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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Though annoyingly, Sky Atlantic haven’t scheduled this one yet. I guess they’re waiting for it to finish in the US so they can put it up as a binge.


A Sharp Intake Of Breath. This is one of a pair of lesser known David Jason sitcoms that Gold has started airing lately. It’s unusual to see obscure stuff like this on Gold, who generally rely on the same handful of shows. Starting in 1978, this ran for a few series concurrently with the early days of Only Fools and Horses. I wouldn’t claim it’s as good as that, but, well, I laughed more at A Sharp Intake Of Breath than I have at Only Fools for years. Maybe it’s just the freshness.

Sharp Intake is more broad than Only Fools, going for a high volume of gags over story. The episode I just watched is only about Jason’s character going to the doctor, but that rewards you with a ten minute scene between him and a young (well, younger) Richard Wilson, with some solidly decent gags.

While A Sharp Intake Of Breath isn’t a lost classic, it’s at least nice to get to see it, for perhaps the first time since it originally aired.


I agree with this completely but I happen to like that in between my Expanses and my BCSs.

However, it’s only the pilot, and clearly made for as widestream an audience as possible, I think it’s a bit early to guage that. The idea that a Borg-a-like character is one of the crew is one I think could get really entertaining and I think those behind it have a few ideas of how to add some leftfield thoughts.

I do see your reasons for disliking it but I do think it’s a little early to tell what they will do with it. I thought the resolution was pretty original given the macguffin.


All the attempts at Average joe stuff was so hamfisted though (because it’s obviously meant to be a comedy). It doesn’t fill me with any faith.


I think I have to disagree that it was supposed to be a comedy and not a comedy drama because of the runtime. No one is going to green light a 60 minute sitcom, it’s hard enough to pull that off in a 30 slot. Based on that that Fox and McFarlane knew it was simply light-hearted in tone long before it signed off and not strictly comedy, even if the idea started as a sitcom initally before that.

The show was billed as a sitcom in the trailer and it has been marketed that way, the makers of the show don’t have much of a say in that.


I saw it more of a light non-aggressive action-adventure thing.


Caught some eps of American Gods. Liked 1 and 2 quite well, but 3 went off the rails about Chernobyl Bob time. 4, I fell asleep during the angry dead lady bits, and that seemed to be the whole episode. I am positive this show would be incomprehensible to most people, and back they go to SitComLand.


Me to, on IMDB it’s billed as adventure comedy drama and it’s a tone I’m happy with for it. It’s light, knows its tropes and is self aware that it’s not whatever Star Trek Discovery is. It’s not winning any Emmys, but I don’t think it’s trying to either and I’m happy with a bit of simple fun here and there.

However I’m not going to argue at all that you are wrong in disliking it @Rory I can see why, I just happen to like the innocuousness of it as an antidote to a heavy week and soo much BIG drama out there right now.


I would give the premiere of The Orville a “C”. I can see where some would continue and where others would jump off. If it finds its footing rather quickly, I can see where it would be a fun, entertaining show. I can also see that if it doesn’t gel quickly, it will be a train wreck.


Oh, and @ParkerMcCombe just finished binging the Get Shorty show the other day, and I have to say…it really fills the spot of a darkly comedic crime drama.


Yeah there is definitely space for it on TV. I watched the 6th episode last night and really really love Chris O’Dowd in this now, I think he’s a good actor anyway but has really found his feet well on the show, even with the accent he doesnt seem out of place in that world, which I was wary of first few episodes.


Yeah, the latest episode was pretty good and most of the characters never really waste a set-piece. I’m guessing the movie will be the driving force of the show, so this could knock out 2 more seasons and bow out gracefully.

Especially since the “shorty” here is apparently O’Dowd’s daughter, and they might not want to stretch it out that long.


I agree, It’s easily wrapped up if the production gets shut down irl, but I do think it would be fun to see a bunch of international success before a federal hearing. I think those characters having success foisted upon them and collecting an oscar would be brilliant TV, Amara interviewed on Entertainment Tonight alongside John Stamos could potentially be hilarious.

There’s an old 80s movie with I think Alan Arkin about the production of a period drama that really reminds me of this at times somehow and I’d love to see that element (behind the scenes of making the actual movie)… Can anyone think of the name of it? I think Michelle Phiffer was also in it. Iiked it a lot but I was a kid so it’s probably crap.


Oh, yeah, that would be a great post-myth arc season set-up if they had enough momentum to get through to there.


Here’s Alamo Drafthouse’s latest “Please don’t talk” pre-movie announcement.


Alan Alda I meant before not Alan Arkin, I always get them mixed up… This is the movie I was thinking of.

I might see if I can find a copy “online” and watch it again.


Oddly, this exact same mix-up happened in an anime mag in the 90s, prompting an awesome piece of fan art correcting the editors on their mistake…


Is it online? That sounds familiar to me somehow.


I can’t find a scan of it easily. It was an issue of Anime UK around 1994. I still have it in a box somewhere


I’m bound to have saw it at the time, that was peak Anime magazine time in my life! I coveted the magazines so much as it was difficult to always get my hands on Manga or Anime I wanted, I was introduced to Dragon Ball Z in them and loved those characters just based on what they looked like before we even got the Sat morning cartoon version on cartoon network or whatever showed it first over here. A lot parts of those magazines ended up on my walls and school folders so most haven’t made it thus far with me. But yeah, if you get the chance at some point I’d love to see it, it really does ring a bell.