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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I remember sitting for hours downloading and finding the right codec to watch episodes during the first season. The past was useless!

It was the first really addictive binge type show of that nature. I agree with @garjones, if you like the mini series you should be very impressed by what comes after. It hits the ground running (was the second episode called ‘30 mins’ or something? Brilliant piece of television) and is ridiculously solid from the outset.


The only parts that I found that dragged where stuff like Apollo and some of the Baltar stuff (until near the middle of the second half where the latter starts to shine a lot more). The former is hit hard by having to counter act with Olmos’ Adama. That guy is a powerhouse in this so far, and the guy playing Apollo doesn’t keep up, for me at least.


Holy crap. Young Sheldon is… Not what I thought it was going to be at all. I don’t really even want to say anything about it until other people watch it. But if you aren’t going to - as a nerdy kid who felt different as a child, this was a genuinely heartbreaking at times, the comedy making it even more bitter sweet. I didn’t see that coming at all. Hence the spoiler, I don’t want to ruin that for any other once-nerdy kids on here (of which there are many).


I got that impression from the trailers that would play before various movies I saw this summer.
It’s partly why I felt it was odd that people were rallying against this on social media so hard. It’s clearly trying to do something different.


Quite so - not that there’s any danger of that…

I would, however, be happy to see more shows with Legion’s general quality of writing and sense of identity. Cage had the latter, but not the former. Iron Fist and Defenders lacked both. And don’t even get me started on the CW shows…


Well, anyone could find both of our large critiques on the CW in the DC TV thread haha


It’s almost stuff that’s been done before, spoiler again if you want to watch it unjaded - It feels like The Wonder Years in many ways. I know it was only the first episode but it has had a knock on effect in how I look at The Big Bang Theory. I can’t see this not being a massive smash, it’s as bittersweet American as TV can get and done really well.


I meant different from the Big Bang Theory. Something that people haven’t really thought of as a possibility in their takedowns of it online.


Aaaah right. Yes, it does that all right. I was a big flabbergasted by the difference.


I heard an interview with the Young Sheldon creator that it was meant to be more in the vein of The Wonder Years, and that did pique my interest.


Some of the down homey stuff reminded me a tad of Roseanne in a sense


Your pique is founded. If you liked TWY then you should definitely enjoy it.

Edit: I’m not sure if enjoy is the perfect word to use.


I got a bit of that too, but felt it was maybe because of the actress doing such a bang up job of Roseanne’s sister, whom I can’t recall the name of right now.


Laurie Metcalf. Zoe Perry, who’s playing her younger version in Young Sheldon, is her daughter.


Ahhh yes! That’s pretty much it. I thought it was a bit uncanny.


No wonder she nailed it, uncanny is definitely the word to use here.


So say we all.


SO SAY WE ALL. :heart_eyes:

(I love THE (my) Old Man).


“33”, and it’s an amazing 45 minutes of TV.


Yes!! I have the bluray but lent it out. I really need to get it back, the guy has my first three seasons and not even sure if he bothered to watch it.

His loss.