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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I’d say it beats the movies, too. Only competition in my book would be The Dark Knight and Burton Batman.


I love the show, but Gotham is '66 Batman content with Burton goals wrapped in a Nolan bow. It’s fantastic.

Then the miles and miles come in after that.


‘Legion’ is a completely different approach than the one followed by most of the movies, and to the majority of TV shows of any genre.

I’m very happy that “superhero” is diversifying with shows like this and films as different as ‘Logan’ and ‘Deadpool’, but I don’t want to loose the the variety, and replace everything with ‘Legion’ style stories.


That’s true. Legion is a unique beast in that it does have both a character and creative background that is utterly surreal. It’s something that completely lends itself to the shifting styles of shooting, lighting, acting and representation. It’s a natural fit for Hawley over Fargo I feel - except for Season 2 which felt the most true to roots there.

I adore Legion, but I am rather anticipating something a bit more familiar in The Gifted as well.


Legion’s style isn’t applicable to most superheroes but they could all strive to be as ambitious and tonally distinct. A lot of adaptations these days lack a sense of identity. They’re still fun movies (usually) but don’t stick with you in the way that Legion does, or Burton, Raimi, Donner, Nolan, and Singer’s films did.


I think what a lot of the shows are missing are a sense of cinematic grandeur.
Legion, and Gotham for me at least, tend to hit more often than not.


Yeah, that’s it in a nutshell, really. The filmmakers don’t leave their stamp on the material.


Yeah, the largess of the DC/CW shows are a very homogeneous style. And even that style really focuses on very small scale, inconsequential, details that don’t really leave an impression on the atmosphere they should be providing.

Legion and Gotham’s major boons is the emphasis on style. There’s substance, obviously, but episodes and effects strike when it’s intended. I’d also cite…maybe Supergirl but that gets mired down by what I mentioned before.


I’d stick Snyder in there, wether you like him or not, he definetly leaves his particular stamp.


He definitely does, although his style doesn’t do a lot for me (perfect fit for the Batman stuff in BvS, though).


Planet of the Vampires. Mario Bava-directed sci-fi horror movie that arguably inspired parts of Alien (mainly the Space Jockey stuff). It was made on a shoestring budget and looks it, although Bava did about the best job anyone could. Everything looks like it was shot on a hastily assembled set so it’s hard to buy into any of the eeriness. But there are moments of brilliance and a lot of schlocky fun. This was my first Bava film and I definitely want to watch the ones he’s more known for, like Black Sunday and A Bay of Blood.


I’ve seen plenty and it didn’t bother me. I think certain subjects deserve hamfisted, morality forcefeeding. The Orville is clearly not a show trying to be nicely written with deep alegory, it’s Galaxy Quest. It’s Diet Trek and I’ll take it a warm hearted Trek pastiche any time…


For something that is nicely written, I’m finally openly recommending Get Shorty. It’s a very entertaining crime meets Hollywood caper. The acting is pretty top notch and it plays against tropes well. It’s a great show.

@Tom_Punk They’ve jumped into production which is jarring but I am giving it as pass as it seems to know where it’s going. I really love the idea of Katie, Rick, Nathan, and other characters being en route to the moral quandary of what they will need to do to keep this new life they have, or to not get hurt. It’s a lot of fun.


The episode was so fun.
Rick running off into the desert was hilarious and so was Louis’ sense of self-satisfaction at getting a line in. Yeah, I think the shift was jarring but I think that makes the next two episodes somewhat surprising.


Yeah the jockey spaceship is basically an exact replica. I always liked the moment when they dig up the grave and the shroud comes flying out.


Yeah that was my favorite part too. It’s kinda cool how the most effective scare in the movie is just a plastic sheet flying out of a grave.


DO IT!!! It remains good to the end and S3 has just been added to Netflix. and the story will continue, just not right away and on TV(…for now) :crossed_fingers:

and Martin, S2 starts out great. some of the scenes early on are classic.


Finally watching Battlestar Galactica. The miniseries was pretty good.

My only interaction with the franchise before this was blind watching Caprica years ago when it first gave on television. I knew it was a prequel, but I never felt the need to watch what it was a prequel to at that point. I enjoyed that a fair bit and this seems to hold a rather nice stable ground - at least in those first few hours.


That should bode well. To be honest I found the mini series a bit slow and plodding compared to what came later and it only hit home with me big reveal at the end that kept me watching.


I can see that, but it had the upper hand of including a lot of various cliches that I am a sucker for - stuff like this being a near decommissioned ship. The line “It’s a gift shop now!” got me really good. Made the whole thing a bit of a breeze to watch in that respect - and glad to hear the series keeps a good momentum.