mind expansion thread :smile:

I dunno… it’s just funny how that episode was about everything I’ve been bitching for the past couple weeks… sometimes I feel there’s a celestial troll getting cute with me =P


Killjoys is a much lighter tone and in the states, it came on directly before Dark Matter so that is why it often got linked with Dark Matter.


Finished the second season of Battlestar Galactica.

Some pick-ups across the board, but also some dips. Helo is still the most aggressively boring important character. And the “Love Cube” that develops between some of the cast really drags things down.

But also some very intense episodes. Having tons of fun still, but that finale makes me weary of the third season.


I watched a bit of Killjoys,and I liked it somewhat better than you did, but I can’t disagree with the criticism. I’ll keep watching for a bit though.


Been poking around the CW Seed site. Lots of stuff there. JL animated movies, whole series like Blade, Birds of Prey and … Max Headroom?
I do like free entertainment.


The latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire…It was a sad one :sob:. I suspected this season would go this way, but it’s still a bummer.


At the price I bought it for, I enjoyed it but no, I wouldn’t pay that much for it.

The 4 eps of the “opening arc to pick up and resolve all the stuff from the finale” in S3 are brilliant.

After that, however…


Got through it.
I think it had a lot of missed opportunities and the whole Insurgency/Occupation plot was pretty boring. Although the episodes did have some great bits, like Tigh and Starbuck - the bits with Apollo and Adama were engaging as well…the rest didn’t feel like it justified the detour or the time skip.

You saying it gets worse is not inspiring.


The Code.

Slick Aussie thriller well directed some good acting intricate plot line.

Does mobile phone and PC heads up well with minimal intrusion.

Well worth a look.


Halt And Catch Fire

Big fan. Really sad but well handled by the show.

So many associated guilt trips to play out by the main characters now, will be interesting.


Dave Made A Maze
This starts out a little rough with a beginning that tries too hard to be funny. Then the characters enter the titular maze and it blossoms into a surreal, disturbing romp. The film has two secret weapons. The first is the endless creativity that allows it to produce bizarre and often unsettling environments out of mostly cardboard. The other is the score. It’s inventive and unique, often infusing outright silly moments with real suspense and dread.


Thanks for the review, Rory. Was curious about this one.


It’s definitely worth checking out. It tried too hard in places but overall it’s a pretty fantastic ride.


Well, I’m being vague as you ain’t there yet and who knows? You might like it.


Well, I’ve gotten to Baltar’s trial and…there’s been a few stinkers I think.
As in, some of the excessive drama that seems to have been behind the Occupation arc to begin with is still around.

Still some good stuff though, but the show does have an annoying tendency to not delve into otherwise interesting subplots now.