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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Back (the new Mitchell and Webb show) was pretty good, I thought. Lots of laughs and a decent premise, even if this first episode is necessarily mainly setup. I’ll definitely keep watching.


I’m watching Pulp Fiction for the first time in ages tonight. Great as ever. A few thoughts:

  1. Watching this takes me right back to 1994, I was a teenager and the perfect age for this—all my friends were so into this movie and the future seemed so exciting and full of potential.

  2. Looking at it now one of the things that made it, and stuff like True Romance, so exciting was that a lot of it was shot in dumpy apartments like we all lived in. It was easy to imagine that, given the inspiration and resources, we could make something like that too if we wanted to.

  3. Seeing the Travolta gif in its natural environment somehow caught me completely by surprise and made me laugh out loud.

EDIT: 4. Also the way Travolta says “god damn that’s a pretty good fucking milkshake” is incredible.


It’s one of those films where I remember exactly where I went to see it, which is quite rare. My pal Morgan and I at the Cardiff Odeon Capital and as we walked out we strutted around for about 5 minutes like we were gangsters or hitmen. Then laughed at ourselves as we were two students in very non-gangsterish surroundings on a Wednesday afternoon. :smile:

I love a film that has that kind of effect where you feel a little different after coming out.


I did a rewatch of Tarantino’s first few movies a couple of years ago and they all hold up so well. I think I even appreciate Jackie Brown more now than I did 20 years ago.


Jackie browns the only film I haven’t rewatched. Somehow I saw it when it came out on video. I remember my dad covering my eyes during the scene where Robert deniro f**ks … someone. The main character? I was pretty repulsed by it at my young age of the time. Probably I should give it another go now.


One episode left in Narcos 3. Guys, really incredible season that tightens up a lot of the flabby loose skin that Seasons 1 and 2 had. Very tense set ups, with great cathartic violent payoffs.


It was Bridget Fonda’s character, IIRC.


I saw Little Evil on Netflix… it was okay but nowhere near Dale & Tucker… But then again that one is probably one of the best horror/comdies since Shawn of the Dead, so yeah, high bar =P


I got the big Tarantino XX set a while back, and rewatching his movies it was definitely Jackie Brown that rose up the rankings for me too.

Pulp Fiction remains my favourite though. This talk has made me want to watch it all over again.


Jackie Brown might be my second favorite nowadays (after Inglorious Basterds). It’s his most mature and sophisticated, and arguably has the best acting. When it came out, however, I found it disappointing—no doubt expecting something as visceral as Pulp Fiction.


One of my biggest memories like that is seeing Hellboy. This was before there was a new comic book movie every three months and to see something as geeky as Hellboy treated so lovingly and done so well had me so wired leaving the theatre I ran a few steps up the wall of the building and did a jump-kick off. My then-girlfriend was not impressed.


I didn’t care for Jackie Brown when I first saw it but really enjoyed it on rewatching it. It’s probably the demarcation line for his films for me now. I’m probably a bit of a weirdo though in that I don’t really enjoy anything before it now. :wink:


I haven’t seen Jackie Brown but loved the book it was based on, Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch.


IIRC Robert Forster was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jackie Brown. He didn’t win but it was a nice acknowledgement of his comeback role.


Whereas I thought it was 95% rubbish with the occasional laugh.

The premise was a clever one, but the execution was just a bunch of unlikeable characters being horrible to each other.


I wasn’t bowled over by it, but I did like the different takes on the toblerone-zone flashback, especially whatever-Mitchell’s-character-is-called’s t-shirt in the second version.


Was it the joke about vinyl enthusiasts? :slight_smile:


Yes, that reminded me a bit of some of the stuff they did with the childhood flashbacks in the first series of Spaced.


I think that might have been one of the moment when I did laugh :slight_smile:

There were some very good laugh-out-loud moments. Just nowhere near enough of them.


Why was Death Note so hated? I just watched it and liked it fine… it was a pretty cool concept and I think they did it fairly well… I know there’s a manga and an anime (Iv’e never read or watched those) so I’m sure the purists have issues with it, but as a movie it was pretty good, I thought.

Oh there was just one big logic hole, but other than that I was fine with it =P