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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Haha, damn. Got me good. Anyway that entire Tigh subplot was pretty good.

Damn, I wish that Boomer Two, or Twoomer, was as interesting as the first Boomer. Cause she ain’t.


Watched the Netflix Stephen King adaption Gerald’s Game. From the trailers I though it would be a bit of a draft film about a woman that accidentally gets handcuffed to a bed. But it’s actually got a bit more story to it than I thought it would. Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood are fantastic, and both do a great job carrying the whole film.


I remember way back when the show was new there would be debates here over who was better: Starbuck or Boomer. I was definitely in the Starbuck camp. I had at that time no time for any toaster lovers.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haven’t read Gerald’s Game. Sounds like a bit of misery.


It’s Misery meets Delores Claiborne. With a little Cujo on the side.


Starbuck > Boomer >>>> Boomer


It is one of the better “straight” stories he’s written. Like a R rated Night Gallery episode.

Watching the cult classic Trick Or Treat heavy metal horror movie from the 80’s (or maybe early 90’s). I seem to remember seeing it in the 80’s anyway.

Low budget and cheesy but emotionally effective. Better than NIGHTMARE 2 anyway. Especially since I was a “metal head” in High School.


I remember reading the novel. It was pretty intense, and different from what I’d grown to expect from King (me being about 18 at the time).


Watched Batman and Harley Quinn last night. Holy shit was it terrible. It was filled with just awful dialogue and really out of place music. It stoops to doing a fart joke. It also has a very odd negative steak of sexuality running through. Batman blackmails an argus member with the fact that he visits a dominatrix. Nightwing has sex with Harley to get her to help them and then later is ashamed about the sex, rather than the reason why he did it. Later Harley accuses him of sexually harassing her when he tries to help her.


Saw It. It was okay. There were way too many scares, only one or two of which was actually scary, and even then not that scary. It felt like every 5-10 minutes Pennywise was jumping out at someone. Didn’t give the story or the characters much time to breathe. I liked all of the children (although Mike and Stan got fuck all to do) and was never bored, so those are marks in its favor.


Wow, that sounds insane.


Gerald’s Game, on Netflix. Very good, with a great Carla Gugino lead performance, but very hard to watch at times.

The ending feels a bit disconnected from the rest of the movie, with a lot of voiceover needed to wrap stuff up, but it’s not too bad by Stephen King standards.

I hope Flanagan makes the Delores Claiborne adaptation hinted at briefly in the movie, but he seems like he’ll be busy.


Randomly 4 episodes of Parks and Rec - it really is a consistently delightful experience.



Just watched The Game, a late 90s conspiracy thriller by David Fincher starring Michael Douglas. I quite liked it, although a lot of dialogue got lost under the soundtrack (possibly due to the channel broadcasting it in less than stellar quality perhaps). The film works in large part due to James Rebhorn though, perhaps the ultimate in everyman actors, whose role is repositioned a few times through the film and you go with it every time because he’s entirely convincing in each position.


I saw this late at night on the Beeb some years ago, quite by accident. Sat there glued 'til the end. :+1:


Probably one of my favorite Fincher movies. I had it on VHS for years.


It Comes at Night - Paranoid post-apocalyptic survival movie with horror elements. After some sort of plague has destroyed most of human society, one family takes another into their heavily fortified home in the woods so they can share resources. Things go well between the two families until they don’t. Very sparse and atmospheric with strong characters and a brutal ending. Highly recommended.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter (called February in the UK) - During winter break at a Catholic girl’s boarding school, a senior must watch over a strange freshman when their parents don’t arrive to pick them up. The freshman girl, played by Kiernan Shipka from Mad Men, starts acting strange, and the film shifts focus to another equally strange girl (Emma Roberts) hitchhiking her way to the school, before tying the two narratives together in the end in a pretty clever and moving way. The movie takes standard demonic possession cliches and breathes new life into them. The few glimpses we get of the demon are brilliant in their subtlety. Also recommended.


I understand the frustration. Half the regular documents used in my office were Comic Sans when I hired in. I’ve been slowly expunging it.


Flatliners - fell fairly flat.
Mediocre moviemaking at its most middling.
Diego Luna was the best thing in this by a mile.
I still like Ellen Page though.