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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


“Brilliant is bad”?


The Bendis comic? Agreed.


Looked great, had great mise-en-scene, pacing, dialogue, acting, characters…
My main gripe with it was that it should’ve focused less on Leo’s character and more on Tom Hardy’s and the boy - that would basically have been McCarthy’'s Blood Meridian. But even though the story wasn’t as strong as it could have been, it was an amazing movie to watch.

Almost as good as Birdman :slight_smile:


I have friends who strongly feel that Birdman is the worst movie of this decade. I wouldn’t go that far but I see the point.

The Revenant…well I will just say it’s not for me. I have no idea what that movie was even trying to be other than a Leo Oscar vehicle.


This is now my favourite response to anything on here! :joy:


Well, that’s fair enough.

And, well, I think it was mostly trying to be a McCarthy novel.


I thought The Revenant was a pretty good, sometimes great, adventure/survival flick until the last 20 or so minutes, and then the last shot of Leo looking at the camera ruined the movie beyond repair.


There was a lot of camera movement and different shots that I thought really didn’t work, and took me way out of the story. Leo and Tom Hardy were both overacting to obnoxious degrees. I like both actors quite a lot but this was among their worst performances.


According to this article it starts on 26 September on Sky Atlantic.


Just got back from seeing IT and I loved it. Thought it was fantastic and an excellent treatment of the first part of the book. There really were no wasted moments, and while I wasn’t actually scared at any point, I really enjoyed the set pieces and thought they were impressive. It did really well to play into some of the strengths of film, and the broad brush strokes that it inevitably had to take felt faithful to the book.

Obviously I would have liked to see some more character development for certain characters, but the movie was just as long as it needed to be, and I can’t thing of anything that could have been replaced with something else. That being said, the followup needs to be carefully executed, because there are pieces missing in this film to make some of its content meaningful that needs to be made use of in the second. But as a standalone I was very happy with it and am looking forward to the next chapter.


He looked at the camera for 20 minutes? :open_mouth:

Wow. I’ve seen some avant-garde films in my life, but that beats them all.


I’ve been watching some of this over the past few days and really enjoying it (only two episodes in so far, two to go). I don’t consider myself particularly knowledgeable about the history of hip-hop but I’m familiar with the key players and enjoy the music, so it’s been a nice mix for me of finding out some new details and anecdotes, and putting the stuff I did already know about in some kind of order.

I love seeing some of the contemporary footage of the areas where the culture came from (I think Gar mentioned about how rough the Bronx looked back in the 70s in the glimpses we see of it here). It’s also been interesting to see the smaller steps of how hip-hop grew out of that glam/disco era and became its own thing. There’s more of a natural and gradual transition shown here than I’ve really appreciated before.

I’m already feeling disappointed that it’s only four episodes. I’m presuming (given the pace) that it doesn’t try and bring things anywhere near to the modern day by the end, or the last couple of episodes are going to be crammed.


Series 1 was 13 eps, S2 18 eps and lots happens.

For me they get the essence of Lucifer right - a self-righteous, though charming when he can be bothered, arsehole who only really gets pissed off when people try to wriggle out of things.


If I remember correctly, it ends with Gangster Rap. So there’s room for more if they decided to do it.


I don’t know about either of those parts - I never thought that Glass was going on an adventure, or that he would survive the story. It was a movie about violence - of men against men, of animals against men, of raw nature against men. And it was about the disintegration of the body (Glass) and the sould (Fitzgerald) in the face of this uncompromising violence.

What didn’t work for me, mainly, was that the stuff Glass went through was of a nature that he should’ve been dead after the first half hour or so. So from a certain point on, I stopped caring - it was like watching a Wile E. Coyote cartoon: I knew more terrible things would happen to him, but he would survive and keep going.


Strangely enough, I didn’t require any suspension of belief. You’ve just explained everything: my life is a cartoon - hijacked by some sinister Acme corporation!


That would be correct.




heh… we should do a thread about near death experiences :smile:


My earthquake was only teensy tiny compared to yours. :stuck_out_tongue: