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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season



Watched the season premiere of Will & Grace and…it’s a nostalgia trip. Very hokey and early 00’s sitcom-y. Honestly, a well done relaunch in that sense. But it does take some very lazy jokes that seem more like a mediocre SNL sketch than a proper show.

But, eh, I’ll continue on.


Different nostalgia for me. First time I saw it was in the Stafford Hospital (yeah, the Stafford Hospital that was routinely killing patients during the period our three kids were born) A & E waiting room. She’d kicked the jagged wreckage of crockery dropped, swept up, bagged and left unger the counter earlier in the evening. The trials of trash procrastination, eh?

Anyway, at the time I remember thinking, “Oh, there’s the actress who was in that rather interesting Prey that I used to videotape because it was shown at 2 am, and was cancelled mid-first season, in this rather mediochre and twee comedy”.


Yeah, it was incredibly twee.
But I was young and foolhardy.

And only got 5 channels.


Watched the Netflix original Lady Gaga documentary “Five foot two”. It’s a fluff piece that doesn’t paint her in any negative light but it was still enjoyable, entertaining, and a good look at the life of a pop musician. Producer Mark Ronson comes across well too. It’s clear that she’s passionate about her work, wants to please her fans, and suffers a lot from mental and physical ailments. The doc covers the period just prior to the release of her last album, and ends with her about to perform the Superbowl half-time show.

There are a few emotional moments, some laughs, only one song performance in full, and lots of dogs.

I recommend it generally, but I’m kind of a casual fan so bias applies. I’m also a sucker for behind the scenes music/film/showbiz stuff so would likely watch and enjoy this anyway.


When did this become was? :wink:


Now I’m older and brash. :stuck_out_tongue:


You were doing so well until your last sentence :smiley:


And then he did brilliantly.


But the ending was terrible!


Eh, I’m prepared for the ending.

Caprica was not subtle with this particular theme. Is it any worse than that show’s handling of it?

Also, on the second season and Helo is at least marginally more interesting.


The ending is okay. It’s just not the hard sci-fi a lot demand. Some algorithm that explains the Cylons.


See, that’s where you’re wrong.


Good thing I don’t demand hard sci-fi.
What I really liked about Caprica, the times it hit - was how mythological it felt.


It is a while since I watched it, but I seem to remember a scene with Galactica being rammed into a big Cylon base ship thingy. . That was pretty good. That was mostly what I was thinking about.


The main problem for me is that it started off looking like a hard-SF series then somewhere along they way decided it wasn’t. And the ending exemplified that.

I liked the series, on balance, but I think they made some bad choices.


Like Helo’s pointless subplot in the first season.

And I dunno, the moment they start talking about God and such I think them being a Hard SciFi thing is out the window. Then again, hindsight from Caprica.


Yes, this is what I mean :slight_smile:


Yeah, the first episode.


It was never a hard SF show.