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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Last weekend there was a sale for mlbtv - the bit on the net where one can watch games on the PC or devices (but not TV itself, I guess) - for all of ten bucks. Here, take my money. Of course the Rockies immediately started a 9-game home stand which is blacked out, but otherwise I’ve watched a lot of baseball.

My word, how I hate the vile Diamondbacks!


"we’d be getting loads of material falling into public domain around now "

Well, not really, because it only requires the copyright holder to be alive and to re-register at the 28 year point to invoke the 95 year cover. Thankfully, most have lived beyond that point.

I had a quick Google, and the facts do seem to fit with what I had remembered (from a conversation some years ago).

But it could just be coincidence I concede.


PS I just read my own link more closely and it seems the US passed an act in 1992 that made such renewal automatic.

So I am officially a cynical old bastard.

Can’t remember if my original conversation predated 1992 or not.


New season of Narcos just dropped. I miss Boyd Holbrook, but Pedro Pascal and the new supporting players are well up to the task. The stings/tension presented in the 2-4th episodes are very well done.


Now, confusing things further, they’ve put up the episode that won’t air in the US until next weekend because of Labor Day. I won’t complain about that, but I hope they don’t take it down before I get to watch it.


Yeah I know but you’d still have a fair chunk that died before 1978 if you think about it. All of Janis Joplin, Buddy Holly, Marc Bolan etc

It could be your cynicism isn’t entirely misplaced if his estate are touting his songs on the cheap in order to keep up sales on his greatest hits. Moby famously did that with his Play album and it worked for him.

It’s the converse to the Rolling Stones story where Microsoft wanted to use Start Me Up for the Windows 95 launch. The Rolling Stones had a default position of rejecting ads and told their agent to quote a silly figure like $8m and they were all shocked when they agreed.

Could just as easily be coincidence though. :smile:


I was watching the season finale of Power.

The show is run by the rapper 50 cents and it has all the hip hop stuff and gratuitous language, guns, drug dealing, etc.

Exciting eh? :smile:


‘Strike’ the new detective show on BBC1, based on the novels that JK Rowling wrote under a pseudonym.

It’s not working for me, but I don’t watch a lot of detective shows these days. The makers want you to care about the personal lives of the detectives and they give you conflict and health issues to draw you in, bit it’s all a bit flat.

Maybe it’ll settle down into something more real, but I can’t get into it yet.


The Limehouse Golem. A decent period piece/murder mystery, with good lead performances from Bill Nighy and Olivia Cooke. Not essential, but I enjoyed it while I was watching it.

The “twist” ending is incredibly obvious, and I can’t imagine anyone who’s even vaguely familiar with the genre being surprised by it. That may be a problem with the source material though.


I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve been watching Game of Thrones over the last couple days. I dismissed it as being a bit shite after watching the fist season years ago. But I decided to give it another chance, and I’m enjoying it a lot more now. it definitely picks up quite a bit in the second season.


I saw A United Kingdom on my plane to Bali the other day. It’s really very good but has some slight issues. The true story is great but they are dealing with people in a very restrained time (late 1940s Britain to begin with) who won’t realistically emote a great romance with great gestures.

Amma Assante did well not to succumb to cinematic tropes but it doesn’t reach the masterclass of Ang Lee, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson in Remains of the Day where an even more restrained romance that is never consumated feels more real.


I really liked the first half, but the second half has its hands tied by actual events, where it’s mostly just the main characters waiting around while British politicians argue.


I could live with that, it’s okay that part of the drama is out of their control. I just wasn’t 100% convinced by the love between Pike and Oyelowo’s characters. It must have been a huge thing for them to put up with so much disapproval from all directions but it didn’t convey fully to me.

Like I said it’s a tricky thing, it’s 1940/50s Britain and royalty, it has to be subdued but maybe too much for me.


Full enjoyment requires clicking, if it’s not too much trouble?

Thank you kindly.


The format reminded me of this meme. So I made a counterpart.


Richard Osman (off Pointless) has a new gameshow on BBC2 this week (and every weekday for the next two weeks) called Richard Osman’s House Of Games. It feels very much influenced by Taskmaster, not in a bad way, but definitely taking elements of it and diluting it down for the mainstream.

The contestants are all celebrities, with the same four appearing all week (this week it’s Nish Kumar, Anneka Rice, Clara Amfo and Al Murray). They compete in various puzzles and games for points, with the contestant with the most getting a daily prize of their choice. These are Generation Game style joke prizes (pasta maker, dressing gown etc) all branded with the House of Games logo - a stylised version of Richard’s head. The contestant who gets the most points in the week (though that’s not a straight accumulation of the points they get in each episode, but points they get for their position in each episode - four for a win, three for second etc) wins the House of Games trophy, which is a metal rendition of Greg Davies Richard Osman’s head, the same as the logo.

As I say, all quite sub-Taskmaster, but it works and the actual puzzles and games are miles away from TM - things like “combine the answer to this question with the name of the person in this photograph”, “identify the song from the first letter of each word in the lyrics”. Cleverly, it doesn’t tie itself indefinitely to any of them but the mash-up one (which is, if not the strongest, potentially the most entertaining long term), which is the final round in each episode. Beyond that they’re “randomly” selected.

In all, I think it works. At half an hour it doesn’t suffer from padding, but isn’t too rushed. Osman is a good host, able to chummy with the slebs, but also gently mocking, which is the right tone for BBC 2 teatime. Whether it’ll avoid feeling repetitive by the end of the third week, I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.


Umm…did you read the article? It’s about Denver’s estate partnering with a different group to licenses the rights to his songs. So his estate very much has control (and final say according to the article) of his music.


On the plus side – the inside of my head looks so sparkly and pretty! I had no idea my brain was so shiny. :fireworks:


huh… the outside of my head looks shiny too… but only cause I’m bald… so… is that a bit miffed? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I started watching Wilson on my flight back on the weekend. I have read the comic and enjoyed it and the film looked good but they’d muted all the swear words, there are quite a lot of them so I gave up and will see if it’s on Netflix.

Funny that Daniel Clowes has had 3 feature films made of his work now, not bad going.