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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Just finished that episode.

And it lived up to the hype. Fantastic stuff.


It gets better. It remains more relevant than ever.

“Nothing but the rain, Sir.”

Oh Captain, my Captain Starbuck.


Anybody NOT given up on Rellik?


I watched the first episode, and am waiting for people’s reactions once it’s over to decide if I’ll bother catching up.


Watched the Young Sheldon pilot largely off of what I read here. It was pretty solid. Definitely has promise. Zoe Perry was probably the best thing about it for me. It’s connection to Big Bang Theory is probably more of a hindrance to me than anything else, as I think it could be a very good show in it’s own right if they do it right.

That said, who was the genius that decided to air the pilot and then not have a new episode for over a month? That’s just dumb.


Watched Death Wish 3 yesterday. I haven’t seen it in a long time and forgot how trashy it was. Thanks to incredulous plot, even for DW series and special thanks to its cheesy, over the top dialogue. I think that just a whole thread alone should be dedicated to it.

“They killed the Giggler, man, they killed the Giggler!” Priceless.


I watched Mask of the Phantasm for the first time a couple of days ago. Somehow I’d managed to never see it before until now, but I was prompted to watch it by a book I read earlier this week.

I quite enjoyed it, particularly for the way it played up the human side of Bruce Wayne in a way that’s often absent from Batman stories. Tying in the romantic plot to the ‘Year One’ stuff worked well for me, and gives an extra layer to his decision to become Batman.

Also, it shows that you can tell a decent, tight little Batman story without it having to run to two-and-a-half hours. The current movies could learn from this.


They should have given Bruce Timm the Kevin Feige role without thinking twice.


Finished the first season of Battlestar Galactica, and it was pretty good.
Even Apollo started growing on me in a sort of “Well, I guess he’s alright in a standard sorta way”.

Only thing that dragged for me was the Helos stuff. Thought that could have been done way more effectively or interestingly and I felt like skipping over it by the end of the season.

But other than that - fun all around.


It gets even better over the next couple of seasons.


Before arguably going a wee bit off the track towards the end. I say arguably because some people disagree.




You disagree? (which is fair enough if you do).


I really like series 4.


I liked some of it. Some of it just annoyed me. I am trying to be vague in order not to spoil it for @Tom_Punk.

The ending was great though.


It’s not as good as series 1 and 2, to be sure. But that’s like saying series 5 is the worst series of the Wire. Still one of the best shows ever


Oh I know what happens. I watched Sci-Fi at the time and saw all the ads and whatnot.

Just never saw it. That’s why I felt Helos’ stuff could have been better, since I know what it ends up being due to commercials about it and I thought it was rather boring. Season would have been better without the subplot.

@Lorcan_Nagle but Season 5 of the wire is the worst season of the Wire.


Yeah. But it’s better than almost everything else. It’s only bad because of what came before


I think a decrease in these cases are relative to themselves rather than to other shows. It’s the cost of being prestige television.

Either way, i enjoyed the season but I understand why others would be more wary of it.


Saw ASSASSIN’S CREED the movie, and it was pretty middling. Some good, a lot of mediocre and it looked just too much like any number of movies and video game adaptations that never really do well.

It is strange how you can sorta just get a sense of “not quite there” just from the look of a film. This movie didn’t look bad throughout, but just not very imaginative. I didn’t mind some of the effects.

Even if you go along with the central premise involving actual memories passed down through DNA somehow - and you pretty much have to go with that or not bother watching it - the increasing asks of your suspension of disbelief start to weigh it down. The apple thing which is never really explained enough. I mean, I really didn’t understand how the Medieval antagonists expected to have used it without all the technology the present day villains had. The game itself apparently has a much more cohesive and comprehensive point of view that would have probably been used in sequels, but I can’t see even someone who liked this movie would have really been all that interested in a sequel.