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What Are You Watching? Infinite Season


Hell And High Water

This is a very smart little film, with excellent casting.

Lurking throughout, at a quite subtle level, is the idea that the US is broken - for some people there’s no way out and they’re at the mercy of sharks, who come swimming in search of easy prey. Every so often, a billboard for easy credit no matter what comes up. Yep, the Tanner brothers are going around robbing banks, but the best way to rob people? Legally.

For the most part it’s a well-paced tale, with things playing out both as the viewer does and doesn’t expect - Bridges’ final lines provide a perfect ending scene too.


That movie is fucking perfect.


Camilla hasnt ever seen Star Wars, so naturally, as our relationship is coming to a big change (with me moving quite far away), we set out to watch the original trilogy yesterday. Sadly, I only have the 1997 editions available, but they’re not destroyed, just slightly sillier and explodier. :slight_smile:

As any reasonable person, she liked TESB more than ANH, but we haven’t got around to ROTJ yet. Diving in soon, just going to get some eats first. I’m thinking smoked salmon sandwiches and blue milk.

And after that? The new Duck Tales. :smiley:


Finished Veep and it was a really entertaining ride.
I’ve only seen In The Loop before, but backtracking and watching The Thick of It today.


Veep is fantastic. I thought season 5 got a little broad but season 6 returned it to its high quality (still a little broad, sure, but clever broad). I loved seeing how Selina and Gary met in the season finale.


Giving Selina Seinfeld hair was a stroke of genius.


Wow… I didn’t even notice that.


Yeah, Season 5 and 6 were definitely not as biting or as quick as the previous ones - but the characters and their eccentricities had been developed enough that they could all hold water.


I have been watching Veep but does that dip tie in with Iannucci leaving?


Yeah, he left after the fourth season.


Yeah. A few of Iannucci’s people, like Chris Addison, stuck around for S5, but they were all gone by S6.


Honestly, Season 7 looks set to be a natural ending point, all things considered.


That was also true of S4, S5, and S6.


Nah, I always felt like there was always something more to do, but even in the S6 finale they poke a jab at how this is her fourth go at the Presidency and it’s tired out by now. Kinda running out of ideas.

Then you have this almost ridiculously convenient set-up that brings together some disparate loose ends such as Jonah’s campaign team being made up of what can be more described as a “Legion of Doom” of those they’ve P.O’d"…bookended by the fact that win or lose, she’s still ensured a legacy with one lasting contribution.

Nothing more you can do or take it.


Finished the rest of Rogue One today.

Like I said earlier, it really is a stunning movie. Jaw dropping at times. But that alone is not enough to maintain interest. I did find my attention wandering constantly throughout.
It didn’t help that I knew what was going to happen in the end but overall I just didn’t find it a very interesting story at all and although there was some cool characters there wasn’t much in the way of drama between them.

I also watched the first episodes of Blood Drive and Midnight, Texas today. Blood Drive has some bad acting and it is not the sum of all its parts, however it is utterly crazy and entertaining.
Midnight was OK. Pretty much seen it all before, but I think I’ll watch on. I enjoyed the setting.


Rogue One = “Pretty, though.”


The new ducktales.

Pretty amazing. A lot better than I thought. Huey, Dewie and Louie were great, David Tennant was amazing, Launchpad was funny but my favourite is probably Webby. All in all, pretty amazing.

I love that Donald gets to be in this more than the original series (I guess we’ll see, I think he was in like a total of four episodes of the original).

And that mystery cliffhanger? Love it.

Watch this. It was great.


Watched it yesterday, Pretty good and damn, if it still doesn’t have one of the catchiest theme songs…


Fun fact, when Launchpad speaks swedish, he says “Subina has told me so much about you and [inaudible]” in actual, super-broken, swedish.

I had to listen to it like five times or so to decode what he was saying, but it was real swedish with the most broken accent ever.


Heh… I’m obviously not a SW fan so I didn’t particularly enjoyed Rogue One, althout it was very pretty looking and the most SW-like movie since the originals, in terms of visuals and aesthetics… However, even not being a fan, it seemed to me like it was just a cash-in, with a very sketchy plot… I mean, the whole plot is based around giving an excuse to that weak-ass deus ex-machina of an ending for the first movie. I would’ve prefered something meatier plot-wise… but oh well, it’s not like I’m the target audience anyways…