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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Just got back from finally seeing Dunkirk. I thought it was excellent.

It was much more visceral and exhausting than I expected. I thought it ratcheted up the stress brilliantly and hardly let up for the entire movie, with countless heart-in-mouth, edge-of-seat moments (I found the drowning scenes especially hard to watch).

The score adds to this considerably - I don’t know if Zimmer was inspired by Jaws but that was what it reminded me of, in terms of creating this atmosphere of constant unrelenting tension.

I also liked that the structural cleverness was relatively underplayed and elegant, and the intersections of the timelines were clear enough to understand easily on a first watch.

I can understand some of the criticisms that I’ve heard of the movie lacking a strong story, but I think that’s due to the global big-picture approach it takes in depicting the events. It would somehow cheapen or lessen it to reduce it to a more conventional story with a single lead, I think.

I will say though that having actors of the calibre of Branagh, Rylance and Hardy helped considerably. They were able to take relatively lightly-sketched characters and turn them into something much more through their performances.


I agree, in a film like that it’s difficult, dialog wise, to give those characters more than what they would say in context of events so needed actors to fill depth in performance.


Watching “The Revenant” for the first time. This is a terrible film. It’s like what if Peter Jackson or Terry Gilliam had no talent.


Suspiria. Equal parts beautiful and scary. My kind of movie. The murder that takes place in the ballet school attic has to be in the top 5 scariest murder sequences I’ve watched. Genius, too, with us thinking the girl escaped through the window, only to fall into a room full of barbed wire.


It is.


Have it taped at home; I’ve been looking forward to it because it’s HBO, it’s Franco, it’s NYC, and it’s the 70s. It’s my aesthetic. My reservation is, as much I respect David Simon from interviews and articles, I struggled and bailed on Treme partway through season 2, and didn’t even make it that far into The Wire (I did enjoy Show me a Hero, but that was helped by being quite short).

(I’m worried it’ll be like Vinyl which had a similarly appealing setting and cast but was a massive bore. I think we lasted 3 or 4 episodes before abandoning it.)


New series by Simon, in 70s New York? That must be awesome.


I’ve not watched Vinyl, but all the reviews I’ve read of The Deuce say it succeeds where Vinyl failed.


Second episode of Lucifer was still fun, but I can’t see how it can continue.

It’s biggest problem is what also makes it work – Lucifer is completely unlikeable. It’s a bold decision to make your lead character completely insufferable, and it’s worked so far because he’s fresh and different and it sets up some nice humorous moments, but where do you go with him?

You either made him become “nice” (which seems to be the direction they’re hinting at), in which case the show loses what makes it unique, and he just becomes Patrick Jane on steroids (but with less interesting mysteries). Or you leave him unlikeable, in which case the gimmick will almost certainly wear thin.

Either approach would work in a shorter story, say over the length of a movie, but for 20-odd episodes, I can’t see how they’re going to make it work.


I stopped watching and never got back into it but I think he was still a dick when I stopped.

You could see his side of things a lot, but they made him self righteous rather than good. At least in the first season. I don’t know about what came after that?


House ran for eight seasons. It’s ok for your lead character to be a dick as long as you make it fun to watch them being a dick.


Still pretty much the same… I mean the guy is super vain and self-involved, but he IS the devil, so =P

A lot of why it all works is the supporting cast too, the shrink is awesome, so is Maz and the Detective’s kid… I love their banter together actually, he’s suuuch a dick to her but she doesn’t even blink.

It’s not great TV but it is quite entertaining, so I’m cool with it.


At the moment (two episodes in) the detective’s kid is my favourite character. The detective is too bland and the quirky background they tried to give her doesn’t really ring true. The shrink is just extra comedy relief and only gets two scenes per episode. The detective’s obligatory ex-husband is just… there :expressionless:


I don’t think that stuff is ever mentioned after the first season. The therapist gets a lot more to do in the later episodes too.


You’re such a strange dude, Robert. I can understand not liking The Revenant, but I find it strange to deny that there is directorial talent there.


I thought The Revenant looked great, but I’d put more of that on Lubezki than Iñárritu. It is better than Babel or Birdman though.



Your face is a something, something… :thinking: Leo-licky-icky revenant. :angry:

You watched it wrong. :slight_smile:


The Revenant is Birdman-great. It’s a beautiful film.


Birdman is bad.


You spelt brilliant wrong.