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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


I saw alien covenant on the plane back from San Diego yesterday.
I pretty much agree with a lot that has been said here already. A lot of great visuals and it fairly barrells along, but the crew of the covenant are literally a bunch of red shirts. They die so quickly and at such a rate of knots we can’t possibly give a crap about any of them.
The whole film seems to function only to allow us to learn of David’s role in evolving the aliens to their more familiar form. I’ve no idea what the premise of the planned third movie was. Is it somehow supposed to bridge from this to the first alien movie?


Scott has talked about doing a ‘bridge’ movie from Prometheus to Covenant but has also talked about doing a movie (or more than one) that ties the end of Covenant to the start of the original Alien. So who knows? :slight_smile:


When I watched Arrival on a plane a few months ago there was a card at the start saying that the content had been altered for airline consumption. I couldn’t spot anything removed - there was no obvious moments for violence or nudity, no covered up swearing I noticed. And afterwards, out of curiosity I put on an episode of Veep that was available (largely because if the swearing was bleeped or muted, it’d be mostly silent) - and it was totaly uncensored.


That’s a comic? I just watched it over the weekend, had no idea!


Yeah it’s a graphic novel from a few years back. I’m a big fan of Clowes’ rather disturbing view of the world.


It’s all as completely random as airport security rules. Varies by airline and isn’t even consistent there, I’ve watched films on the same airlines (and Asian ones tend to be more conservative) that are completely uncensored and then on the same flight ones like this which was butchered.


There’s also a short based on Ice Haven, directed by Ione Skye:


I seem to remember Shia Labeouf also adapted one of his comics for a short. :slight_smile:


I watched the Mummy on a plane this weekend. The only part they edited was the birds smashing into the plane causing it to crash.

Not that it really mattered, the film is terrible. Well, maybe terrible is too strong a word. Bland and dumb is probably a better description.


Yeah I agree with the latter description, it’s bland and a bit pointless. Mark Kermode’s review went into more detail but I think he had one sentence that sums it up for me.

It’s a film that looks like a load of other films you’d rather be watching


I just got back for Toronto Fan Expo. Saw Matt Smitth(last guy signing thurs night, first guy signing Fri morn) Class Act. Stephen Amell was similar. Last guy signing Sun Afternoon. I got a picture taken with Felicia Day, who is a new mom. She asked me to tweet @ Supernatural and request they bring Charlie back to life which I think is a great idea.

I went to Star War Rebels panel and the Expanse panel. Rebels panel was great. Creator/Show runner has a nasty sense of humor which i liked. He actually answered a question about upcoming season with the answer " Probably (pause) Not." LOL. Q&A was followed by the first 2 episodes of the new season which starts middle of OCT. They were fantastic, IMO.

Expanse panel was very fun. It was the actors who play Chrisjen, Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Bobbi. EVERYONE from the hosts to cast to the audience was giving Dominique grief about what she did in the season 2 finale. She said she got the same reaction at SDCC and her name is Dominique. Naomi is a character and it was not her fault :grin: we also got to see Bobbie and Chrisjen reenact a scene where Bobbie tells Chrisjen to shut the f up. The actress playing Chrisjen laughed like hell afterwards. SPOILER ALERT: Season 3 will be very WAR oriented To summarize: Naomi is hated by everyone and the spoiler will be the main focus of season 3.

Also saw Tom Cavanaugh’s panel. Spoiler Alert: There will be more Wells. His favorite was Eobard Thawne from season 1 and when asked if he would play on Legends for time travel purposes, he said no. No crossovers from him. He is only there for Flash. If there is another musical episode, Wells and Cisco will be in it because they spend a lot of time strumming guitars before and after shooting. In his words, last time the 2 guys who did not get to sing in the ep were the 2 guys that make the most music on set. He is also doing a side project with Grant about 2 stupid bank robbers and apparently they spend time spoofing Barry and Wells.


I watched The Lobster and enjoyed it. Some great actors (often in relatively minor roles) and some brilliant darkly comic moments, combined with a slightly depressing but well-observed commentary on love and relationships.

That said, I do feel that it loses its way a bit in the second half, which felt quite unfocused to me compared to the fantastic first half. Maybe that’s just because Olivia Colman isn’t in the second half as much, though - she’s as excellent as ever here.


Huh, that’s kinda strange. You’d think all those DCTV guys would be up for the extra screen time (and pay) on the other shows.


no, He was a bit emphatic about that point. He loves hanging out with the rest of the cast but has no desire to show up on any of the others.


That still sounds odd, it would be a job. Most actors are interested in working, as actors, whenever possible.

And it’s networking, he would make connections with people that could lead to more roles.

But it’s all theoretical until someone ask him.


Decided to watch little evil on Netflix despite not liking the trailer…and hoo boy is it terrible. The movie shoves what could have been a nice core into an under-developed 15-20 minutes in the last half of the movie and spends the rest of the runtime being intensely boring. And that hurts cause the movie is already too long.

The baseline for humor in this is thinking that dressing the kid up as Damien from the last scene of the Omen is inherently funny. And it doesn’t really stretch outwards from that. Netflix needs to step it up.


I never got the hype around Dale And Tucker, which only ever managed to be marginally funny at the best of moments, so I couldn’t get excited for Little Evil. Good to know I’m not missing anything by skipping it.


Wait, was this made by the people who did Tucker and Dale vs. Evil?
Because I really enjoyed that movie. Thought it was well executed and had some heart and humor… And the drop in quality, at least for me since you only found it marginally funny, was immense.


Is that more Wells or more Wells? :confused:


mores Well