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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Isn’t there joke in the miniseries as well?

Where Apollo gives a scientific explanation for saving their butts and the President goes all “shouldn’t have asked?”


Your definition is possibly different from mine.


By the way…today is the 50th Anniversary of the first episode of The Prisoner (my favourite TV show of all time).

Big Finish are doing an offer today only for their audio version.


It is definitely grittier with a sense of trying to show the scale and consequences.
But, like Caprica, it does seem to try and tell a mythological story.

Very grandiose and with big emotions about renewal and survival.


Yeah, and in series 1 or early in series 2 Colonel Tigh yells at Baltar to cut the technobabble at one point.

Not that these things mean the show is hard SF. Speaking of which:

Science fiction that adheres as much as possible to real-life physics? Because you know, there’s faster than light travel and artificial gravity. And a solar system with 12 habitable planets in it, and Cylons that are indistinguishable from humans but can somehow transmit their consciousness across light years instantaneously, and whatever the hell the version of Six in Baltar’s head was. And Baltar surviving the shockwave of a nuclear blast, and also not dying of radiation poisoning…


Another thing Caprica spoiled.


I don’t really care whether something is ‘hard sci-fi’ or not, but one of the things I liked about BSG was the ambiguity over certain religious/supernatural aspects of the show. I was a little disappointed that the ending of the series picked a side, and removed some of that ambiguity.


Honestly, the whole “these things have happened and will happen again”, reminds me a lot of the circular narrative reality stuff that Morrison embedded into his New Gods works and tried to re-use in his Action Comics run.

While I hated that in those stories, I find it kinda neat here.


Not saying that you did this, but it really made me laugh when some people discussing BSG were excited when the show suggested that the Cylons’ God might exist and then got angry when the answer was yes


It’s been a long time since I watched it so I forget a lot of the details, but I remember feeling that some of the series’ questions might have been better left unanswered.


I guess I’m coming from a weird angle at this, since Caprica makes the whole God, Angels, Prophecy stuff much more implicit. Although BSG is giving me pause to wonder if it isn’t God-God but rather some proto-deity that led them to create this pseudo-grecian pantheon


There’s more detail about the mythology of the colonies in some deleted scenes from the show, which can be interpreted to suggest the Cylon God is kinda a Lucifer-like figure. BSGWiki has some articles about them


I’ll have to check those out. Like I said, I know the broad strokes of what happens in the show, since it was hard to stay away from in sci-fi circles, but the details are more interesting.

The whole thing with Kobol and what Baltar hears on there made me wonder if “the” God isn’t a holdover from this actual panetheon from the early days of Kobol that has stuck around to place them in a Promethean (myth not the Alien movie) cycle. Angel Six’s wording gave me this impression..

Or maybe I’m over thinking it.


image? :confused:


I almost made a reference to that character in my post, but decided better of it. Nobody likes the 70s, after all.


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Maybe Sports, but super-critical baseball game right down in Denver tonight. Last Wild Card spot requires a) one Rockies win and b) one Milwaukee Brewers loss. And who are they playing? My other team, the juggernaut Los Angeles Dodgers. Worse, it can go on three days! (Two Rockies losses and two Brewer wins means they’re tied last game of the season.)

So, why here? If I get a little tweaky over the next couple days, it’s due to my TV schedule and basically life schedule being all screwed up. I may even miss something!

Did catch Gotham, which was quite fine, and Orville which may eventually find a tone (but it worked).

PS - And the probability of a rain delay today and tomorrow is moderate to likely. Short ones, though. (For @Rocket ).


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